DOs & DON’Ts: How to Draw a Realistic Nose Easy Step by Step | Art Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

DOs & DON’Ts: How to Draw a Realistic Nose Easy Step by Step | Art Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

– [Mako] Do you want to know
how to draw a realistic nose? Well, that’s why I’m here to help you out. Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. Since so many of you guys have requested a video about how to draw a nose I decided that we are
going to draw a nose today. I will share some tips
and tricks with you guys that can hopefully help
you improve your artwork. Okay. Let’s start with the
exaggerated version of a don’t. The edges are very harsh and the nostrils are not exactly at the right place. This is how some people draw it and again, it’s a great start because the shape is not that incorrect but we can still improve on that. There are different ways
how you can draw a nose. What I find, the easiest is using circles. First, draw big circle for the tip and then 2 smaller
circles, one on each side. These are going to be
the wings of the nose. By the way, this circle technique can be used for any angle
so if you would look at the nose from a lower
angle, you would draw the bigger circle higher and if you look at the nose from above, you would draw the bigger circle lower. And the lower area where
the circles cross each other is going to be the area where
we can now draw the nostrils. So where the crosspoint
is, draw a curve like that and connect it with another curve along the lower part of the big circle. Now I can outline the left and right sides of the smaller circles to
create the wings of the nose. But be sure you don’t connect
these lines with the nostrils. Draw the outer lines slightly downwards so not completely
filling the small circle. The shape also depends on the
nose shape you’re going for. So you can make everything wider, smaller, shape it differently, the
circles are just a guideline. Now I can slightly erase the guidelines so they are not in the way. For this step, I’m using
this kneadable eraser since it’s soft and can
absorb the pencil very easily. And now we can start adding
shadows and more details. For the outer part of the nose, we can use the guidelines that are slightly visible. This means you can prolong the lines of the bigger circle upwards
to create the nose bridge. For now, I just have it
slightly lined out for later. The left and right curve
of the bigger circle is going to be the top of the nose that we can now start shading. Since here I want the light to fall down from the top, the
highest point of the nose would be lighter than lower parts. So in this case, since
the nose has round shapes, the outer areas will be much
darker than the top area. Here I just lightly went
over with a soft pencil and drew the nose bridge
using the guidelines I added earlier. To blend outlines, I’m using a Q-tip since I don’t have any
fancy tools for that. And then I used a very soft pencil that I held parallel to the paper to add shadows around the nose bridge and around the other edges of the nose. Hold the pencil very
lightly over the paper as if you will color it with
a very light layer of color. And now we can blend the pencil lines. I already like the
intensity of the shadows, but we can still add more. This is the base shading, and now we can build up the shadows to create basically different shades of gray. Use a very soft pencil and
go over the edges again, but this time, press down the pencil even more to make the shadows darker. The nose is completely
gray, but as you can see, the top area is still
brighter than the outer edges. Here I just wanted to show
you where the mouth will be. You would keep drawing, but I will show it in another video next time. Remember to blend out lines especially along the nose bridge. You don’t want the nose
bridge to have harsh lines. They should rather be very soft and smoothly blend into
the rest of the face. You can also add some
shadows below the nose but be sure to keep the area
right below the nostrils lighter because they’re
still a little bit of light. And if you want to add the lines that go into the cheeks,
you can do it as well, but I wouldn’t just
draw them out like that I would softly sketch out the
lines and then blend them in to make the edges as soft as possible. But it depends on how deep
these lines are in the face so if necessary, you could
still add darker lines that blend into these shadows. From here, we just need to
add more and more shadows and blend them in. The shadow on left was a bit too much but I still kind of like it. Remember that this is only one of the ways how to draw a nose. I didn’t say this is the one and only way and that the don’t side
is completely wrong. It should fit your style
and you should like it. If you don’t want to draw realistically, that’s totally fine. The most important part is to
just have fun creating art. I also added some shadows
above the tip of the nose and a few shadow lines a little
above it on the nose bridge because sometimes the nose
bridge is not just straight. For this step, I just used a Q-tip to blend in the shadows
instead of using a pencil. Of course, there are so
many different nose shapes. This is just one version. And now let’s add some light reflection. With an eraser, lightly go over the highest point of the nose tip. Above it, right after the shadow, and then right after the
other shadow we created. This way you really get the
three dimensional effect. The kneadable eraser is really great for things like that
because you can just simply press down the eraser to softly remove some of the pencil without
creating harsh lines. To make it even more realistic,
you could also create a reflection slightly above
the lower edge of the nose. This is where the light bounces
off a little bit as well. And below the nostrils. For this step, you can
even shape the eraser to create a pointy tip. Remember, this is just
one way to draw a nose. It always depends on
the shape of the nose, your style, how realistic
you want to draw it. You don’t even have to draw
it realistically, actually. There are even more realistic versions, but I find that if you
like it, and if you see you are already improving,
that’s already great. If you want to practice, I would recommend to just make studies of
certain things like noses. Draw them at different
angles, work on the shadows, really take a close look at it and try to make it as
realistic as possible. You can also use a picture
as reference, of course. Even if you don’t want to
draw that realistically, it’s still helpful to learn the basics by using a realistic image. Give the video a big
thumbs up if you like it find it helpful and comment down below what you would like to see
next in this drawing series. Don’t forget to subscribe for more arts and crafts videos in the futures. Thank you so much for watching guys. Have a wonderful day and
I will see you next week. Bye

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