CHINESE IN JAPAN: Who is the REAL Face of the Foreign Community? 5 Myths while Touring Nagano

CHINESE IN JAPAN: Who is the REAL Face of the Foreign Community? 5 Myths while Touring Nagano

We’re going to see the monkeys. Monkeys are really really naughty. I remember a bad encounter with monkeys in Thailand. I hope they don’t try to take my camera. I’m kind of scared of monkeys. My mom almost got attacked by a monkey in Thailand. Let’s hope this goes better. I’m pretty much wearing the most inappropriate clothes you could possibly wear. The only way to make this worse would be if I were to wear high heels. They did not tell me it was going to be a long walk. My roommates didn’t way it was mountain climbing. I did not pack the right clothes, but hey not too shabby here. I mean for what we just walked through. My shoes are looking ok. I’ll just wipe them off they’ll me good. Well, I don’t know what to day about that except I can wipe them off. Not too bad. It could be a lot worse.

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  1. dionbranchglove

    Maybe not the most appropriate clothes for walking the mountain but they do look lovely on you. You look just darling in white. What made you leave Michigan to travel abroad?

  2. chris mac

    NYC is in a lockdown!! I am in my house for the past 10 days!!! It is unbearable…but you are able to put the smile back on my face. Watching you videos It always feels like a fresh breath of air. You give us HOPE! Keep it up! Thank you! Christian/NYC

  3. asmuni16

    Nothing shakes the smiling of Anming’s heart.

  4. Ricardo Tejada

    Thanks for uploading Anming ♥ And protect yourself from you kno wwhat xd.

  5. Vince and Theresa

    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful cherry blossoms at the end.

  6. Kurijomo Zul'Jin

    So when I study abroad there it is good that I already know Chinese a decent bit.

  7. Keith Starkey

    Wonderful vid. I did not, however, know that driving in Japan is on the left side, as it is in England. Wow, that's a first. I don't remember seeing that in your other vids. Glad, too, to hear your family is okay. I'm a city transit bus driver, so my chances of coming in contact with…stuff is, well, pretty high. But I'm at peace about it all.

  8. Leah M Purkiss

    Hello from the Detroit area! Things are getting bad here! Stay safe! Love your videos.

  9. chris o`connor

    Hello from Oakland county! Michigan, Things are getting crazy here! Stay safe! Love your videos.

  10. Yellow Tiger

    I enjoy and appreciate you and your videos so very much. Thank you for being here.

  11. C Speaks

    I love your positive attitude. I would love it it you could make a video to help those of us who are studying Chinese on our own. Some tips, etc.

  12. Kris Frederick

    Have you been to the Aokigahara Forest? Sorry, I know that's a dark question.

  13. heartsofgoldenrod

    Yeah we got snow/sleet here today as well.

  14. TheBlackiwid

    Hmm with the swear words, I don't know how it is in japan but here in germany we also use nearly all swear words uncensored.

    Even the worst words can be said if the context is not bad, so if I would say the word N* is a bad word, I would use the full word, that is of course not some topic that comes up often but if it would I never would beep or use alternative words.

    It seems to me very America specific maybe also UK to care but about swearing. Some women care a bit with children or around children but that is very individual and more a old generation thing. So if Americans come to germany they probaly hear 100 times more the words Shit and Fuck (often in the english version) because we don't give a "shit" 😀

    Not to mention having softporn magazines easy reachable for children in supermarkets or nippels also everywhere, not to mention the al naked mixed saunas and stuff like that.

    So as American I would first assume that swearing is ok at least for others if I am in a foreign country because I think that is the default, I assume russians also swear like there is no tomorow. It goes along with this american "I am super friendly artificially to everybody and don't want to hurt other feelings", while esp. here in germany we value efficiancy and honesty much more. While japanese have also this overly (fake?) friendly tendencies apperently they care less about swear words. (that seems at least the impression).

  15. heartsofgoldenrod

    Guys just say “niu”. Lol! I guess then it’s not such a bad word, right? 😂

  16. Kris Frederick

    P.S. Yes Gov. Whitmer just put us on lockdown….we knew that was coming. And Uno is an old favorite camping game!

  17. heartsofgoldenrod

    Pretty shirt (at the end). Is it a Japanese one?

  18. heartsofgoldenrod

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents to brighten everyone’s time here.

  19. Rafael Pereira

    You motivate me to keep studying languages, after I "finish" English in a high level, I pretend to study Japanese.

  20. Nature Scoper Eric

    Thanks for another awesome video !

  21. DannyH

    My family in Michigan are all social distancing. Some of them are very extroverted, so it's hard for them. I didn't know Japan drives on the left side….I learned something.

  22. joshua williams

    Please tell me, are cases going down in Japan? Why are so many people going out amid this crisis. :[

  23. Bourne Jason

    Hmm… it seems my comment about 牛Bi got deleted 🙄

  24. Voice Factory

    Very good, that you want to make us smile! Thank you!

  25. sorich

    I love your videos. At first when I saw this channel I just didn’t like your videos no offense, I just don’t know why. But honestly you know so much about other cultures and are very respectful. Many people are having anxiety and fear rn but you just gotta stay strong during these hard times, through every dark night there’s a bright day after that, So no matter how hard it get stick ya chest out keep ya head up and handle it…..

  26. Eric Orta

    Your videos always make me smile and laugh, which doesn’t happen too much nowadays. Thank you so much, Anming! 谢谢🙏🏻

  27. Pattoe

    What is happening has made me realise just how close to are as a species, and how distancing ourselves from one another seems out of place and odd, even when we are strangers. Today I walked an hour to give blood, at several points on my walk there were more narrow paths / choke points like bridges where usually you'd pass people closely… at those times people would stop and let people walk across before they walked across, and always was nervous laughter because it just felt wrong to go out of your way to avoid people.
    In the blood donor centre the waiting room was set up so chairs were 2m apart, meaning many had to stand outside… all standing at least 2m apart. It felt so wrong and awkward to deliberately avoid each other. There was also no tea room where donors stop to have a cup of tea and a few biscuits and have a small conversation before going on their way. It was very surreal. Even though I'm less social than the average person, I cannot wait for things to go back to how they are.
    The more we follow government advice the quicker that will be.
    We may need to distance, but we are in this together. Stay safe!

  28. Kev Womy

    My new favourite YT channel. I love your videos, thank you ❤️

  29. mecima

    I watch your videos in part because you seem honest and your smile, with those two things your presentations are time well spent. Chin up.

  30. Rafael Mangrone

    Nice message. Be brave 😘

  31. Ferocious Ferret

    I love the Japanese toilet seat. It's soooo freaking awesome. Too bad I couldn't figure the full potential of their toilet seat, since I don't speak Japanese. I'm sure it has heating & a bidet function, just like in Europe.

  32. David Magson

    We woke up to 5 inches of snow and a stay-at-home order from Gov. Whitmer here in Kalamazoo.

  33. Konstantinos Palaiologos

    You make people smile, keep at it. 👍

  34. The Philippi Jailer

    Nice wingtips tho! 🙂

  35. Aniel Khaderoe

    Amerika is not taking the virus serious , late info and communication is led by poor leadership. Als the health system is very bad in US.

  36. TheMagnum1959

    Another great video !!!

  37. Scott White

    Pearl you look incredible buy those cherry blossoms 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🙏🇺🇸glad your family is ok but this virus is getting crazy.😬😨😱

  38. Just10Case

    As much I hate this virus thing .. at the same time I appreciate people like you who act up on humanity .. cause we all in this together .
    I hope you and your family to be safe.. this will end soon.

    Today is day 4 for us ..
    all the country closed and no one allowed to go out.
    tomorrow government will open some shops and allow delivery to houses cause some family start running out of resources.
    Its like a war with unseen enemy , but we all gonna make it .

    Stay strong.


    Amazing video. I forgot to ask in my another comment, please how what do you think would be the cost of life to live in Tokyo for decent living at least? I am thinking to learn Japanese not really in Tokyo but if you could give me an idea would be great. I am quite into healthy life style. Is there availability of vegetables and fruits? I have heard the prices for this itens are quite high. Thanks a lots

  40. Frits van Doorn

    I wish you strength with your family. This is an interesting video with beautiful pictures. Thank you.

  41. Thiago Martins Da Costa

    What a amazing video! Thank you for being such a wonderful person. OMG, are you really from Michigan? I lived in Ann Arbor for a year. As an exchange student. I love MICHIGAN. I traveled all over MICHIGAN. By the way I'm from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

  42. xNoTz

    What does it mean when it says things are getting bad?

  43. whushaw

    This is just what I needed today!

  44. Carol M

    Lovely outfit you’re wearing at the end of the video, it matched the blossom on the beautiful tree! Stay safe x

  45. kenneth stover

    I live in Ohio and its getting worse here also 😔
    All we can do at this point is keep a safe distance from others and remain calm.
    Be safe and keep keep smiling young lady 😊😊😊

  46. Shadowkreek

    Beautiful place

  47. Nicko's Place

    thank you for sharing your experience!!!

  48. yveskc1

    You make me smile. You have great friends, they're all energetic and joyful. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and stay strong through this global crisis 💪

  49. Lonely Owl

    What a coincidence I'm also from Michigan and we both lived in Harbin that's cool. Lockdown starts tomorrow so that's gonna suck though. My only real option is to periodically get care packages from my family because a lot of the necessities I need are constantly being sold out where I live 🙁 I miss all my friends a lot.

  50. Ethan Pariseau

    You have amazing travels and stories to tell for the rest of your life no matter what happens. But I hope that your adventures continue on for a pong time to come. A lot of us live vicariously through you and other like you documenting your life for others to enjoy and learn from. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into recording, editing and adding subtitles!

  51. Kimberly Tucker

    Stay Strong. I pray for your family’s health and safety. California is in lock down but I have friends and family that still have to go out to work. It can feel like they are playing Russian Roulette the a virus. But they need to keep their jobs. Thank you for your videos, a place to escape for a moment to laugh and learn 🙏🏻❤️

  52. Alexander Baggett

    Awesome videos keep it up, the world needs your hope and kindness.

  53. Peter Robinson

    Trying and succeeding to make us smile! Try not to worry about your family, everything will work out well I’m sure. Another great video 🙂

  54. Jim Murphy

    Ahhh beautiful! Yes I agree with the “bubble “. I’ve been in Australia 45 years and made a conscious decision early on not to gravitate to “ Irish clubs “ something I hav never regretted! . Now to start learning Mandarin for this old brain to master .

  55. Mark Santos

    I could not click fast enough .. Your videos are medicinal in these difficult times . Thank You.. BTW were those Stacey Adams shoes ?

  56. Eye Witness Fake News

    I cant freaking wait to go to Japan omg so pretty

  57. rulinghabs

    Was that a traditional blouse you were wearing at the end?

  58. Eye Witness Fake News

    Last time I heard someone say good grief was Charlie Brown lol love ur reactions 😂😂

  59. rulinghabs

    Fun fact 90% of sushi restaurants in New York are run by Chinese people

  60. Kuya XL

    Stay safe and positive. We in lockdown here in Toronto so I appreciate the positivity and a few pranks.

  61. Liz Hills

    Your videos are top notch!

  62. Patrick Retsel

    Thanks for wondering about us Michiganders, we worry about you too….stay safe….

  63. Mikey Riley

    You didn’t translate the swear words. 😬

  64. RespectOthers

    I can’t decide who’s more mischievous…you or those furry creatures! 😀

  65. Drive & See the world

    you are so great…… better to come back to China now, since the custom situation is getting intense in shanghai or Beijing or Hongkong… too many people are back. i read news the government may shut down the airports in coming days.

  66. yorr persona

    You're homesick, girl. Come on back. Enjoy some Greta Van Fleet on your stereo.

  67. William Berry

    you are right, we often can't control what happens to us, but we can control what we do with what happens to us. Your videos are refreshing in a climate of fear mongering and anxiety. For me, my way of coping with the uncertainty is by reading about solutions in medical journals- You might want to look into the common medicines combined- Azithromycin+ hydroxychloroquine and the asthma drug ciclesonide. The first combination cured mild/medium & severe cases of covid within 6 days in a French study.

  68. Bill Meacham

    So much for social distancing.

  69. SAnDee SAnDee

    how many nights did yall stay ….what was the price of the lodging…is the hot springs on the hostel property?

  70. SAnDee SAnDee

    yes, it's been so bad…our imbecile govt as i've mentioned havne't done one thing…we were promised kits weeks ago…still nada…the only semi normal person here in the NY governor…we in CA are still suffering immensely…shelter in p[lace but why isn't it done in the entire nation…alot of ppl aren't complying…not taking it seriously..ignornat and arrogant….and i'm sure the world has heard the imbecile spring breakers in FL….why the heck the local govt there didn't shut down knowing full well they were coming is beyond me..this is humiliating to be living here….the country has not acted and performign worst than a 3rd world nation….many local hospitals are out of supplies and askign the public for help….there is absolutely no commicaton and collaboration amongst diff levels of govt….the numbers have risen exponentially..NY worst as it's so densely populated but CA is doing not well at all..ppl are infecting each other inadvertently weeks and months ago…and the numbers will only exponentially increase once the damn tests will be given when and if they do arrive….seriously i dont know how anyone would want to live in this country given what is transpiring…l.even the hospitals staff aren't on board with what's going on…do ppl not listen to the radio and watch news…sigh. Pray for us….the numbers will soar exponentially thanks to more arrogant and ignorant Spring Breakers….most businesses in Chinatown will never recover…they have been hurt the past couple months and now with the shelter in place they can't operate….it's truly quite devastating…my heart is so broken.

  71. Dail Peliotes

    FYI: Talk is that t h e Olympics will be delayed one year.

  72. Full of Progressive

    Such a beautiful part of Japan! I would love to go one of these days. Its not to far for me as I live in California. Keep up the great work on your videos. I really enjoy them. =)

  73. Guido Samson

    I dont know why but you have something super attractive. I cant pinpoint what it is.

  74. Dail Peliotes

    In wisconsin all is closed down, no ymca, no fittness centers, no bars, only take out food, no single serve soda or coffee.

  75. Jason DiCioccio

    如果你想引起我們微笑,就恭喜!加油! 💪

  76. JustStayToxic HD

    ♥️♥️💖 Pearl makes Japan look like paradise don't you think so ?

    Love you pearl ♥️💖

  77. TurnTimeTable

    I love the fact that you are committed to being someone I/we can rely on to be cheerful (within reason-don't deny your feelings of course). It actually brought a tear to my eye because it's hard being cooped up indoors without much contact. I really appreciate your videos more than ever. Subscribed:-)

  78. TurnTimeTable

    I love the fact that you are committed to being someone I/we can rely on to be cheerful (within reason-don't deny your feelings of course). It actually brought a tear to my eye because it's hard being cooped up indoors without much contact. I really appreciate your videos more than ever. Subscribed:-)

  79. Billy Kinopio

    Great video! A lot of Americans (specifically trump supporters) think the corona virus is fake. I hope everyone’s safw

  80. clive e Smith

    Thank you Anming, you always make me smile.

  81. 我是喷子


  82. Christine Ronk

    I love your personality girlie

    Thank you for sharing your adventures. I hope to visit Asia in the future and it’s awesome to see a more rural area.

    What are your thoughts on Thailand? My mother is from there and I have not yet been.

    I hope you and your friends are doing well and it’s good to see you all are enjoying community. ❤️❤️❤️ from Austin, TX

  83. kellyr95

    Oriental Pearl We just got locked down.
    Keep up making your videos so we can smile and have hope…

  84. Jake McMurray

    Your so beautiful

  85. Frank

    I watch as many videos as I can. They are wonderful and you are awesome.

  86. ThoseBackPages

    thank you for being you. Sending all the good vibes from New York 🙂

  87. Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Stay safe , everything will be ok here in the states!

  88. Kevin Coyle


  89. Alwyn Nel

    @9:48 Very aesthetic

  90. Rashod Thompson


  91. Rob Macdonald

    Arigatou Pearl chan✌✌

  92. Greensky02

    With all people now being instructed not to leave their homes for a while in some countries: It's good that you guys went on a trip together while you still can! Keep posting from home and stay safe! ^_^ I work in health services and I'm starting to get a bit concerned now with how many people have been hospitalized here in Canada! We still have to go to work every day!

  93. Stingy

    How long have you been studying Japanese and Chinese for? You're really good at both languages!

  94. SLICK

    It’s pretty rough here in Michigan! We just went on complete lockdown last night! I’m a senior at a school in the Lansing area and can’t enjoy my last couple months of high school😔

  95. Chrissy Foley

    You have a beautiful heart.

  96. hiblendmedia

    Took a trip out to Jigokundani a few years back and always wondered what those trees were at 0:34 in this vid. Are they apples? They were as bare as they are in your vid.

  97. lurocp8

    Japan definitely doesn't have swear words as 'biting" as American/British/Australian English. Words like MotherF'er and C*ckSucker can't be rivaled. Or at the very least, they're not generally used. Swear words are usually the first things you learn in a foreign language.

  98. Pat Downs

    Myth 3: Most tourists in Japan are from the West.
    Made me immediately remember:

    What is the meaning of “Bodhidharma coming from the west”?

  99. Jeanpierre Rodríguez

    Cada vez me asombran más las diferencias culturales que aprecio en tus vídeos en relación a la cultura latinoamericana. Como dato complementario: Perú, mi amado país, el 60% de su territorio son bosques y es el segundo país con más biodiversidad en el mundo. 🙂

  100. Jeanpierre Rodríguez

    Por cierto, que bonita imagen la del final de este video, transmitió mucha belleza y paz. 🙂

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