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10 Facts About the Mad Monk Grigori Rasputin

The Romanovs were the last imperial family
in Russia, lead by Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra before the revolution
in 1917. The Tsarina believed strongly in the supernatural,
which lead her to hire a monk as her spiritual advisor. That monk was Grigori Rasputin. It turns out that Rasputin was more than just
a humble monk. He has been considered one of the most evil
figures in history – and even possibly the devil incarnate. 10. He Was a Prodigy Grigori Rasputin (pictured here with his children)
grew up as a peasant in a small Siberian village called Pokrovskoye. His entire family was an illiterate farming
family, and they had a reputation for being horse thieves. As a child, Rasputin claimed to have healing
powers, and he could also see into the future. At that time in Russia, the occult was actually
in fashion. So, Instead of burning him at the stake for
witchcraft, these peasants in the village simply accepted that he actually had incredible
healing powers. This allowed him to get away with swearing,
stealing, drinking, sleeping around, and generally being a terrible person. He got married, and had children, but at 28-years-old,
he declared that he wanted to change his ways and become a monk. This meant abandoning his family in order
to go on this spiritual quest. He began living in a monastery, but when he
realized he did not actually want to be a Russian Orthodox priest, he abruptly decided
to leave and walk home, wandering around the woods of Siberia. Keep in mind that the Siberian forest is no
joke. It’s filled with wolves, tigers, bears,
vipers, and wolverines. When he finally came back to his village,
people could see that he was a totally changed man. He now had a long beard, and his eyes stared
on forever, and he claimed that his spiritual power had intensified. 9. He Joined a Sex Cult His family and friends knew that something
had definitely changed about Rasputin while he was in the forest, which is why most people
believe he joined an outlawed cult called the Khlysts. They were an offshoot of the Russian Orthodox
Church that believed that they could only achieve salvation through committing sins. They would dance until they felt drunk on
the Holy Spirit, and immediately followed this feeling of ecstasy by having a massive
orgy. As you might imagine, the Khylsts were quite
a popular underground group that a lot of Siberians wanted to join… because, well,
it was probably the most interesting thing going on for these peasant potato farmers. When Rasputin returned to his home village,
he began his own cult, and continued to have sex with his congregation. If you’re wondering why so many women in
the village would have been willing to join this cult and cheat on their husbands, he
was known for more than just his magic abilities. After he died, they preserved his penis, because
it had a reputation of its own. We’re not going to show a picture of it,
but let’s just say it’s abnormally large. Even some lady members of the aristocracy
began to travel far and wide to join his group for the opportunity to sin with this popular
monk. He earned quite a reputation for himself that
spanned across all of Russia. 8. He Was A Miraculous Healer At 34-years-old, Rasputin decided that he
was done preaching to a small-town audience, and he wanted to move to the capital city
of St. Petersburg. He claimed that he had a vision from the Virgin
Mary, who told him to go to the city because the royal family needed his help. Tsarina Alexandra needed to produce a male
heir to the Romanov family, but for the longest time, she was only giving birth to daughters. She was very superstitious and believed in
the occult, so she consulted several mystics to help her give birth to a boy. Unfortunately, her son, Alexi, was born with
hemophilia. This is a disease that prevents blood from
clotting, so if he were to ever get cut, the injury would never stop bleeding. When Rasputin was introduced to the Romanovs,
their son’s illness was kept a secret. He asked if he could pray over the boy, and
advised them to keep doctors away. When Alexi actually began to get better, the
boy’s parents were stunned. Modern-day theorists believe that the reason
why Alexi was healed was not because of magical powers, but because Rasputin refused to allow
Alexi to take aspirin. At the time, aspirin was prescribed by doctors
as a wonder drug, but it was actually making the boy’s hemophilia much worse. Even though Rasputin was illiterate, he did
know a thing or two about healing. 7. He Smelled Terrible According to testimonies from people who met
Rasputin, he never bothered to bathe. Pieces of food were often seen hanging in
his beard. He claimed that he went six months wearing
the same underwear. A French ambassador visiting Russia compared
his body odor to a goat. This makes it all the more repugnant that
he continued having sex with everything that moved. Apparently, they saw his disheveled appearance
as charming, and no one seemed to mind his complete lack of personal hygiene. Apparently, the quality that drove women mad
were his eyes that apparently burned into your soul. This was so strong, that some believed that
he had the ability to hypnotize people into doing his bidding with his eyes. He grew rich from the money and favors he
got by healing wealthy Russians, but he also advertised that he would accept payment in
the form of kisses… which must have been difficult, considering that he never brushed
his teeth. 6. He Was The Imperial Puppet Master After healing Alexi, he told Nicholas and
Alexandra that without him, their son would die. Since he was the sole heir to the throne,
they felt that they had no choice but to accept Rasputin’s demands. There are rumors that he was allowed to sleep
with the Tsarina as much as he wanted, and he had access to their daughters, as well. He started to call Nicholas and Alexandra
“Papa” and “Mama,” as if he was part of the family. He gave advice about what the family should
do, based on his visions that he claimed were from God. Every time anyone did something that displeased
Rasputin, he would tell the Empress, and get them in trouble. Then, of course, there were his hypnotizing
eyes. Some people believed that he had the ability
to trick anyone into doing his bidding just by staring at them, and that he could convince
anyone to do almost anything. Rasputin had all the makings of a successful
cult leader, and he used his charisma to slowly but surely manipulate everyone around him
to gain unlimited power over the Russian royal family. 5. He Had Devout Disciples Rasputin formed a fanbase of women who were
happy to show up to his apartment to listen to him speak. He wasn’t just satisfied with his many female
followers, either. Secret police were sent on his tail, and they
recorded that he hired prostitutes multiple times a day in-between appointments. One of the most tragic stories of his devout
followers was a beautiful woman named Olga Lokhtina. She originally visited Rasputin for an excruciatingly
painful intestinal neurasthenia. After he healed her, she became convinced
that he was the second coming of Christ, and she wanted to be one of his disciples. She left her wealthy husband and children
behind in order to move into Rasputin’s apartment. This, of course, became a public scandal. It was reported in the newspapers, and the
police monitored the situation closely. Lokhtina demanded that anyone who visited
Rasputin should address him as “God.” The longer she lived with him, the more she
went insane. She was eventually sent to a mental institution. 4. He Was Working With The Devil If you don’t think taking advantage of women
was evil enough, don’t worry. It gets worse. In his journals, Rasputin wrote that he was
in an ongoing inner battle with the Devil. He would purposely seek out sinful situations
in order to fight off the evil he could feel building up inside him. He would take women into bath houses and perform
a so-called ritual where he claimed the Devil possessed him into beating prostitutes. Immediately after purging this sin, he would
have sex with them. He claimed that he could actually see the
Devil standing right in front of him. Multiple people witnessed him screaming to
himself in the streets at this invisible figure. Two of the head priests in St. Petersburg
cornered Rasputin and tried to give him an intervention. One of the bishops, a man named Hermogen,
actually called him out for hurting so many women. He grabbed Rasputin’s penis and screamed
that he was the Antichrist. Then, they proceeded to beat him with a huge
crucifix. Of course, Rasputin ran and told the Tsarina
about what had happened, so those priests were banished from St. Petersburg. 3. He Was Hated By Everyone… Including Himself By now, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn
that not everyone was drinking Rasputin’s Kool-Aid. During the years he served as the royal advisor,
he earned a lot of enemies. Plenty of men were unhappy with the fact that
he went around sleeping with nearly every woman in Russia and claiming to be Jesus. While Tsar Nicholas II was battling alongside
his soldiers during World War I, Rasputin began to advise Alexandra on her decisions
as Tsarina, and even appointed his friends into positions in the government. It didn’t take long for everyone to realize
that he was making all of the decisions for her. Newspapers printed rude political cartoons
of Rasputin and the Tsarina having an affair. Empress Alexandra was born in Germany, and
she was Queen Victoria’s granddaughter. Since she was not born in Russia, this gave
people a reason to doubt that she truly cared about the country’s well-being. While people were dying and starving to death
during the war, Rasputin continued to go out and live a lavish lifestyle. Politicians called him a devil, and used him
as an example of everything that was wrong with imperial Russia. Rasputin knew that people wanted him dead. He warned Tsarina Alexandra that if anyone
with Romanov blood were responsible for his death, he would put a curse on their family
that would ensure their death within two years. 2. He Was Impossible To Kill Since Rasputin had so many enemies, there
were assassination attempts on his life on more than one occasion. The first time someone tried to kill him was
a priest named Illiador, who believed that Rasputin was the devil incarnate. He found a prostitute who had been abused
and had her nose cut off named Khioniya Guseva and paid her to kill Rasputin. They waited until he was visiting his home
in Siberia, and did not have the royal guard around to protect him. Guseva stabbed him with a knife in the stomach,
and even went as far as to pull the intestines out of his body. Somehow, he survived this attack. While he was in the hospital, Russia entered
World War I. Rasputin wrote to Nicholas II to try and stop the fighting, claiming that
he had visions of the country’s demise. He wrote to the Tsar, “we will all drown
in blood.” The Empress was trying to keep her promise
that no one in the Romanov family would be responsible for his death, but her nephew-in-law,
Felix Yusupov, plotted to kill Rasputin before he could ruin the whole country. His plan was to lure Rasputin with an offer
he couldn’t refuse. He claimed that his gorgeous wife, Irina,
was a nymphomaniac, and needed his healing touch to cure her sex addiction. According to Yusupov, he staged a party at
his home and invited Rasputin over for dinner. He laced all of his food and drink with cyanide. After hours of consuming enough poison to
take down a herd of elephants, Yusupov got tired of waiting. He pulled out a gun and shot Rasputin in the
heart. 1. He Rose From the Dead In the 1997 Dreamworks animated movie Anastasia,
Rasputin channels his demon powers to rise from the dead to make sure every last member
of the Romanov family dies. While this might seem ridiculous to include
a zombie in a story inspired by history, that is actually not too far off from what really
happened. According to witnesses, Yusupov and his friends
celebrated Rasputin’s death after poisoning and shooting him in the chest. He seemed to be dead, but Yusupov felt paranoid,
so he went to check on Rasputin’s body… and he opened his eyes. Rasputin began to run into the courtyard. This time, Rasputin was shot multiple times,
including a shot to the head, so there was no chance of survival. Then, the men beat him with metal rods for
good measure, and tied up his body in a large bag and tossed him into the freezing cold
river. Even after all of this, the autopsy revealed
that there was water in his lungs… which meant he was breathing, even after being shot
in the head. Of course, critics believe that Yusupov exaggerated
this story. The curse that he put upon the Romanov family
really did come true. During the Communist revolution, all of them
were rounded up and murdered – even the children. People who loved the royal family had hoped
that at least one of the children survived… but that’s a story for another day.

Top 10 Firsts that Weren’t Actually First

Top Ten Firsts that Weren’t Actually First 10. First Non-stop Transatlantic flight If you asked someone who the first person
to cross the Atlantic was, most would say Charles Lindbergh. And they’d be right. Except
that, no, they wouldn’t. While he did fly solo before anyone else, he is often accredited
with being “the first person to fly across the Atlantic”. In reality, John Alcock and
Arthur Whitten Brown were, just short of 8 years ahead of Lindbergh. Leaving from Newfoundland
on July 14, 1919, they two had a pretty rough flight. On 6 separate occasions, Brown had
to climb out onto the wings and knock off ice, as well as Alcock having to fly dangerously
low in the hopes of preventing the engines from freezing over more. Sixteen hours later,
the two of them landed in Ireland. Locals tried to wave them on to a landing strip,
but the two men just waved back and crashed into the bog. Not because they’re stupid,
because Brown had removed the front wheel to reduce weight and they couldn’t have landed
on the runway. 9. The Inventor of the Telephone Almost everyone still believes that Alexander
Graham Bell is the inventor of the telephone. While Bell did patent the telephone in 1876,
and started up the first telecommunications business, named after himself, he was nothing
more than the inventor of plagiarism (or so he (probably) said). The designs that Bell
patented were those of Antonio Meucci, who demonstrated his telephone a full 16 years
before Bell patented it. At the time, the Italian immigrant couldn’t afford to pay the
$250 fee to patent his designs, and he only grew poorer as time passed. He had showed
his design to the Western Union telegraph company, but the executives didn’t want to
meet him. He was told his materials were lost and couldn’t be returned, and then 2 years
later, his old lab partner Bell had patented them. Meucci sued Bell, but died before a
verdict was reached. In 2002, US congress officially recognized him as the inventor,
but still he goes largely unknown. 8. Columbus Discovering America Everybody who has ever taken a history lesson
knows that in 1492, Columbus set sail from Spain with his three ships, the Nina, the
Pinta and the Santa Maria, and “discovered” America. Only the new world wasn’t really
that new to some Europeans . Around the year 1000, a group of Vikings, led by a man named
Leif Ericson, landed in Newfoundland, which they called Vinland after its grapes. It is
most likely that they set sail from a settlement in Iceland, and this site currently remains
they only confirmed Viking settlement in North America. There is no shortage of evidence
that this is a Viking settlement either: The style of the houses, iron, pottery, a Norse-style
pin head and ring for cloaks and much more all confirm Viking settlement. It is estimated
that they stayed no longer than a decade, but various expeditions occurred, including
one of 160 men and women. Although he only led the first expedition, there is no doubt
that Leif Ericson led Vikings to North America around 500 years before Columbus. 7. The Theory of Evolution A lot of people will probably want to call
bull on this one. Darwin must have developed the theory of evolution. That’s why the leading
theory is called “Darwinian Evolution”. The truth is not far off really. Charles Darwin
was largely influenced by his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin. Erasmus could not really pinpoint
how life evolved, but he did believe that all life had a common ancestor, and that we
changed over time. He wrote a poem to this effect: “Organic life beneath the shoreless waves Was born and nurs’d in ocean’s pearly caves; …These, as successive generations bloom, New powers acquire and larger limbs assume” So where Erasmus said change occurred over
generations, Charles, in more detail, said that beneficial mutations build up over generations
and eventually result in a completely different organism. While it was Charles who developed
the idea of natural selection, Erasmus did believe that sexual selection caused change
in species. He wrote that “…the strongest and most active animal should propagate the
species which should thus be improved”, a concept we know Charles described as “survival
of the fittest”. 6. The First Printing Press This is another one a lot of us will know
from history class. The printing press was probably the biggest driving force of the
renaissance, as it allowed information to be spread at an exponential rate (at least
back then. Now we have instant access to a greater amount of more accurate information
on this site alone). This press was developed in 1439 by Johannes Guttenberg, and could
make about 240 pages an hour, with fewer mistakes and better quality. But, as revolutionary
as it was, it’s a pity the rest of the world didn’t take a printed leaf out of Korea’s
book 200 years earlier, because that’s when the Goryeo dynasty started printing books.
The printing press was developed for the first time in 13th Century Korea, when the Mongols
were destroying their religious texts, and the Koreans were trying desperately to save
them. Now, we only have one volume of one book left, called Jikji, but it is still almost
100 years older than Guttenberg’s famous 42 lined Bible. There are some who believed Guttenberg
took the technology from Korea, but there’s no way to be sure. 5. The First SOS Distress Call The Titanic is famous for a lot of things,
like sinking on the maiden voyage, not having enough lifeboats for everyone on board, and
James Cameron. One thing it should not be famous for is being the first to use SOS to
call for help, because it wasn’t. Yet many people believe it was, possibly because it
is the most famous ship that has had to call for help, or because there is a certain tragedy
in it not working the first time it was used. The truth is, the first wireless distress
call was by the East Goodwin Lightship on March 17 1899, and that worked. But that call
was “CQD”, not SOS, which was introduced later. But despite that, SOS was not even used first
by Titanic. It was used in 1909, by the SS Slavonia, and that was also a successful distress
call. Sorry, Titanic. Unlike that iceberg, you just don’t quite make the cut. 4. First Man to Circumnavigate the Globe Clearly it’s time to replace history books
with the internet, because they really are just a big collection of lies. One of the
major explorers of his time, most people who know Magellan will think of him as the first
man to circumnavigate the world. While his ship did eventually come full circle around
the globe, Magellan himself died in the Philippines before the journey was done. While there is
really no way of knowing how much of the crew was on board for the whole journey, we can
be pretty sure that Enrique De Malacca was. He was a slave of Magellan’s, who was used
as an interpreter. While he interpreted Malay, and was picked up in the Malay Peninsula,
many people believe he was actually Filipino, where he is viewed as a hero. 3. The First Light Bulb Yet another entry that seems painfully obvious.
Even if you know nothing else about Thomas Edison, you know that he invented the light
bulb, and that’s enough. Well, you’re about to know a bit more about him than a lot of
people. Edison was nowhere near the first to come up with light bulbs. There were a
lot of earlier versions of light bulbs that used platinum, but were consequently very
expensive. Sir Humphry Davy (pictured) passed electricity through platinum to create light
as early as 1801, 78 years before Edison’s bulb. But Warren de la Rue used platinum in
a vacuum, like modern day bulbs, for the first time in 1840. They lasted longer, but were
still too expensive to be practical. The first modern bulb was developed by Heinrich Göbel
in 1854, and ten months before Edison, Joseph Wilson Swan patented a bulb almost exactly
like Edison’s. Yeah, so it’s a bit of a stretch to say he was first. 2. The Big Bang Theory This one will undoubtedly make a lot of readers
angry, and as former US Secretary of State Dean Rusk said “The best way to persuade people
is with a long, angry comment on the internet”, so go wild. A Belgian priest, Fr. Georges
Lemaitre, proposed the theory of the expanding Universe in 1927, but was unsure about how
this could occur, so he met with Einstein to discuss it. Einstein was not convinced
and apparently told Lemaitre “Your calculations are good, but your physics is terrible”. In
1931, Lemaitre suggested that the universe had begun from a minuscule point that contained
all matter, which he called the primeval atom, which exploded at the moment of creation.
That same year, he visited Einstein, who this time was convinced, and said that rejecting
it the first time was the biggest mistake of his life. The name “Big Bang” was used
first by skeptic physicist, Fred Hoyle, who was actually using the name as a way to make
the whole theory sound ridiculous. 1. The First President of the United States This one is not so much a case of mistaken
achievement or a result of the truth being lost to time as it is a technicality. George
Washington is and most likely always will be officially recognized as the first president
of the United States. But Peyton Randolph was the first president of the Continental
Congress, which governed the “United Colonies of America” during the American Revolution,
which would go on to become the United States (obviously). A letter to Washington from one
of the so called “forgotten presidents,” John Hancock, was signed “President,” and Washington’s
reply was addressed to “The President of the United States”. There were no fewer than 14
presidents before Washington. The reason he is considered the first is because the rest
never served under the current constitution. But it was because of many of the other forgotten
presidents that the US gained independence in the first place, and it hardly seems fair
that they be forgotten just because they had to be a confederation to do this. Should every
president prior to the entrance of Hawaii be dropped to, since technically they were
only president of some United States?

Top 10 Famously Bad Predictions Experts Didn’t Actually Make

We all enjoy pointing fingers at experts when
they make mistakes. Popular sites love to publish hack lists of
embarrassingly wrong predictions by famous people, complete with snappy image macros
and a dump truck full of condescension .?It?s understandable: seeing someone successful
make obvious errors of judgment helps us feel better about our own bloopers. Yet in our eagerness to point out their blunders,
we often end up getting it very wrong. For instance: 10. “We Can Close the Books on Infectious Diseases.” Allegedly: William H. Stewart was a U.S. Surgeon General
from 1965 to 1969. He is the man responsible for those cheerful
warning labels you see on your cigarette packs.?In 1969, he supposedly made the above statement
to the U.S. Congress. His claim was soon disproved by the emergence
of AIDS and other virulent diseases. Even William?s 2008 obituary mentions the
criticism he received because of his optimistic prediction. But Actually: William never spoke those words. Two authors performed a rigorous search for
the primary source of this quote. They failed to find any. More than that, secondary sources disagree
on the date of the alleged statement: was it 1967 or 1969? There is only a single book that points to
the primary source of the quote. The book claims it comes from a speech William
gave in 1967, at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Association of State and Territorial Health
Officers.?But guess what? That speech contains no such quote at all!?Not
only that, but in that same speech William actually said this: ?Warning flags are still flying in the communicable
disease field … While we are engaged in taking on new duties … we cannot and must
not lose sight of our traditional program responsibilities.? That doesn?t quite sound like a man ?closing
books? on infectious diseases, does it? 9. “This ‘Telephone’ Has Too Many Shortcomings
to be Seriously Considered as a Means of Communication.” Allegedly: In 1876 William Orton, the president of Western
Union, was offered to buy a patent from a man you may have heard of – Alexander Graham
Bell. The patent? A little invention called the telephone. William Orton?s response? That shortsighted quote above!?How could it
be that William Orton didn?t immediately see the potential of this technology? But Actually: The answer is simple: he did! He just didn?t want to pay for Bell?s version. In fact, what William Orton likely said was
?this electric toy has too many shortcomings ? ? He was trying to downplay the importance
of specifically Bell?s invention, not the idea of telephone as a whole.?How do we know
this? Because in less than a year Orton had started
another company – American Speaking Telephone – to develop his own version of the device. What?s more, Orton?s telephone even ended
up being superior to Bell?s.?Aggressive market competition followed, culminating in a court
case. Something about Orton supposedly stealing
Bell?s ideas, which seems silly. It ended in 1879 with Western Union giving
up the telephone business. More importantly, all of Western Union?s telephone
patents were assigned to Bell Company. We bet William Orton wished he had just bought
Bell?s patent in the first place. 8. “Computers in the Future May Weigh No More
than 1.5 Tons.” Allegedly: This chuckle-worthy quote comes from an old
Popular Mechanics magazine. The quote found its way into many compilations
of bad predictions. Anyone reading it today on their tiny smartphone
can only laugh at the hilariously conservative estimate. But Actually: This quote is from an issue of March 1949. Only two short years before that the first
general purpose computer was launched. It was a little thing called the ENIAC and
it weighed 30 tons.?Popular Mechanics were making their prediction within that specific
technological framework. In fact, here?s the full quote: ?Where a calculator like ENIAC today is equipped
with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1000
vacuum tubes and perhaps weigh only 1? tons.? To be fair, Popular Mechanics did fail to
anticipate revolutionary inventions like transistors and microchips. But even so, their prediction still stood
the test of time almost ten years later. In 1957, the IBM 608 came out. It was the first transistor-based computer. Its weight? 1.2 tons.?In the rapidly-evolving computer
industry, this prediction isn?t quite the laughable gaffe we make it out to be. 7. “Fooling Around with Alternating Current
is Just a Waste of Time. Nobody will Use It, Ever.” Allegedly: This 1889 quote is brought to you courtesy
of Thomas Edison, one of the most well-known American inventors. It?s enough to look at almost any electrical
appliance in your home to discover how wrong his prediction was.?Nowadays, alternating
current (AC) is exactly what delivers electricity to households. Yet Edison called it ?a waste of time.? Oops! But Actually: Edison?s words are far from a genuine attempt
at predicting the future. If anything, they were the desperate cry of
a man personally threatened by the invention of AC. You see, Edison was earning money on his own
invention: the direct current (DC).?Any progress on the AC front was automatically bad news
for Edison.?Thus, Edison stopped at nothing to undermine and discredit AC. He lobbied the US government to ban it. He went to great lengths to portray AC as
dangerous. He even staged public AC electrocutions of
animals, including a freaking elephant.?Unfortunately for Edison, AC won the ensuing ?war of the
currents? and became the main method of distributing electricity. Seen in that light, Edison?s words are no
more than a failed smear campaign. They are the equivalent of Sony claiming that
the X-Box lost the console war. That actually happened, by the way … in
2001. 6. “I Think There is a World Market for Maybe
Five Computers.” Allegedly: This 1943 quote is attributed to Thomas J.
Watson, who was the chairman and CEO of IBM. What a puzzling statement from the head of
a company that would eventually become one of the leading computer manufacturers in the
world.?Was Watson ill when he said something so bafflingly wrong? But Actually: Watson never said anything like that. This quote is not mentioned by any major newspapers
or magazines. There are no speeches, meetings notes or letters
that hint at him entertaining this idea.?The attribution first appeared in 1986, when a
Usenet poster used the alleged quote as his signature. However, an earlier Usenet discussion points
at these words having nothing to do with Watson. Instead, a similar sentiment was supposedly
expressed by a Cambridge Professor Douglas Hartree in 1951.?It?s not certain whether
Hartree indeed said something along those lines. But notably, even if he did, he was talking
about the first, large, very specialized computers that he himself developed. They were to modern PCs what Godzilla is to
a pet lizard.?Suddenly his market-size estimate sounds a lot less off base. 5. “There is Nothing New to be Discovered in
Physics Now. All That Remains is More and More Precise
Measurement.” Allegedly: Lord ?Absolute Zero? Kelvin is said to have spoken these words
in 1900. To a bunch of physicists at the British Association
for the Advancement of Science, no less. That?s not an audience you want to make such
an obvious blooper in front of, is it? But Actually: The quote is disputed. There are no primary sources documenting Kelvin?s
words. Even some people who have previously used
this quote as an example are questioning its origin.?More importantly, in the same year
as he supposedly made the wrong prediction, Kelvin spoke about ?two clouds on the horizon
[of theoretical physics.]? These clouds were eventually addressed by
the emergence of revolutionary ideas like quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. So it appears Lord Kelvin was just a tad more
open minded about new possibilities than his alleged statement would have us believe. 4. “There is No Reason for Any Individual to
Have a Computer in His Home.” Allegedly: This was said in 1977 by Ken Olsen – founder,
president and chairman of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). DEC was a major player in the computer industry
and the first company to introduce a mini computer to the market.?How foolish it was
of Ken to dismiss a huge potential market for personal computers, when his own company
was busy developing computer equipment. But Actually: Yup, Ken Olsen did say something like that. But he wasn?t talking about PCs. He was referring to a central computer controlling
things at home. That?s right, he was essentially describing
the dangers of HAL 9000.?Olsen was actually exasperated over what he felt was a ?ridiculous? interpretation of his words. He stressed that, at the time of the quote,
his whole family was already using the equivalents of personal computers. So, did Ken wrongly predict the future importance
of personal computers? Most likely not. Did 2001: A Space Odyssey make him a little
paranoid? Quite possibly. 3. ?Who the Hell Wants to Hear Actors Talk?? Allegedly: Harry Warner of Warner Brothers spoke these
words in 1926. How strange to see such lack of foresight
from the co-founder of a huge movie studio.?Really, Harry? You?d rather movies stayed silent forever? But Actually: Not at all. Harry was just being a shrewd businessman. Here?s the full quote: ?Who the hell wants
to hear actors talk? The music – that?s the big plus about this.? Harry was not dismissing the use of sound
in movies. He was, however, suggesting to use it for
music as first priority. In the silent era, movie studios employed
musicians to provide live accompaniment to films. By ?canning? the music, Warner Brothers could
spare the musicians? salaries, which would be a significant cost
cut.?On top of that, prior attempts at making ?talking? films had flopped, so Harry was naturally
being cautious. It also didn?t help that actors of the era
were hired for their looks and many had terrible voices.?Anyone who heard Pierce Brosnan sing
in Mamma Mia may look more kindly upon Harry Warner. 2. “640K Ought to be Enough for Everybody.” Allegedly: This 1981 quote comes from none other than
Bill Gates himself, referring to the amount of usable RAM. For a man who started the Microsoft powerhouse,
and one of the richest people alive, he sure was laughably mistaken.?Many of today?s games
need 4GB of RAM to run smoothly, which shows just how wrong Gates was. But Actually: The quote seems to be an urban legend. Bill Gates himself, while admitting many past
errors of judgement, denies ever saying it. Nobody can identify the true origin of the
quote.?We do know Gates is responsible for the optimistic prediction of eradicating spam
by 2006. Check your mailbox. That didn?t quite pan out, did it? However, the specific 640K quote is just a
myth that manages to get Bill Gates really fired up. Maybe that?s exactly why people keep bringing
it up? 1. “Everything that Can be Invented has Been
Invented.” Allegedly: Charles H. Duell was the commissioner of US
Patent Office. In 1899, he definitively concluded that people
were just about done with the whole ?inventing new stuff? business.?Soon afterwards, the
20th century proved him wrong by giving us the miracle of human flight, space travel,
and blankets that you can wear directly on your body.?As the man in charge of the US
Patent Office, Duell should really have known better! But Actually: Oh, he knew better. In fact, he was convinced that inventions
of the 20th century would dwarf all prior progress.?So why would he say something so
patently (yes, we went there) stupid??The answer is simple: he never said it.?A librarian
named Samuel Sass set out to find the original source of the alleged quote. He concluded that, far from pulling the brakes
on innovation, Duell actually lobbied for improvements to the US patent system to encourage
potential inventors. So where did the quote come from? Sass suggests that it surfaced as the result
of a 1843 report by the Henry L. Ellsworth – Patent Office commissioner at the time. Henry used “a bit of rhetorical flourish
to emphasize that the number of patents was growing at a great rate.” At some point, his words were taken out of
context, misquoted, and then wrongly attributed to Duell. Authors Cerf and Navasky were behind a 1984
book The Experts Speak, which repeated and popularized the misattributed quote. This is what Sass had to say about them:?”Evidently
it did not occur to Cerf and Navasky to question that statement. They simply copied it from the earlier book. One can expect that in the future there will
be more such copying because it is easier than checking the facts.” Oh snap, now that’s some Sass!

BnkToTheFuture – Invest in the Future of Finance

In today’s world, there’s financial chaos
everywhere. How’s an investor meant to build a portfolio
in a time where nothing is certain anymore? At BnkToTheFuture we believe the future of
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to invest in the future of finance and technology. In Cyprus banks took people’s money on deposit
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own shares in companies that are taking profits from the property lending market away from
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homes. In contrast, many BnkToTheFuture investors
built their portfolio of companies, funds and financial products that are innovating
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Top 10 Times the Butler Actually Did It — TopTenzNet

Top 10 Times the Butler Actually Did It 10. Guilty of Assault, but Makes a Delicious
Breakfast After a stint as an under butler at Buckingham
Palace in the late 1990s, 34-year old Gary Lindley had settled into a quiet country life
in Barnstaple, Devon, where he worked as butler to the Earl and Countess of Arran at Castle
Hill Estate. However, after being kicked out of a pub in late 2008, Lindley attacked a
50-year old man. After admitting to causing bodily harm, Lindley was ordered by Barnstaple
Magistrates’ Court to pay 150 pounds to his victim, observe a three-month 9:00 p.m.-to-9:00
a.m. curfew, and to wear an electronic monitoring tag. However, this punishment didn’t sit well
with Lindley’s boss, Lady Eleanor, a countess who is the 16th generation of her family to
inhabit the 5,000-acre Castle Hill Estate. Lindley successfully petitioned the court
to remove the monitoring tag on the frequent occasions he was required to stay overnight
to better serve the Earl and Countess. After the verdict the countess pronounced that,
“He is the most wonderful butler and these things can happen to anyone,” and added
that, “Gary cooks the best breakfasts and the best scrambled eggs.” 9. From Convicted Murder to Governor’s Butler Harrison Cage is the rare case of someone
who did it and then became a butler, in this case serving Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.
In 1993, a jury unanimously convicted Cage of second-degree murder in the stabbing of
his nephew, Tyrone Clark. While serving his life sentence for the crime, Cage came to
be considered trustworthy enough for special privileges, including work detail outside
of the prison walls. In Cage’s case, his work included serving as Bobby Jindal’s
personal butler at the Governor’s mansion and came with upgraded overnight digs at the
State Police Barracks. While allowing convicted murderers in close proximity to high-level
elected officials may seem like a recipe for disaster, Louisiana is far from the only state
to employ the “trusty” system. In 2012, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour came under
fire for pardoning five such inmates who had worked at the Governor’s residence – including
four convicted murderers – on his way out of office. In his eight years at the Governor’s mansion,
Cage has been a dedicated employee who is the first to arrive in the morning and the
last to leave at night, based on accounts from mansion coordinator Irene Shepherd, who
testified at a May, 2015 hearing where Cage requested a reduced sentence. 8. Royal Butler, With a Side of Pedophilia Paul Kidd served as royal butler and then
senior footman to Queen Elizabeth from 1977 to 1984. While his public persona was “charming,”
Kidd had a much darker side as a serial sexual abuser of children. Described by a source
as a “brilliant groomer,” Kidd captured his victims’ attention with grandiose stories
of royal connections. One victim was even brought to a tea party with the Queen Mother.
In the end, Kidd was brought down by his desire for the limelight. After one of his three victims read a newspaper
interview given by Kidd on the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, the victim went
to police, who uncovered evidence of Kidd’s string of crimes against children, including
over 18,000 images of child pornography. Facing almost 30 charges, Kidd pleaded guilty to
six counts of indecent assault, five counts of sexual activity with a child, and one count
of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, along with 11 counts of making
indecent images of a child and two counts of possessing indecent images of children.
Ordering a sentence of at least six years, Judge Mushtaq Khokar told Kidd, “I regard
you as someone who is dangerous and presents a risk to all the young people you may come
across.” 7. Model Servant by Day, Jewel Thief by Night When Claude Heritier joined the household
staff of the famous Morgan family’s house in New York City in 1907, they were thrilled
to land a second butler with such an impressive pedigree and references. Heritier came highly
recommended from his previous employer, and in the Morgan household he was noted for his
“unerring” memory, always able to recall where even trivial items were located. In
1908, his remarkable sense of recall also apparently served him well in helping him
to find and steal roughly $8,000 worth of diamonds and jewelry from the Morgan household. Much of the haul came from the “inadvertently”
unlocked safe of David P. Morgan’s widowed mother, who lived on the second floor. Heritier
had the good sense to cut the phone lines on his way out, to quickly dump costume jewelry
that was mixed in with the heirlooms, and to hop a steamer ship to Belgium. However,
his accomplice was soon picked up in Liverpool, England, and two days later, the police found
Heritier, along with two of the stolen necklaces, holed up in London. He promptly confessed
to his role in the theft, detailing how he had sold of several of the purloined jewels. 6. Hiding the “Little Black Book” from
Investigators Jeffrey Epstein may be the world’s richest
convicted sex offender. The multimillionaire made his fortune as a money manager and spent
it lavishly, purchasing several properties including a private island in the Caribbean.
He hobnobbed with high-profile friends and contacts in science, politics, and the British
Royal family. His hedonistic lifestyle included paying for numerous inappropriate massages,
several of them from underage girls. Attempts to prosecute Epstein for his sex crimes in
2007 ended in a deal with prosecutors in which Epstein agreed to plead guilty to two lesser
charges of soliciting underage prostitutes, earning him an 18-month jail sentence. Two years later, Alfredo Rodriguez, Epstein’s
former butler, would receive an identical sentence. His crime? Refusing to turn over
a “little black book” detailing his ex-boss’ sexual escapades to investigators and then
trying to sell it to lawyers representing women in civil lawsuits against Epstein. Rodriguez
pled guilty to obstruction of justice and, while US District Judge Kenneth Marra acknowledged
the incongruity of the identical 18-month sentences for both men, he pointed out that,
“If this book had been produced when requested, Mr. Epstein’s sentence may have been significantly
different.” 5. The Art Thief Butler Who May Not Have Acted
Alone Oil tycoon Howard Keck and his wife Elizabeth
had filled their capacious Bel-Air mansion, La Lanterne, with expensive art and antiques,
as well as full-time house staff to run the large estate. In early 1987, two long-time
employees, Roy Gunnar Donell, who had worked as the family’s butler for 11 years, and
his wife Christina, the cook, gave their notice, ostensibly because Roy required surgery. They
waved off Mrs. Keck’s offers that she would pay for the surgery if they stayed. A few months later, Elizabeth noticed that
Fria Luften, a valuable impressionist painting by Swedish artist Anders Zorn, looked a bit
off. Upon closer examination, she realized that the painting wasn’t a painting at all,
but rather a photograph printed on canvas. After determining it was an inside job, detectives
learned Donell had auctioned the painting off in Sweden. Confronted with overwhelming evidence, Roy
admitted he had taken and sold the paintings, but he asserted an unusual defense. He claimed
that Elizabeth, who was embroiled in nasty divorce proceedings with Howard, had asked
him to surreptitiously sell the paintings for her so that she could pay her lawyers.
Elizabeth angrily denied these accusations, but Donell was aided by Howard’s testimony,
in which he said of his estranged wife “I don’t think she is a truthful person.”
Though Donell admitted to replacing the paintings with photos and sneaking them to Sweden to
sell, he was acquitted by the jury of larceny charges. 4. Cooking, Cleaning, and Extorting When socialite Anne Bass fired her butler
Emanuel Nicolescu in May, 2006 after discovering he’d taken one of her cars for his personal
use and then crashed it, she thought she had seen the last of him. Unfortunately, her next
encounter with her ex-employee would be even more unpleasant. In April of 2007, masked
men invaded her western Connecticut estate, tied up her and her companion, and injected
them with what the assailants claimed was a deadly virus. The intruders said they could supply an antidote
in exchange for $8.5 million, but eventually fled without receiving any money. The injected
substance proved to be harmless. Nicolescu, who claimed to be innocent, was the only member
of the group (believed by authorities to be comprised at least 4 men) apprehended. At
least two of them are believed to have fled to Romania, Nicolescu’s native country.
Nicolescu wasn’t so lucky: calling the extortion plot a “horrific crime,” U.S District
Judge Mark Kravitz imposed a 20 year prison sentence on the former butler. 3. Those Secrets Aren’t Safe from Betrayal Paul Burrell had a long history with the British
Royal family, having started work as a footman for the Queen in 1976. In 1984, he married
Maria Cosgrove, who was working for Prince Philip as a maid. In 1987, he began working
as personal butler to Princess Diana, a role that would come to define his life and one
he would occupy until Diana’s untimely death in a car accident in 1997. Burrell was considered
a trusted and integral part of the household, often traveling with the princess, and after
Diana’s death, the Queen awarded him the Royal Victorian Medal for his service to the
royal family and the Princess of Wales. While he initially pledged to keep the secrets
he had learned through his tenure as Diana’s butler, Burrell ultimately wrote two tell-all
books detailing stories and secrets from his royal service. Burrell was tried for stealing
some of Diana’s personal effects after her death, but charges were dropped and the trial
ended after revelations from the Queen that the butler had told her that he was removing
some items for safekeeping. There was also some suggestion of perjury during an inquest
into Diana’s death, but the ex-butler has never been convicted of any crime. However,
when Burrell’s first tell-all book was announced, Princes William and Harry made their disappointment
public, noting, “We cannot believe that Paul, who was entrusted with so much, could
abuse his position in such a cold and overt betrayal.” 2. Thou Shalt Not Steal Papal Correspondence In 2012, the Vatican was rocked by the “Vatileaks”
scandal, in which confidential letters between Pope Benedict XVI and his personal secretary
were revealed in the Italian press and published in a bestselling book, His Holiness, by Italian
journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi. While the public was captivated by the peek inside the secretive
inner workings, political rivalries, and corruption of the Vatican, the Vatican was fixated on
another question: who leaked the documents? The answer to that question would soon become
apparent, and so very, very trite. As the butler to Pope Benedict, Paolo Gabriele
was responsible for preparing breakfast and clothing, accompanying the Pope on his day-to-day
activities. However, Gabriele became increasingly disillusioned with what he saw as corruption
within the Church hierarchy and the efforts to hide this threat from Pope Benedict. Explaining
his decision to try to capture the Pope’s attention by secretly taking Benedict’s
personal correspondence and turning it over to the press, Gabriele said, “Seeing evil
and corruption everywhere in the church, I…could no longer control myself.” Two weeks after
the book was published, Gabriele was arrested when thousands of photocopied documents were
found in his Vatican City home. Gabriele pled not guilty, while acknowledging that he had
betrayed the Pope’s trust, and argued that he had acted for the good of the church. Gabriele
was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in prison, though weeks after the sentence,
Pope Benedict pardoned his former butler. 1. “The Monster Butler” Archibald Hall has been called the “Monster
Butler,” and considering he was suspected in five murders it’s a title that’s richly
deserved. Born into poverty in Glasgow in 1924, he was in and out of prison throughout
his life. He worked to lose his Scottish accent, learn the rules of etiquette, and become knowledgeable
about antiques, transforming himself into “Roy Fontaine,” a butler to the British
aristocracy. Perhaps Hall’s list of crimes would have
stopped at his early string of thefts, but David Wright, an ex-lover who had been in
prison with Hall, accepted a gamekeeper position at the estate where he was working. Wright
quickly returned to his thieving ways, irritating Hall, who claimed he wanted to “go straight.”
This argument escalated, with exposure of Hall’s true identity and criminal past a
constant threat. Finally, while the pair were out hunting, Hall shot Wright and buried his
body. He quickly left his post and moved to London,
where he secured a position as a butler for a wealthy older couple, Walter and Dorothy
Scott-Elliot. Along with his accomplice Michael Kitto, he planned to rob his employers, but
the two men killed the couple after Dorothy overheard their plot. A third, female accomplice
dressed in the clothes of the late Mrs. Scott-Elliot and quickly emptied the couple’s bank accounts.
When the former prostitute began drawing attention to herself with her penchant for wearing the
fancy clothes she had stolen, Kitto and Hall added her to their body count. The two returned
to Hall’s family home, but when Hall’s half-brother began asking too many questions,
he too was murdered. Ultimately, the duo was caught in a hotel after the proprietor became
suspicious and called police, who discovered Hall’s brother’s body in the trunk of
their car. Hall was convicted of four of the murders and sentenced to life in prison, where
he remained until his 2002 death.

Top 10 “Vegetarian” Foods Which Aren’t Actually Vegetarian

Top 10 “Vegetarian” Foods Which Aren’t
Actually Vegetarian 10. Apples Have you ever bought an apple and felt that
it was rather waxy? Apples produce a natural wax to retain their moisture and stay fresh.
After being picked apples are washed to remove dirt, which also removes their wax, so they’re
coated in another wax. New waxes include carnauba, candellia or shellac. Carnauba and candellia
are plant based, but shellac is derived from the lac bug. Generally the type of wax used
on apples is unspecified at the point of purchase. So how do you make sure your apples are vegetarian?
Either buy them from a farmer’s market or ask the grocery store’s produce manager
if they have access to this information from their apple supplier. 9. Fries French fries, whether you buy them from a
restaurant, a fast food chain or from the frozen aisle at your grocery store, may contain
beef tallow, a rendered form of beef fat. Fries are usually processed in a factory where
they’re fried in beef tallow before being frozen and transported. Although a store may
claim their products are cooked in 100% vegetable oil, this claim might not factor in the beef
tallow frying. McDonald’s were sued in 2001 by a group of vegetarians as McDonald’s
fries contained beef flavoring, which they failed to disclose on their ingredients list.
However, McDonald’s never claimed their french fries were vegetarian — that was
just the assumption. If you want to be certain your fries contain no animal fat or other
by-products, ask for an ingredients list or do your research online before heading out
to eat. 8. Vegetarian Fast Food Meals Speaking of fast food, be wary of any food
labeled vegetarian at fast food chains. Just because it’s advertised as such doesn’t
guarantee it contains no meat or animal by-products. Fast food labeled “veggie” (for example,
veggie burgers) may be misleading, as the store is making no claim the product is actually
vegetarian. While care is taken during food preparation, vegetarian foods may be contaminated
with meat. It’s common for vegetarian pizzas to contain the odd piece of pepperoni, and
the cheese is likely to contain animal rennet. Where vegetarian nachos are offered, the refried
beans may contain animal fats. Veggie burgers may also contain rennet. Always ask about
the ingredients and never assume a product is completely free of meat by-products. Most
fast food chains now provide ingredients for all their products on their websites, so it’s
easy to check out your vegetarian options before dining out. 7. Red Foods Look out for foods with an unnatural red color!
Color E120, also known as carmine, carminic acid or natural red #4, is extracted from
the ground-up shell of the female cochineal insect. Cochineal can be found in food coloring,
jellies, lollypops, strawberry milk flavoring, strawberry flavored yogurts, and many other
red colored foods. Cochineal is also used to color lipsticks, clothing and pill coatings.
If a packet states “all natural colors,” you can safely assume that natural red color
is from the cochineal beetle, as most other red color additives are synthetically made.
The use of cochineal as a red dye originated in Peru about 1500 years ago. As bugs as animals,
anything containing cochineal coloring is not suitable for vegetarians. 6. Ice Cream Ice cream is a comfort food vegetarians might
have to cross off their shopping lists. Many ice creams contain a fatty acid derived from
animal fats, known as capric acid or decanoic acid. Another animal-derived ingredient that
may be used is gelatin, although that’s rare. Lard, however, has commonly been reported
to be contained in ice cream. Luckily, vegetarians can still slurp up this soft serve treat — just
make sure you read the ingredients list to be sure there are no animal fats or gelatin
in your ice cream. Alternatively, you could always buy a non-dairy ice cream or make your
own ice cream! 5. White Sugar There are two sources of white sugar — cane
sugar and beet sugar. Cane sugar undergoes a refining process, where the sugar may be
processed through charcoal that can be made with bones of animals. While no traces of
bone can be found in refined sugar, the fact that animal bones are used in the production
make white cane sugar non-vegetarian. Cane sugar can also be refined with more modern
technology, but unless you contact the sugar manufacturer you can’t be certain which
refining process was used. Beet sugar doesn’t need this refining process,
so it’s safe for vegetarians. Vegetarian alternatives to white sugar also include raw
sugar and coconut sugar. Brown sugar is often white sugar combined with molasses, so it’s
not safe to assume brown sugar is safe for vegetarians. Also be aware of any processed
foods already containing sugar, such as baked goods or canned fruits, as these may contain
sugar refined with bone char. 4. Cheese Many vegetarians rely on cheese as a source
of protein and calcium, but did you know that not all cheeses are vegetarian? Many hard
cheeses contain rennet, which is an enzyme that separates the curds and whey in the milk.
Animal rennet is derived from the fourth stomach lining of slaughtered unweaned calves. Parmesan,
Gorgonzola and Grana Padano always use animal rennet, as to be named as such they need to
be produced using calf rennet. Soft cheeses may or may not be produced with rennet, so
check the ingredients list on the cheese package. Vegetarian cheese lovers can find cheeses
with rennet derived from vegetable, fungi or microbial sources. Most cheeses in grocery
stores state the source of their rennet, but if they don’t you should assume the rennet
is derived from calves. Be wary of cheese in foods at fast food chains or restaurants
— ask to see an ingredients list before ordering. 3. Alcohol Beer must seem harmless enough for vegetarians
— it’s just malt and water fermented, right? But after the fermentation process
some beer manufacturers refine their beer with isinglass (fish swim bladders) chitosan
(derived from crab shells) or gelatin (derived from animal bones and ligaments). The fining
agents used in the refining process collect the yeast and clarify the beer, ensuring it
isn’t cloudy. Generally, none of these fining agents remain in the end product, so technically
you aren’t consuming bits of crab or fish bladders when you drink beer. However, some
traces may remain (some beer labels have a disclaimer that the product may contain traces
of crustacean) and a hardcore vegetarian wouldn’t want to consume something produced with the
aid of animals. Wine is another alcoholic beverage which may
contain traces of dead animals. Chitosan, gelatin and isinglass are all often used to
clarify white wines, and gelatin can be used in red wines to remove tannins. Good news
for vegetarian booze lovers though — most spirits aren’t produced with the use of
meat by-products. A good resource to check if an alcoholic beverage is vegetarian or
not is 2. Yogurt Like cheese, many vegetarians consume lots
of yogurt, believing it’s an animal-free source of nutrients and probiotics. However,
some yogurt contain gelatin, and some strawberry flavored yogurt may contain the previously
discussed red coloring. Also look out for yogurt which contain added omega-3s — the
omega-3 fatty acids are usually in the form of fish oil. To be sure your yogurt is vegetarian,
always read the ingredients. Look for natural and plain yogurts as these are less likely
to have unnecessary ingredients (although gelatin, cochineal and fish oil are all classed
as natural ingredients, so don’t assume all natural yogurts are vegetarian). Not sure
you can trust commercial yogurt brands now? You could also buy a yogurt maker and make
the yogurt yourself so you know exactly what ingredients are in it! 1. Bread Watch out for bread, vegetarians! No longer
just flour, yeast and water, breads now contain all sorts of ingredients that might surprise
you. Have you seen the breads claiming to be “heart healthy” and enriched with omega-3s?
These breads usually contain fish oil, or they may contain flax seeds — check the
ingredients. Breads may also contain L-cysteine (a derivative of human hair, hog hair or poultry
feathers, which is also known as L-cysteine monohydrochloride or additive 920). Not all
L-cysteine is derived from animal sources, however non-animal L-cysteine (synthetically
produced or fermented from vegetables) is more expensive to produce so animal-derived
L-cysteine is more commonly used.

Top 10 BIZARRE Things That Are Actually 100% LEGAL

Most things that are considered to be strange,
dangerous, or offensive eventually become illegal at some point in time. However, there are a few things that are truly
unsettling, and yet somehow, they are perfectly legal. Here are the top 10 outrageously strange things
that are actually legal. 10. Too Many Babies Mitsutoki Shigeta is the son of a Japanese
billionaire. When he turned 24, he decided that he wanted
to have a big family with lots of children. Sure, this seems normal, but instead of finding
a girlfriend or a wife and trying to make babies the old fashioned way, he hired multiple
surrogate mothers in Thailand to carry his DNA. Surrogate mothers in Thailand can earn up
to $10,000 for each baby. In 2014, Shigeta paid ten different surrogate
mothers to carry his children, and ended up with a total of 16 babies. According to witnesses, he wanted to make
10 to 15 babies per year for the rest of his life. Despite the fact that Shigeta’s lawyer keeps
insisting that his client just wants a big family, no one seems to believe it. Even Interpol thought that there is a darker
motive at work, and yet they cannot find any evidence of human trafficking. Thailand actually passed a new law in 2015
claiming that it is illegal for foreigners to use Thai mothers as surrogates. As soon as it was illegal in Thailand, Shigeta
jumped ship and began making babies in Cambodia. In 2016, three more of his children were found
living with nannies. According to someone who worked at a Cambodian
fertility clinic, they say that one day, Mitsutoki Shigeta would like his gigantic clan of children
to vote for him so he can win elections, as well as run his business empire. He was quoted saying that he isn’t going
to stop making more babies until the day he dies. 9. It Will Cost an Arm and a Leg It’s definitely not legal to keep freshly
severed human body parts lying around the house… unless they’re yours. In 2011, Kristi Loyall was diagnosed with
cancer in her toes, and it was beginning to spread. She had to get her entire foot and a portion
of her lower leg amputated. When the operation was over, the doctors put
her leg in a plastic bag. She didn’t want to part with it, so, she
asked the doctors if she could take it home. It turns out that this is perfectly legal,
because… well, it was still technically her foot, whether it was attached to her body
or not. The doctors preserved the leg for her in formaldehyde,
and she passed it onto a company that specializes in cleaning flesh off of bone. Now, she has a clean skeleton of her leg. Kristy uses it as a decoration in her home,
and takes selfies with it. The foot is also a star of its own Instagram
account, called OneFootWanderer. 8. Gone Fishing Fishing is usually a rather calm pastime that
requires a lot of sitting and waiting. For Courtland Hunt, he wanted to take fishing
to the next level… by shooting fish with his Glock 9mm handgun. It turns out that as long as you are 8 miles
away from the Florida shoreline (of course it’s Florida), it is perfectly legal to
shoot fish. After all, if hunting with guns is legal on
land, why not underwater? Thankfully, Courtland exclusively shot Lionfish. They are venomous, and they do not have any
natural predators to keep their population in check. The only reason why they are in the Atlantic
Ocean is because they were once kept as exotic pets in fish tanks, and Americans began to
dump them into the ocean when they grew tired of them. Lionfish began to multiply and kill off other
species of fish. They are responsible for damaging natural
ecosystems of coral reefs. So, while Courtland and his friends have a
hobby that is a bit odd, he is actually doing a good thing for the waters surrounding his
home in Florida, and it is perfectly legal. 7. May the Force Be With You There are a lot of die-hard Star Wars fans
out there, but not many would go as far as to completely change their identity to match
one of their favorite characters. The Sith Lord formerly known as Eric Welch
decided that he wanted to legally change his name to Darth Vader, and he got his wish. His New York State driver’s license reads
‘Darth Vader’, and yes, he does cosplay. It turns out that you can change your name
to anything you want, so long as you’re not using it as a way to avoid your debt,
or running from a crime. You also can’t try to impersonate a famous
person, use racial slurs, or change your name to a number… that is, unless you spell it
out with letters. So, that means Eleven from Stranger Things
would have a hard time getting that on a driver’s license. Welch was raised in 8 different foster homes
as a child, and transferred schools 15 times. To make matters worse, he has been battling
leukemia for years. As far as we’re concerned, he can call himself
anything he wants, and thankfully, the law agrees. 6. Pigs on a Plane For many people who have a physical disability,
they will get a service animal to help them navigate the world around them. For someone with a mental condition, they
can get permission to bring their “emotional support animals” with them in public places. For most people, they choose a dog or cat
as their support animal. Technically, anyone with a licensed service
animal can bring it in a public place. US Airways complies by allowing service animals
on their planes, so long as the passenger notifies the airline within a year of their
travel date. They also must provide documentation from
a certified medical professional. Normally, people will bring their dogs or
cats in a crate. US Airways would have never anticipated that
in 2014, a passenger brought her pig on the plane. According to witnesses, the pot-bellied support
pig was squealing the entire time it was on board, and the passengers were not very happy. A man named Robert Phelps was unlucky enough
to have a seat next to this woman… especially when the pig pooed all over the aisle. According to Phelps, the woman talked about
the pig like he was a person, and her reaction to him defecating everywhere was that he was
“being a jerk.” The flight attendants had to ask her to leave. Technically, this woman wasn’t doing anything
illegal, but honestly, no one ever wants to be flying next to a pig on a plane. 5. Life Insurance on Employees This next one is immoral and unsettling, and
it is a perfect example of how the rich get richer. In the United States, it is perfectly legal
for major corporations to take out life insurance policies on their employees. So, if an employee were to ever pass away,
the company cashes in on their deaths. In fact, major banks like JPMorgan Chase and
Wells Fargo own billions of dollars in life insurance policies on their employees… as
if they needed any more money. What is even more upsetting about this fact
is that none of this money will ever go the the families of the deceased. It is intended to help the companies reduce
any loss that they may endure from the employee’s death, and the cost of finding a replacement. However, the amount they cash out on these
policies far exceeds what they are actually paying in expenses. 4. Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery In the United States, there are strict copyright
laws that protect a company’s brand image, and lawsuits are filed on a regular basis
to protect their rights. In China, however, these rules are lax, if
non-existent. An American travel blogger spotted an “Apple
Store” in Kunming, China, only to realize that it actually wasn’t. The store claimed to be Apple, and everything
from the decor to the employee uniforms are a total copy. The computers, phones, and iPods are also
legitimate products. However, she realized that it was actually
an elaborate fake. Even the employees assumed that they worked
at a real Apple Store, despite the fact that it was not listed among the Apple website’s
official Chinese locations. One of the shop owners was quoted saying,
“There is no Chinese law against decorating my store the way I want to decorate it.” And they’re correct. While a few of these stores applied to become
official Apple stores for the sake of their reputation, others simply don’t care, and
continue to sell in their fake shops without risk of being sued. 3. Worst Gift Ever Getting a package in the mail is exciting,
even as an adult. Imagine opening a package to find… poo. Yes, even mailing poo is legal. On Black Friday of 2014, Cards Against Humanity
had a “Bullsh** Box” that sold 30,000 copies at $6 each. When customers opened their packages, they
discovered that it was very literally a dried piece of bull excrement. They’re not the only ones who have a corner
on the poo market. A company called specializes
in mailing elephant, cow, and gorilla poo as a “gag gift.” Sending poo is only illegal if it’s done
with the intent of harming or harassing a victim. If it can be considered a joke or for “entertainment”
purposes, then it’s perfectly legal… but obviously, unwelcome. 2. I’ve Got a Bone to Pick With You Facebook Marketplace is still a relatively
new place to buy and sell online, but they’ve cornered one particular market that eBay banned
in 2016: selling human bones. The only type of bones that are illegal to
sell online are the remains of Native American people. For any other race, it’s perfectly legal
to trade in dry bones for “scientific” purposes. Outside of private collectors swapping through
Facebook, there are independent businesses, like, that sell bones
that are both real and re-creations. If you want your very own re-creation of a
Cro-Magnon cranium, it will only cost you $195. However, if you’re looking to buy a real
human skull from shops like The Bone Room, expect to pay $1,500 or more. One of the most disturbing facts about this
is trend is that for years, human skulls were a popular in India. One dealer was found with 1,500 child-sized
skulls in a single shipment, and he never offered a reasonable explanation as to where
they actually came from. Because of this incident, it became illegal
to export human remains in 1985. China picked up with exporting human remains,
until it also became obvious that people were being murdered to keep up with a trend. They outlawed it in 2008. However, it still remains legal to buy and
sell human remains in the United States, and for those with a fascination for the macabre,
the demand appears to still exist. 1. Driving With The Top Down Last, but certainly not least: in the United
States, it is perfectly legal to drive around in your car naked. Actually, this law changes slightly from state
to state. In Nebraska, a man named Nickolus Borgman
was driving drunk with his girlfriend when he was pulled over by the cops. Both he and his girlfriend were completely
naked, they weren’t wearing seatbelts, and they had open containers of alcohol in the
front seat. He was cited for a DUI, but in Nebraska, there
is no law against driving naked. In most states, it is legal to drive around
topless… even for ladies.

How To Set Realistic Goals & Achieve Them Successfully? Goal Setting & Personality Development

Hi, My name’s Aakash and you are watching
Skillopedia – The place to learn skills for the real world. Well,this is my first
Skillopedia session. I was going through the comments you guys have posted on our videos,
a Lot of you people have requested for a video on how to achieve goals or how to achieve
success in life, So, here it is. In this video I wanna share with you a 5 essential steps
for achieving your goals faster. Now, Instead of giving you lengthy explanations, I decided
to do something very short, that is easier to remember and implement for you. So, Let’s
get going…. If you want to reach towards your goals faster
you need to Be specific about what you want to achieve
Now, Most people don’t know what they want to do with their goals, and even after thinking
hard, they don’t come up with anything they really want to do in life. This is one of
the main reasons that in spite of so many resources available on success, motivation,
goal setting, most people just live an average life. Let’s look at an example – Say your
goals are- You want to earn a lot of money. You want to buy a car. You want to lose weight
and look great, you wanna run a marathon. All these goals are great, and I am sure many
of you out there have these goals in mind. These are super common goals. But still, I
could say around 90% people are unsuccessful in achieving these very simple goals. Have
you wondered why only 10% are able to achieve these simple goals, what is that, they do
differently, that they reach these goals or achieve them faster. It’s simple – they
are specific. Now, what do I mean by – being specific, Say you want to achieve or earn
a A LOT OF MONEY, what is a lot of money? How much money? You are not specific about
it, is it 1000$, 10000$ 1 lac $ or 1M $, how much guys. Be specific.
You want to buy a car, which car, a hatchback, a sedan or a luxury brand. Which one, again
you need to be specific about it. You want to lose that extra weight and run a marathon,
but how much 10, 20 or 30, how many kilos. Unless and until you are specific you wouldn’t
be able to set a target. The moment you are specific, you would start visualizing things
better. I want to earn a million dollars, I want to buy a BMW 5 series car, or I want
to lose 30 kgs. Now, these are specific goals. Or I could say these are productive goals
or quality goals. The moment you are specific with the picture of what you wanna achieve,
The picture is gonna be pretty clear in front of you and you start asking yourself how,
how should I achieve this? So guys be specific with your goals, otherwise you are just shooting
a bullet in the air meaninglessly and without specific direction. As we have looked at setting specific goals.
Now let’s take a step further. Now, When you set specific goals for yourself, it is
also important that they motivate you. Now What do I mean by this, let me decode this
for you, this means making sure that they are important to you, they are close to you
and there is value in achieving them. When you set your goals, Ask yourself a question,
Why do you want something in the first place? Imagine If you have very little interest in
the result of your goals, or if they are not so relevant to you then the chances of you
taking the real effort in achieving them are less and very very slim. Also you need to
set realistic goals, goals that you could achieve, goals that are within your limits
and reach. I call this WALLET SIZE GOAL SETTING. If you set unrealistic goals, that are out
of your limits, you would be certainly demotivated on the path of achieving them and your motivation
is certain to die and you are sure to leave them half-way. Now what are realistic goals,
let’s look at an example. As we looked earlier, you wanna earn a lot of money. Say, You set
your goal to make a million dollars a year, and presently you are earning around 100,000
dollars, now that’s a quite an over ambitious goal. You need to introspect on your skillsets,
whether with your current skillset you could really reach your goal of ACHIEVING THAT amazing
figure of 1 million dollar. If you don’t possess the required skills or don’t have
the required resources to achieve that Million dollar goal, you are certain to lose motivation
mid way. So make sure you set goals which are within your reach. In short, Set a goal
that makes you want to jump out of the bed every single morning Now that you have set goals that are realistic,
specific and within your reach. You need to also keep in mind that you set goals that
are of high priority in your life. It means you need to set goals that are important to
the situation in your life. Now if you don’t set a priority for your goals, what’s gonna
happen is, you can end up with far too many goals to achieve, leaving you very little
time to devote to each goal. Remember goal achievement requires dedication, commitment
and focus. So, to make sure that you reach the finishing line of your goals and make
them succeed, you need to feel that sense of urgency, you need to have that ‘I MUST
DO THIS’ attitude. If you set too many goals, your focus would get divided on less important
goals. This could result in giving less focus to important goals in your life, leaving you
feeling disappointed and frustrated with yourself, and that’s de-motivating for you. And what’s
gonna happen is, you would end up in a very destructive “I can’t do anything” or
I can’t be successful at anything” that’s going to be your frame of mind. So make sure
you set high priority goals and pay less attention to smaller or irrelevant goals. Now that you have set goals, it’s time to take action on your goals. How do you that,
well you need to define a timeline for your goals. I want to earn a million dollars, but
when? In a year’s time. I want to lose weight 30 kilos, in six months, If you set deadlines,
This will provide you with the necessary focus and sense of urgency to turn them into reality.To
set a deadline you simply need to ask yourself one question – By when do I want to achieve
my goal? List the steps down, you need to take, such
as signing up for a course, studying, reading, developing the required skills, going to the
gym, working out, looking out for new opportunities and many other steps you need to implement
that will take you closer to achieving your goal. Take action and follow the steps on
your list. Don’t just wait for things to happen. If a certain plan, say plan A doesn’t work,
look for an alternative one. Look for plan B. Some goals aren’t worth achieving. Circumstances
and people change. Some goals lose their importance. It is a good idea to re-examine your goals
regularly and weed out the worthless ones or the irrelevant ones. Now this is the most important step to reach
your goals faster – In life and work, success begins with a goal. It could be losing weight,
earning that 1 million dollar, quitting smoking or starting your own business. Big or Small,
goals give us purpose and, they are like a compass, they keep us headed in the right
direction. Of course, it takes lot of hard work and determination to reach your destination.Now
Unfortunately, many of us remain stuck at the goal stage. We start out with good intentions
and perhaps have a plan of action, but then we can’t seem to make it happen. Before
we can believe in a goal, we first must have an idea of what it looks like. To paraphrase
an old saying : “We must see it, before we can believe it.” This is where picturization
technique comes in, which is simply a technique for creating a mental image of a future event.
When we visualize our desired outcome, we begin to “see” the possibility of achieving
it faster. Through visualization, we catch a glimpse of what it is, in other words it’s
the “preferred future.” When this happens, we are motivated and prepared to pursue our
goal in life. Now don’t get confused, I am talking about with the “Just think it
and you will be able to do it” advice which is given by a lot of popular self-help gurus.
I am not asking you to daydream things and they will happen, of course you need to take
action. I am asking you to just visualise the success of your goals so that you could
get a first hand feel of it. CONFUSED? Let me give you an example, if your goal is to
run your first marathon, visualize yourself crossing that finish line in the time you
desired. Remember we talked about being specific. Hold that mental image as long as possible.
What does it feel like to pass that finishing line, looking at your watch, the cool air
on your overheated body? Just imagine Who is there to greet you as you hit the finishing
line? Your family? Your Friends? Other runners? Imagine that excitement, that satisfaction,
the thrill you will experience as you walk feeling exhausted in their arms. Now that’s
visualization or picturization I could say, you get the first hand feel of your success.
But please keep this in mind that Visualization does not guarantee success. It also does not
replace hard work or practice. It is just a powerful way to achieve positive, behavioral
change and create the motivation required to achieve your goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure by letting
your dreams get bigger than your abilities. In other words don’t set hard goals for
yourself, just make sure they’re attainable. There’s a great quote that says, “It’s
funny how day by day, nothing changes but when you look back everything’s different.”
So,One year from now, you’ll be one year older no matter what. How you plan and act
on your goals today will make you feel really different and really satisfying a year later.
That’s all for today, I hope you found this session useful and motivating, press the like
button and subscribe to our channel skillopedia, and don’t forget to press the bell icon,
so that you would not miss any of our skillopedia sessions. I would see you soon with another
great video, till then stay motivated and act towards your goals. Bye….

Drawing Baahubali ( PRABHAS ) realistic sketch

You are our sun resting on the mighty western
mountains You are our king who has relinquished the
breached fortress Rise again from our teary eyes and protect
us like our god We will follow your footsteps We would bestow our lives to you Hail to the king!… We hope that you will always be with us! These rocks will be overwhelmed with joy,
for being fortunate enough to stand the weight of their ruler This land will be elated and flourished with
greenery, for being glad to be drenched with his hard work Oh, dear king!! your word is our word.. your
glance is our command You are our King, father and also our son
Our life is yours Hail to the King! You should always live like our King!