Dumb Things In The Indiana Jones Movies Everyone Ignored

Dumb Things In The Indiana Jones Movies Everyone Ignored

Yes, Indiana Jones is among the most beloved
of film franchises, but that doesn’t mean the movies are without their flaws. We’ve all rolled our eyes at the scene where
Indy survives a nuclear bomb by hiding in a refrigerator, but here’s a rundown of some
of the other less obvious but still pretty dumb things that the Indiana Jones movies
ask its viewers to ignore. When Raiders of the Lost Ark opens, Indiana
Jones is unfazed by his colleague’s stories about ancient, mystical powers that could
destroy everyone seeking the Ark of the Covenant. By the end of the movie, once he’s experienced
a bunch of ghosts with the power to melt Nazis’ faces off, he’s forced to accept that there
are powers in the world well beyond his understanding. He even ends the movie by warning the government
agents that they don’t know what they’re dealing with. “You don’t look very happy.” “Fools. Bureaucratic fools.” “What’d they say?” “They don’t know what they’ve got there.” Great character arc, right? Here’s the problem: while it came out three
years after Raiders, Temple of Doom is actually a prequel that takes place a year earlier. In that movie, Indy saw a man’s heart magically
ripped from his chest while still beating and personally turned magic stones white-hot
by invoking the name of Shiva. Despite bearing witness to all that, Indiana
Jones is still a skeptic. In The Last Crusade, he’s very quick to dismiss
stories about King Arthur and the Holy Grail as “bedtime stories.” He’s even still hanging onto those doubts
when Crystal Skull rolls around. It’s one thing to try and ensure your character
can be relatable and realistic when he’s dealing with ancient, fantastical mysteries, but for
Indy to simply ignore some of the most exciting, perplexing, and incredibly real moments of
his life is just silly. After thrilling chases, a couple of failed
rescue attempts, and outsmarting the bad guys at every turn throughout Raiders of the Lost
Ark, Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood are captured and forced to witness the hellish
moment when the bad guys open the Ark. As the power of the Ark is unleashed Indy
tells Marion that they can’t look at it, no matter what happens. He’s right, too: in the midst of a cadre of
Nazis being burned alive by the Wrath of God, the good guys are spared from its wrath. So how in the world did Indy know not to look
at the ark? Earlier in the film, it’s mentioned that the
Ark was hidden away due to its immense power being too much for mankind to handle, but
the cheat code of just closing one’s eyes came kind of out of nowhere. Also, we’re not complaining, but it does seem
a little weird that nobody else figured out that they shouldn’t look at the blinding light
that was melting everyone. As it turns out, Indy was warned about this
in a scene that was cut from the final version of the movie. That might be a good way for Indy to know,
but the audience sure doesn’t. It might seem like we’re picking on Raiders,
but in a movie that’s otherwise perfect, the few flaws are really easy to spot. Take, for instance, Indy’s trip on a Nazi
sumbarine. The key word there is “on”, not “in.” With the help of a friendly sea captain, Indy
stealths his way onto a U-Boat to rescue Marion and defeat Belloq, jumping atop it just before
it goes underwater. The film then cuts to an island where the
villains plan to open the Ark of the Covenant. So how did our soaking wet Indy survive the
trip? Obviously, he couldn’t just cling to the periscope
and hold his breath for hundreds of miles, but from what we see in the movie, and even
a deleted scene, that’s exactly what happened. It’s just a good thing nobody ever bothered
to lower the periscope for the entire trip, or else we’d have to deal with the explanation
that Indy was secretly the lost king of Atlantis all this time. When Temple of Doom opens, Indiana Jones is
accompanied by a young child named Wan Li, who Jones refers to as Short Round. It’s later revealed that the young Chinese
boy from Shanghai got busted trying to pick the archeologist’s pocket and they eventually
became friends. “You make me poor! No fun!” While opinions are split about Short Round,
it’s undeniable that he provided some comic relief, and drove the getaway car, pulled
stunts as daring as his mentor, and even broke Indy from a magic mind control trance. By the end of the film, they both return to
the small Indian village as triumphant heroes. After that…who knows? The third movie opens with absolutely no mention
of Short Round. There’s not even a whisper of him, nor is
he mentioned in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which came after Temple of Doom chronologically. Short Round is just gone after the credits
roll. Romantic partners like Willie come and go
for a rugged and handsome bachelor like Jones. The young child that he took under his wing
and brought thousands of miles from his home on numerous death-defying adventures? You’d think they’d at least stay in touch. We might even be willing to forgive some of
Crystal Skull’s more egregious sins if Indy’s successor turned out to be Ke Huy Quan instead
of Shia LaBeouf. There’s…a lot to be upset about in Kingdom
of the Crystal Skull, but the most important might just be that it shifts the genre of
the franchise in a way that just doesn’t work. There’s nothing wrong with a good science
fiction story, if that’s what you want to call this movie, but for it to come in the
fourth installment of a franchise rooted in pulpy, fantastical adventure after a nearly
20-year gap just feels jarring and unnecessary. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” The movie ends with Jones and his cohorts
finding a collection of alien skeletons with one missing head. After returning the infamous crystal skull,
the aliens come to life and vacate Earth in a flying saucer. Indiana Jones is a guy who frequently comes
across the unknown in his pursuits of ancient and mysterious artifacts, but Roswell aliens
are a very different kind of mysterious, even if, and especially if, they show up 20 years
after he was dealing with Biblical goblets. They feel out of place in Indy’s world of
historical legends and supernatural treasures. In short, never switch your genre in the fourth
movie of a series. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Looper

    Do you count "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" as an Indy movie?

  2. John Cat

    We did not ignore them, we made fun of them! lol

  3. Rahul Rathod

    Pls leaves me a like

  4. J Patterson


  5. Janskas Jack

    Short Round taking on multiple men at once and winning always kind of bothered me

  6. Moone Shadow

    Crystal skull will never grace my shelves of movies. It never happened…

  7. Clay McCoy

    4:08. It would have been better but still a bad movie.

  8. Jack Frost

    You're too serious. Its just a movie.

  9. Rich Barr

    U-Boats were not true submarines; they could submerge, but they generally stayed on the surface unless there was a reason not to, especially since they were faster that way. And Raiders was set before the war, so nobody to hide from or attack. If you can suspend disbelief for the whole Ark thing to begin with, Indy holding onto a surfaced U-Boat for however long isn't a real stretch. (He'd still need to hold his breath a lot, though.)

  10. Jacqueline



    1:01 💖

  12. Dániel Schnörch

    Just a remark, in WWII the German u-boots only travel under water if they REALLY have to. Normally they just have been used like ships due to the diesel engines running them needed air. Under water electric engines where used but they had a very limited capacity to travel long distances.

  13. Sislertx

    I just watched.these three again..innthe 2nd one he wasnt sceptical about it he just didnt.think they.found it..you kinda are like a.tds.victim

  14. Ed Sweet

    Wanna hear something kinda sad I literally just realized INDIANA Jones movies have some link to my home state Indiana it’s not like I’m a fan but I have known about it for years

  15. Zach Davis

    I like the fourth movie

  16. Dallas Dash Cam Guy

    I should also ignore Looper.

  17. lqr824

    Submarines of that era travelled on the surface. They only submerged if they detected danger or were sneaking up on a target to torpedo.

  18. Dino Monzon

    Indiana Jones should try retrieve Excalibur in his next film.

  19. elkor420

    How is exploring Christian and Hindu mythology any different from exploring alien mythology? And temple of doom is waaaayyy worse than crystal skull.
    1 last crusade
    2 raiders
    3 crystal skull
    4 temple of doom

  20. GiltyAsCharged

    you missed talking about the BOULDER.. he couldve just walked back into where he came from.. the boulder wouldve rolled on infront of him

  21. Movieman909

    You missed an important point. In the 3rd movie, after indy found the grail, what about the the iehovah floor puzzle? did he and elsa have to spell iehovah backwards to get out of there? The movie skipped past that and went to the main cave and that was it.

  22. Scott Williams

    Why did Indy run from the rolling rock?
    If he just would have ducked down, it would have simply rolled past him. (problem solved) come on Indy!

  23. Ryno Opperman

    I always wondered if they accidentally swapped the scripts between Indy4 & X-Files…

  24. TH3 F4LC0N

    How about the fact that the carpet in that Nazi castle in Last Crusade must have been soaked in gasoline?

  25. Mark Longoria

    In ROTLA Indy saw a drawing showing the people carrying the Ark into battle were blindfolded. That's how he guessed that he and Marion needed to keep their eyes closed.

  26. Petar Pigeon

    39th comment,cool video,indiana jones movies are great.

  27. Billy C James N

    Who can forget MONKEY BRAINS being a delicacy according to Temple of Doom

  28. Pope Anthony

    How did indy know religious things even though he was a skeptic? I have encountered devout atheists who love to destroy not so devout Christians by being extremely read up on the bible.

    The submarine thing-even though subs spent the vast amount of time on the surface, they also had an officer and two lookouts on the conning tower at all times while surfaced.

    In Raiders, indy says he hasn't seen marian in ten years. Before then, indy and marian were an item. Problem is, in raiders, marian is in her mid twenties. Do the math. In addition, she yells at indy:"I was a child!!" to which he curtly replies:"You knew what you were doing." Add in the "fall out" with ravenwood. Why? Indy was having an affair with his 15-16 year old daughter.

  29. Dirk A

    How about in Arc, if Indy wasn’t there, absolutely nothing would have changed

  30. Gabe731

    Was that Large Marge in the covenant?

  31. Numb Skull

    I hope the number 1 thing in this list is that Indiana Jones raped a child and he blamed the girl for it.

  32. James Moss

    That kid in second film should be remember.

  33. Leviticus Pagelus

    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was inspired by 50s pulp sci fi adventure stories. It fits right in with the genre of the first 3.

  34. Jonathon Christians

    Indy wasn't a religious man and he didn't KNOW that closing his eyes would work, but he knew it was his best chance. He was a historian and that included Biblical history. Indy knew the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, in which God destroyed the two cities. Those spared were told to not look at the cities or they would die. You don't have to be a believer to know this story and since Indy was tied up, he knew closing his eyes was the only chance he had at survival.

  35. Supercoollooking

    Short round went on his own adventures in the goonies after indy took him to Chinese family that adopted him in the goonbox

  36. Hunter Strickland

    Actually in the Bible it mentions not looking in the ark unless a Rabí hasn’t sinned for a year

  37. John Bower

    Ah but the aliens gave him the chance to cross franchises with the saying… "I've got a bad feeling about this…"

  38. Lars Borch

    Raiders is stupid. The nazis die anyway, so the whole chase is nothing but a huge fail. With the knowledge Indiana had, his story arc is just a waste of film.

  39. Nx57ytre

    Ok, I am not saying that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not a bad movie, but I honestly did not feel the presence of aliens so out of place, it is in fact what bothers me least in the movie. Their nature is so vague and mysterious that they are more beings of magic than science fiction.

  40. Mason P

    Along with Star Wars the Indiana Jones franchise is my favorite movies franchise. What about-
    How did Indy and Marion get off the island in Raiders of the lost ark?
    Why did Mutt decide to go by Mutt?
    How did Kingdom of the Crystal Skull have a great trailer but wasn’t good?
    Why did Indy leave Marion?
    Also Short Round returns in a non-canon comic that has Han Solo.Seriously look it up there was a Indiana Jones-Star Wars crossover comic.

  41. Mason P

    Why did the ark include sand? Not the staff of Aaron and the Ten Commandments?

  42. Jake's Takes

    I just watched all of them recently, and all of them have their fair amounts of cringe. The worst part of 4 was Shia swinging with God damn monkeys and the conclusion of the aliens being kinda lame. The only thing that makes temple of Doom a decent movie is short round, he makes that entire movie

  43. Christopher Muniz

    All of those reasons are why I never understood why they were such loved movies. Granted I watched them 20 yrs after they came out and in order.

  44. Relaxed Man

    I think Spielberg should have added Short Round in the Raiders of the lost ark but I guess the idea hadn’t been brought up for the movie till later on

  45. Morph

    i had no idea that temple of doom (my favorite) actually happened BEFORE raiders… my mind is blown.

  46. Andros the warrior High Alpha

    I love all 4 Indiana Jones movies but I wanna see more is Young Indiana Jones Chronicles there is series of it why can't it be brought back..?? It had 3 seasons of it..? Also Indiana Jones had Five games the Emperor's Tomb and the staff of kings and the infernal machine and the fate of Atlantis and the lost treasure of Pharaoh.. why couldn't those be adapted into movies we would of had 9 Indiana Jones films..

  47. Thod Stagshorn

    How about perverted things that were ignored….like Marion was around 14yrs old when Indy had an affair with her. That's Spielberg for ya.

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  52. gaming all day

    Thats how movies are so bye.,.!:;

  53. Rob Ayotte

    I never noticed these , however I did notice how many people got knocked out with one hit. Lots of brain damage happening as a result I would guess.

  54. Robert Madsen

    Actually there was mentioned that people will die if they see the power of god. If I remember it well then it was the scene where the old man deciphers the headpiece Marion Ravenwood had.

  55. Eddie Brock

    Didn’t even know Temple of Doom was technically a prequel.

    I looked at Indy as the James Bond of pulp adventures.

  56. Emmitt Luckey

    The first three were great. The 👽 plot in the 4th movie made the adventure in to Syfy. I think they're making another one.

  57. James Lenahan

    Was that Large Marge inside the ARK?!

  58. Sharky Fish

    this was my least fav movie of the series

  59. jacob drolet

    I did not know that temple of doom was a prequel and what happened to Willy after temple of doom.

  60. María Martínez

    Amy Farrah Fawler had the definitive opinion about this subject.

  61. Pedro Arjona

    If I remenber correctly, WWII submarines run on diesel powered electric motors, when they have submerge totally they have batteries and air tanks, but those lasted at most a few hours, most of the time the submarine was submerged but with an snorkel that sucks fresh air for the diesel and the crew and expel the exhaust and used air. The snorkel tip was designed to be very hard to spot, and a man tied to the snorkel will have to survive the continous beating of the waves and the cold, but a submarine in a time essential mission and with no enemies close will never go so deep that they have to close the snorkel, because the diesel generator provides more energy than the batteries to the electric motors, and therefore more speed.

  62. Name of the Rose

    I'm more likely to listen to the opinions of someone who can pronounce nuclear

  63. taliesin halliday

    these are supposed to be fun action films. they are not supposed to be like star wars with a set universe telling the story over generations.

  64. Sean Lathbury

    The decision to include this annoying ass kid was a dumb thing….and heard to miss.

  65. Tom Wylie

    2:05 indi knows to close his eyes because indie seems to know alot about the bible… its based off the quote “ noone will see god and live”

  66. Tim Bumgarner

    The bike in the movie was supposed to be from that era, but you can see the new handle bar controls

  67. scott Dustin

    you miss one from temple of doom when they jump out of the plane with a rubber raft

  68. Nathan Sanders

    They close their eyes because they're supposed to represent being penitent or humble. when you're humble you lower your head and don't look directly at things that are holy. (hence why people bow their heads when they pray) It made more sense back then with religious people. Plus let's not forget about the young Indiana Jones series that talked about this stuff. And how raiders was the very first Indiana Jones anything so….yeah.

  69. stay gold Haley

    I refuse to believe that “Raiders” happened AFTER “temple of doom”

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