Dean Anita Welch on the future of student learning at the College of Education

Dean Anita Welch on the future of student learning at the College of Education

One of the things that attracted me to
this particular College was the fact it was urban, but it was also diverse within
itself. We’re training counselors, educational leaders, policymakers. We’re
teaching statisticians, we are training people in kinesiology. We have all these
elements but all grounded in our responsibility to the community. We don’t
want to lose that, but we also want to acknowledge who we’ve become. We need to think about our changing students. You know we have students here who are
working two and three jobs and going to school full time. These are our future
superintendents, these are our future researchers, these are the change makers. We need these individuals, and we need them from our local area. I need to be
able to bring them here. I also need to be able to bring them here with a
package, a financial aid package. They can focus on their studies, they can work
with our amazing faculty, they can go out in the community and implement the ideas that they have. We need more scholarships, and our students they really do need
that financial support. It’s a vision that has to be made through conversation, and now I’m at the point of engaging our alumni. The people that I’ve spoken to so
far, they are wonderful. They really want to help us grow. Our faculty, our
students and our staff are committed, and their passion is unwavering. Our alumni, they’re the ones that can help us be successful in the future with
everything that we plan to do.

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