Doctor Fact-Checks Politicians On Coronavirus

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  1. Mika Hikyuu

    At this moment it looks like 406 members of the #rightwing were not happy hearing the truth.

  2. how cute

    “Blowdryer to your face will kill the virus”

    I actually didnt think it was possible to be that stupid but im stupid for thinking that i guess 🙁

  3. Muhammad bashir

    Dr. Mike, the news, that the UK is just a few months away from preparing the vaccine. How much it is true?

  4. pawprints1986

    Another big thing? Countries are still letting people come home! What I mean is people travelling home from vacation-March break/spring break. that shouldnt be a thing! It would be a thousand times safer to house them in a hotel where they already were rather than having people travel home! Even if theyre home and then immediately go into quarantine – how much did they potentially unknowingly spread between the airport or even train or bus stations and home? How many people got sick due to recycled airplane air despite all clear screenings because theyre asymptomatic? All travel except necessary medical professionals and essential products by truck should have stopped immediately. It would have been so much safer overall… costly maybe but healthier in the long run!

  5. kaegeum

    hi doctor! I really appreciate you making videos in regards to the virus, to be completely honest I look forward to these as the way you provide information is easier to understand and digest than all the Twitter threads and news articles everywhere else. I hope you continue to make such videos as long as this all goes on! Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. strelokblyat

    you forgot one important fact that goes above everything you said in this video
    we are here because of pathetic humans who are on the lower rung in their place of evolutionary history

  7. Tomi Adventure

    Mike for president ! 😀

  8. shawnkain

    i don't know how that congressman got his job. i know you heard this before but thank you and your staff for your work and keeping us updated on the virus info on your free time

  9. Agus Hartawan

    If politicians believe that it's okay for people to die for the sake of the economy, than THEY CAN GO FIRST.

  10. UpsideGeek

    What about saunas? Heat and humidity – something that this virus doesn't like. And they're not dangerous unless you have heart problems or high blood pressure.

  11. TheSnowmann

    Bro, you look mad tired. Hats off to all of you guys on the front line!

  12. TheSnowmann

    Bro, you look mad tired. Hats off to all of you guys on the front line!

  13. TheSnowmann

    Bro, you look mad tired. Hats off to all of you guys on the front line!

  14. TheSnowmann

    Bro, you look mad tired. Hats off to all of you guys on the front line!

  15. TheSnowmann

    Bro, you look mad tired. Hats off to all of you guys on the front line!

  16. TheSnowmann

    Bro, you look mad tired. Hats off to all of you guys on the front line!

  17. TheSnowmann

    Bro, you look mad tired. Hats off to all of you guys on the front line!

  18. Akai-Chan Al-Abbasy

    I don't understand how there are still people speaking about this situation as if it was a choice. It's a pandemic not a game. Yes business have taken some damages in my country-some even shut down, but they are taking it with the greater benifit in mind, it's not just about money it's about our health our lives.

  19. Blacktea

    What do you think about textile facemasks? Some companys here in germany are sewing them but there is some negative comments about the false safety and if you should wear them at all.

  20. M H

    I still remember my late GP from childhood saying that old fashioned brass door handles actually kill germs within a few hours, so no need to desinfect them constantly. Could you fact check this?

  21. Betty B

    I don't like our prime minister and president here in Czech republic, they're doing many bad things. But right now I'm thankful for them.
    Please people in US do something. Don't let false or inaccurate information spread this easily. In this situation wrong steps can cost you a lot.

  22. Jolly

    Hey, Mike. Can you react to Pakistan's Prime minister saying that " We should not lockdown since our economy is really bad and it will finish if we lockdown." Even though Pakistan has 1,102 cases and 8 deaths. Thank you.

  23. Austin Berkemeier

    Love your content wish there were more doctor's like you. I've went to a lot of specialist but they still haven't found out what is causing my weird symptoms. If I stand still I get discoloration in my legs they start to itch which becomes unbearable and start to hurt extremely bad. If I'm in motion they are fine or if I'm sitting but standing causes many issues would love your opinion if you get a chance.

  24. indi doherty

    play touch surgery

  25. Odette

    I think that Dr. Mike should appear on national tv and enlighten all the naive people and the politicans Like and set straight the facts

  26. Eduardo Guzman

    I love these types of videos I feel like this brings peace to my community

  27. Gioia Peraz

    I'm really pissed. I'm from Italy and your theories about hospitals collapse are absolutely correct. We are facing and have been facing these problems till now and seeing new infected countries do our same mistakes is really frustrating. STOP UNDERESTIMATING THE VIRUS AND TAKE MESURAMENTS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! This virus has ruined our economy, everything in the medical field and our people. Please don't do this to yourselves. Sending love and thank you Dr.Mike for spreading actual facts.

  28. Mysterios1989

    If I remember, an issue was that the US wanted to use an US developed test, while there were tests, used by the WTO, to be used free of charge. The German Robert Koch institute published a test method days after China published the data of the virus, for everyone to rebuild, free of charge (the Robert Koch institute is a subsidiary of the German health ministry, because of that, they are not for profit, are thus capable of publishing such stuff for free). If the US would have just taken these plans and reproduced the test kit, it would have been available immidiatly, instead of developing an own system with an own patent that can be sold for alot of money.

  29. Mari Bon

    South Africa has 705 people infected in 8 days, majority of the population lives in over crowded areas poor conditions and living multiple in one home, if one gets it they all get it, majority have tuberculosis and HIV and aids, what is the true outcome in a month from now? Please find out south Africa I would like your opinion please

  30. Megan Shaw

    Dr Mike you're the voice of reason amongst all the crazy. Thank you from South Africa.

  31. Alex Wong

    They really should have doctors asking questions during briefings instead of clueless journalists

  32. cookie girl999

    i love your vids it really helps my anxiety on this situation i live in the uae and it is really scary and my birthday is this 28 and i cant do anything for it it is really disappointing

  33. Dree Dree

    So you “burn your nose” to get rid of the virus, I am at a loss for words.

  34. Mansour Muteb

    Well you didn’t say stay alert not anxious, which makes the station sounds worse right now!!!!!!
    People understand that “SATY HOME”

  35. Hackster

    So here's a question if you can reply and give your opinion it will really helpful. I live in india and there is 21 days lockdown and every official is trying to stop the spread of covid in india there is not many cases in india idk numbers are right or not becoz not many testing but just imagine if india stop covid completely in india but what will happen next ? We are not immune right and vaccine is far to complete if any foreign transport start again there will risk for spread!! And I don't think stoping traveling for year and 2 is practical!

  36. KaiteCo

    Mike got lil sassy and we love to see it.

  37. Tasya

    I cannot imagine how overworked the frontlines are right now. So much prayers to them especially in these times. Thank you for still taking the time to debunk all this bullshit. You go Dr. Mike! Stay safe and healthy as much as possible!

  38. Winston Jarquin

    You should make a video solely about myths surrounding Covid-19. Im in Los Angeles from a Latino family and the things Im seeing the news channel show is just mind boggling. Some of it as ridiculous as the blow dryer comment.
    Thanks for being awesome, Bringing information and please everybody do proper research!

  39. Akanksha Anand

    First 3 minutes is one of most clearly delivered easy to understand sensible analysis of current scenario to derive future decisions… a framework most politicians / decision makers around the world could borrow from.. not just US!! Not only really liking this channel 🎉 ..Hoping this would somehow reach them and medical consultants / epidemiologists be paid heed to.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Blow dryer – can’t believe such a statement so flippantly made 😔😔

  40. Laura Ortiz

    I got sooo mad going to Home Depot for my gramdmother today necause we needed the Mosquito tans or orange oil to kill them for stagnant water in our empty pool because i was getting severely bit and noticed a ton more of the Mosquito hawks who eat mosquitos and since theres a huge increase of them, that means theres a ton more near our house and we already have warninga in the st. behind us that they found some with the West Nile and that other virus,in them so i offered to go. When i got there, we had to wait in lie, be,6 inches apart which was a,red,cross made of red tape on the ground, and as,someone exited, you coyld emter necause they were keeping 100 peopme in at once. When i was going to my car i notice an asian man who looked like a regular handy man amd i saw gim with the masks the drs and nurses are low on and i got so upset. I walked to him and tols him " you shoyld he ashamed of yourself!! There's hospitals,Drs, Nurses, urgent cares, & drs offices all around th world , including our own hospitals, drs, amd,nurses, that NEED THOSE MASKS AS I SPEAK! And its people like you who are making it impossible or almost impossible to get them for when they're in close contact with people with covid19, and they cant get them because of people LIKE YOU!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF and I hope you seriously grow a conscience and release the rest,of your unused masks to the closest medical facility! I'm not a confrontational person at all but i was very upset! I work as a vet tech and although we dont NEED those masks at the moment and probably wont need them, i still understand the,importance of needing them amd i kind of exploded on him LMAO sorry Dr. Mike but ugh!! I got so mad with him haha he seemed very,upset in himself amd looked down afterwards a1md got In his truck and left really quickly and as he,looked at,me as he was leaving in his rear view mirror, i made the finger gestures showing "shame on you!" BAHAHAHAHAHA

  41. Daniel Pauli

    True and first problem China

  42. Kanya Bernal

    Wow, I've never seen Dr. Mike so stressed. But he has good reason. 🙁

  43. Reena Mohanta


  44. L. Swetha Swetha

    MY GOD. Not only does such videos explain that we cannot always believe what politicians/experts say, they also alert us that we need social distancing for so many reasons. Being in India, I feel things will be worse here. Thanks dr. Mike, always been a fan of your videos, thank god for youtube. 🙂

  45. James Vlogs

    Our president here in the Philippines is doing his best to prevent the spread but the problem is that the people are hard headed and that is another problem.

  46. Betty B

    Hi doctor Mike, can you do a video about wearing homemade masks or scarfs in public by normal people to prevent spreading the virus? Right now we have to cover our face outside by law and I think steps like this can also help in US, even if just a little. So many people have no idea that they are infected and still going to public places.

  47. PsychoDonkeyy

    Trump doesn't care about other people, it's all about the money. It is that simple 😉

  48. DF864

    People were resistant to getting off the streets, social distancing and closing most things down. Now people are upset with SLOWLY bringing those things back. When you watch a video like this panic stricken chatterbox – this is why there is fear mongering.

  49. CyphTheOtakuX

    Can you please make a video about the Hantavirus?

  50. Hassan 2k Whiteside

    Doctor Mike is a Trump supporter. And thats a good thing

  51. Kyle McGuiggan

    Just my takes.

    3:45 You mean exactly like what China did? No one seems to be that pissed off about that. Worry about your own citizens first before helping others (it's like the oxygen mask scenario in a plane).
    5:45 Let's be honest, the Arizona couple did something very stupid and paid the terrible price. The wife even said she saw the information online, not from Trump, so blaming Trump/politicians for it is unnecessary and misplaced, imo.
    9:00 You're assuming that they will snap their fingers and everyone starts going to work again. That's just not true. People will resume work slowly to hopefully stimulate the economy a little bit. They're not wrong in saying that if the economy is at a standstill for 2-3 months, it would devastate the economy beyond repair. That would lead to even more unemployment, deaths, starvation, poverty, crime, etc. It's a catch 22 and, like you said, isn't so simple.
    12:00 What the hell? Is that a parody or joke? lol I would hope the average person is smart enough to see how stupid that is.

  52. Jeff S

    The debate with shutting down the economy isnt just about the economy…. Theres something that is very dangerous about government taking total control of our country state city and villages

  53. David Wang

    Why can’t they just listen to Dr mike? I reckon if we all just listen to mike then the situation might be better

  54. parinaz mellatdoust

    So many people died got blind and got hospitalized in here(Iran) because of drink alcohol to prevent Corona
    It's also been a month and half that every one is in quarantine

  55. Mayank Jairaj

    Wow Dr Mike is being so respectful while dealing with so many bs

  56. ChefMimsy

    I got my cellular biology degree 45 years ago and haven't used it in 40 years, so I'm admittedly not an expert. However, it seems to me that until we know how many people are carrying the virus, are completely asymptomatic, yet shedding virus that can infect others, we won't really know how under control it is. My question is whether there's value in random testing of people who are asymptomatic?

  57. Jeff S

    I just bought a copper compression knee brace cause my knee has been hurting me. Glad to hear I'm supporting a business that's has supported the people

  58. MissMe381

    Thank you doctor Mike for the update. Your information always makes me really calm and less anxious in this bizarre situation. I'm from the Netherlands and we have a lockdown at least until June 1. This is a long time, but I really think it is necessary to flatten the curve. Thank you so much for your positivity and wise words. I'm looking forward to your next video!

  59. Flip The Rat

    You’ve been amazing. But you didn’t need to get political. Now I know, you’re simply ‘fact checking’ – no, this was a politically charged video.

    Please stick to the facts and leave politics out of it. You’re saving people, people are looking to you for hope. Not for your dislike of Trump/Fox News.

    PS I don’t like them either.

  60. Mayank Jairaj

    Are anti-vaxxers snorting blow-dryers?

  61. Pale Rider

    Who was the idiot who proposed having a blow drier on your nose? Jesus some people are STUPID!

  62. Mira Smit

    How long to practice social distancing? How about until people are vaccinated?


    Fundings are not cut, so CDC has done a terrible job then in this case. Shame on you, CDC!!

  64. Katie Fortenbery

    They dont care. Especially Trump. All they care about is money. I'm also worried about economic downfall because if this virus, way more than the fear of the virus itself. But I know lives are more important than money. Trump is a business man. Hes not politically inclined and doesn't care about the people.


    Coronavirus Update:
    Today (so far)
    Confirmed: 69,219 (up 9,165)
    Death : 1,054 (up 250)
    Recovered: 616 (up 236)

  66. da ginger ninja

    Is it just me or has the corona virus started in China and just moved west cuz Italy peaked, then it peaked in Spain, I heard France is predicted. To peak next, the UK is thought to be 3-4 weeks behind italy(or something like that) and I don't think the US's corona virus cases isnt going to far away

  67. Morten Bund

    We need to build Decontaminated zones to keep the Infected in…
    Wait no, that's just The Division

  68. Felix Yeouan

    In our country 🇵🇭, why mostly infected with corona virus are politicians? 🙄🙄..

  69. Eyad Elgazzar

    Doctor there is this new virus in China called hantavirusvis im scared can you please make a video to give us some information

  70. Inez van Wijk

    Mike, what do you think of Trumps statement of keeping all Philips respiratory equipment? I am from Europe where we need these equipment very badly and I think it just ridiculous that he doesn't want to share, furthermore there is the fact that Philips is a Dutch company and so I state that we have as much right on them as others, so I am curious, what is your opinion on this?

  71. Subscribing to all YT channels except for T-Series

    Pls find a cure before WrestleMania

  72. Michelle Bloch

    Thank you so much for always providing us with accurate information. Keep up the good work and I hope you and your colleagues and patients all stay safe 😊

  73. Eyad Elgazzar

    Is it in China only or other parts also

  74. Stefan Langenhoven

    If the US is struggling with this just imagine how other countries are struggling

  75. h2o 35

    I live in Italy and i can say that you are saying all the things that doctors said here in my country a couple of weeks ago…

  76. L. Swetha Swetha

    Hey btw.. regarding masks (just like the first part in your video).. I hope organisations don't send you masks more than is necessary. There are countries (even developing ones such as India) which doesn't have enough masks for doctors especially junior doctors. I know a junior doctor who goes to the hospital not wearing the recommended masks ( the hospital she works for hasn't treated any covid-19 patients yet, but even then). Just recently India has stopped exports on masks/ventilators etc. (I don't know the full story there though)


    Red eyes (like your wearing red eye shadow) is a symptom of Covid19…..I think Dr Mike has Covid19

  78. James Konzek

    Trump is a very stable genius, I know this because he said so.

  79. Alyssa Hopkins

    Would hospitals take masks that are meant to be worn while cleaning? It says they block dust particles and that sort of stuff. I’m in the medical field so I know they aren’t ideal but it’s something? It’s better than “cleaning” and reusing masks. Should I call?

  80. calmthyself

    That blowdry bit is fricking stupid bs.
    And whats up with trump TRYING to cut the cdc budget.

  81. Divya M


  82. Ingvar

    what a bunch of morons jeez

  83. Patoune _

    In france we have nearly 3000 people in ICU, 1/3 of them are less that 60. Not only old people get severe forms. Even people who don't have to be hospitalized have sequels like long term pulmonary issues potentially. It's serious.

  84. Muse4Games

    Screw the economy, economy can be restored, human lives can not once they're lost. Look at Spain and Italy how many people are dying there, screw the money.

  85. ashlie robertson

    I usually respect and listen to him. But I can't comprehend, "we don't know yet" in terms of whether the quarantine will be over by Easter. After he's previously said a vaccine could take more than a year, and that other RNA-targetting drugs are not necessarily a cure. We do know where we'll be in two weeks because we have real world examples. We have Italy. We have Spain. We have, even here, New York and California. He shouldn't be encouraging the idea that President Trump COULD be right. Everyone else respectable says three weeks minimum, most likely untill we get a vaccine maximum. Is Dr. Mike trying to comfort us? Or not get in to politics? Either way, Im curious why Dr. Mike isn't sceptical about the apparently ludicrous Easter date.

  86. Leah Princess

    Hydroxychloroquine almost killed me. Someone gave it to me for my autoimmune problem. And it’s not for everyone. It’s an anti malaria drug. And some people are malaria immune, so what if their systems don’t agree with this drug because of that? So what about people with sickle cell? I’m no doctor but I’d be careful of this with some people who may have other issues.

  87. abraham narvaez

    Dr Mike I’m a nurse in Hawai’i On point with everything!!!!! Mahalo for presenting objective information!!!!! Mahalo❤️

  88. Lieschy3RR

    Everybody needs to hear you!

  89. Jafair1

    We need two primary groups I. The media rn. We need the presidential/governmental group that is trying to keep people optimistic and try to get people back to work and protect the economy. The other group we need is a set of doctors (one or two spokespeople) that will be in the news constantly giving updates to the data we are obtaining. We know rn we can’t trust the president with the medical facts because he’s not a doctor 😂. It’s important to have both sides of the coin. The president is meant to be a strong hand to hold the nation together at times like these but we need people that know the situation and are going to give us the straight facts

  90. anime drawing lover 321

    Hey mike there is this show that I think you should watch it is called death happens on Snarled this woman talks about daily things that can kill people but she does not give us full information which I think you can come in so please do this on your next video it will help thx😄

  91. Мина Димчева


  92. Ian Finrir

    I can understand stores being out of bleach, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, etc. But WHY IS THERE NO TOILET PAPER!? (Me, I'm fine on toilet paper, haven't had to buy any since August, but still)

  93. Drecon84

    How do these politicians not realize the damage to the economy from the huge amount of younger people that are bound to die if we just let the virus run free?

  94. Alokananda Karmakar

    I am more scared about the reaction of general public and the govts than the actual disease itself… Being a medical student in lockdown I am really concerned about my seniors (btw I m not from the US but the situation is same everywhere.) Stay safe everyone

  95. lizard450

    Doctor Mike illiteracy killed that couple… there was nothing even close to CQ in that fish tank stuff. CQ and HCQ are prescribed by a doctor. Also it's in the treatment guidelines for several countries South Korea started doing it February 13th. Sorry man… they have results… You can't argue with results.

  96. Marloes

    Yet Trump is trying to claim the vaccin there working on in germany

  97. Nini D

    This is the most serious I've ever seen Dr. Mike and I'm shook

  98. lizard450

    Oh no .. we started using it on non-critical patients in the US in Ohio and NYC .. probably other places as well.

  99. shadabtanzeem

    Is this news true that now days there is something called hantavirus in China which is spread by rodents?
    Dr Mike please answer this

  100. Isa Mash

    I already take hydroxychloriquine for my lupus, which is an anti-malarial.

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