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Facts: The Sea Star (Starfish)

April 10, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 5 Comments

Facts: The Sea Star (Starfish)

Sea stars are invertebrates that belong to
a group of animals called Echinoderms. There are about 2000 species of sea stars
that range in size from less than an inch (2.54 cm) to three feet (1 m) wide. Sea stars can be found in all of the world’s
oceans. They possess thousands of tiny tube feet that
they use to move across the seafloor. Most only have five arms, but some species
have many more. The end of each arm contains an eyespot that
can detect light. Sea stars are predators and scavengers. Their diet depends on the species and may
include invertebrates on the seafloor like bivalves, coral, sponges, and urchins. Their mouth is located on their underside. Some species are capable of extending their
stomach out of their mouth while consuming prey. They will latch their tube feet onto the shell
of their prey, then pry the shell open just enough for them to reach their stomach inside. It can take a several hours for their protruded
stomach to digest the prey. Instead of blood, sea stars have a system
of water-filled canals, called the water vascular system. This system is what enables them to move,
feed, and breathe. A plate on top of their body called the madreporite
allows water to enter their water vascular system. Seawater is periodically drawn in to replenish
the system. Most sea stars can regenerate lost arms and
willingly shed an arm in order to escape from a predator. Their hard calcium carbonate skeleton protects
them from many predators, but they are still preyed on by animals like birds, crabs, and
sea otters. Most starfish reproduce by releasing eggs
or sperm directly into the water. Fertilized eggs hatch into larvae that drift
as plankton before settling to the bottom of the seafloor. Some species can also reproduce asexually
by fission or self-amputation of arms that will grow in a completely new starfish. The lifespan of starfish also varies by species,
but some can live for decades. In most areas, the presence of sea stars is
very important in maintaining the biodiversity of marine ecosystems because they prey on
animals that could easily become overpopulated. However, outbreaks of the coral eating crown
of thorns starfish can actually be detrimental to reefs. For more marine facts, click the SUBSCRIBE

Craziest Things Actually Sold on The Black Market

The Black Market is a blanket term that refers
to the sale of illegal, immoral, or contraband items in exchange for money all across the
globe. The black market is basically everywhere – from
dark alleys to stores selling bootleg iPhones to secret websites on the deep web. When you picture items sold on the black market,
you probably imagine your classic gangster wares and accessories – guns, drugs, and
sex. However, if you scratch beneath the surface,
you’ll find that a lot of what you can buy on the black market is even stranger. Social Security Numbers with Great Credit
Scores Have you ever been denied a loan, or the lease
on an apartment, because you had a lousy credit score? It’s a problem thousands of Americans with
credit card debt experience every year. However, like any enterprising businessmen,
hackers on the deep web are eager to swoop in and offer a solution for a shockingly affordable
price. Companies like Equifax have been known for
experiencing data breaches that leave the personal information of tens of millions of
Americans vulnerable. Hackers can take advantage of situations like
that, skimming the breaches for social security numbers attached to great credit scores – typically
750 and above. They then take these social security numbers
and sell them on the deep web, often for as low two dollars apiece. This seems almost like a Robin Hood scheme
for people with low credit scores, but it’s not quite as fun for the people getting their
identity stolen. For all you know, your social security number
might be on one of these sites right now. Human Body Parts
We’ve all heard the classic urban legend: After a night of heavy drinking, you wake
up in a bathtub full of ice with a scar in your abdomen. You’re also minus a kidney. The question rarely asked is “what happens
to that kidney after the story ends?” Well, unless you’ve had a run in with Hannibal
Lecter, chances are your kidney has ended up on the black market. If you’re someone in need of an organ transplant,
you’re already aware that the waiting lines for getting a new heart, liver, or kidney
are incredibly long. And time is a luxury that a lot of sick people
can’t afford. Once again, entrepreneurial black market salesmen
enter, stage left. The black market organ trade is a truly booming
business, often trading in up to 1.7 billion dollars every year. In 2014, almost five thousand Americans died
while waiting for an organ transplant, and that’s just a fraction of the people suffering
from delays in transplantation. This is a product with an extremely high demand,
and only 10% of that overall demand is met legally. This makes body parts one of the black market’s
hottest sellers. Laundry Detergent
When you think of illegally-distributed liquids, you probably picture 1920s bootleggers moving
liquor in speedboats off the coast of New York. What you probably don’t picture are thieves
stealing bottles of Tide laundry detergent and selling them at obscenely marked-down
prices to turn a profit. The so-called “Tide Bandits” fill up shopping
carts with laundry detergent, and then bolt out the door before anyone has a chance to
stop them. These bottles of detergent are then sold off
to the general public or convenience stores. This is part of a larger trend referred to
by some as “organised retail crime”, or ORC. Groups of organised criminals employ well-paid
crews of career shoplifters to obtain millions of dollars of commercial products every year. Each shoplifting session often plays out like
a mini-heist movie, with distractions, misdirection, and a final score. The result? The cheapest spin cycle you’ve ever had. This seems like a bizarre thing to buy illegally
when you could just get it from the store, but laundry detergent is among the more expensive
over-the-counter products people regularly buy. Tide products also regularly fund the drug
habits of the sellers, and the circle of crime keeps on turning. Sand
Next time you’re at the beach, making a sand castle, consider that some people would
happily shoot you in the face to take it. That’s because there’s a violent black
market around sand. Sand and gravel are two of the most extracted
minerals on earth, thanks to their incredible usefulness in construction, with up to 59
billion tons of both being mined every single year. China and India in particular are experiencing
an infrastructure construction boom, meaning the demand for sand in the East is even higher. However, sand is a finite resource, and construction
booms all around the world have rapidly depleted it. Specifically, sand from around water sources
and riverbeds are the supplies in high demand, because desert sand grains are too round to
be effectively used in construction. Criminals colloquially known as the “sand
mafia” steal huge quantities of construction-ready sand from beaches to sell to the highest bidder
on the black market. Some members of the sand mafia in India have
even murdered to get their hands on more of it. Historically, organised criminals have used
beach-fronts to ship and receive stolen goods. Now, they can make even more money just stealing
the beach. Netflix Accounts
Ever invited some friends over to watch some movies or binge a TV show on Netflix? Imagine if you were secretly sharing your
account with hundreds or even thousands of people, most of whom you probably wouldn’t
consider friends. If you’re a Netflix account owner, it’s
very possible this is happening to you right now. That’s because clever hackers are able to
obtain Netflix email addresses and passwords through data breaches and email phishing schemes. They then sell off these emails and passwords
for as little as twenty-five cents on black market websites and forums. It may seem like they’re seriously under-selling
the product here, considering the annual subscription fees for Netflix accounts, but the high number
of stolen login credentials means the prices don’t need to be high to turn a profit. These black market salesmen make their real
profits on the sheer volume of credentials sold, sometimes even offering bulk packages. If this has made you feel paranoid, don’t
worry about it. Changing your password should solve this one. Flight Attendant Uniforms
Sexy Halloween costumes are all the rage these days. Sexy nurses, sexy priests, and even sexy hazmat
suits. So, what about sexy flight attendant? Well, that one is a little more complicated. Posing as a flight attendant can create some
serious security risks, so authentic flight attendant costumes aren’t readily available
to civilians. However, as in every other entry on this list,
people on the black market are here to supply even the strangest demands. Enter the black market flight attendant uniform,
particularly popular in Japan. Japan Airlines had to put in official measures
in 2010 to prevent former flight attendants from illegally auctioning off their uniforms
on the internet, where they can sell for thousands of dollars. Thankfully, most of the people buying these
uniforms aren’t people attempting to sneak onto commercial flights for nefarious purposes. The most frequent customer of these black
markets are Japanese exotic dancing clubs, where flight attendant characters are very
popular with a select clientele. Still, probably better in the hands of flight
attendant fetishists than violent criminals. Sperm
It isn’t always easy to have kids. There are a number of issues – from non-viable
sperm to infertile eggs – that could prevent someone from conceiving. For many couples, sperm donation and IVF are
the answer to their problems. However, without good health insurance, these
treatments can be out of many people’s financial reach. And, even in countries with universal healthcare,
the waiting time for IVF can run as high as two years. For a lot of people out there, two years is
too long to wait, so they turn to the alternative fertilisation options offered by the black
market. China, France, and the UK all have thriving
online black markets for sperm, used in DIY home self-insemination kits. Typically, you can buy these sperm samples
in sealed containers. But, some enterprising gentlemen in the Chinese
black market have offered to do the insemination themselves by having sex with their customers. Of course, compared to the rigorously tested
and professional methods of official IVF treatment, the black market method is risky. Disease and contamination are a significant
risk, as well as the fact you have no sure-fire way of knowing the sperm you’re being given
is viable. That being said, this sperm is a lot cheaper
than the legal method, so you get what you pay for. Fake Degrees
Ever wanted to pursue your dream career as a doctor, lawyer, or academic, but don’t
have the money, time, or dedication to actually pursue a degree in your chosen subject? Don’t worry about it! The entrepreneurs on the black market have
your back on this one, too. There’s a robust underground industry of
fake degrees, diplomas, and certifications willing to furbish you with a realistic-looking
fake degree for a far lower cost than actually pursuing your favourite subject in college. These degrees can open huge doors in the professional
world for their owners, so naturally, the demand is high. The shady institutions pedalling these bogus
qualifications are known as “diploma mills”, which make millions of dollars every year
illegally providing fake certificates. Some people are willing to pay through the
nose for their documents, too – with one British diploma mill customer paying over
$600,000 for his order. Tech companies also maintain thousands of
fake university websites to maintain the ruse, with names like “Brooklyn Park University”
and even the unfortunately named “Nixon University.” It’s the perfect place to get your fake
degree for when you’re later insisting that you’re totally not a crook. Creepy Realistic Masks
Have you ever wanted to look like an incredibly, almost creepily realistic old man without
a lot of money or a time machine? Then maybe the best option for you is getting
a tor browser, logging on to the deep web, and buying yourself a black market silicone
mask for a few Bitcoins. No, I’m not kidding, this is actually something
you can buy. What’s so black market about this, you’re
probably wondering? Well, to get masks of this quality for a decent
price, they’re likely stolen from movie lots and special effects studios. Masks like these are also sometimes used to
commit further crimes. For example, in 2014, a man in a highly realistic
silicone old man mask robbed four Seattle banks. If you purchase a stolen mask like that on
the black market, then use it to commit crimes, the chances of it getting traced back to you
are even lower. Though if you don’t plan on disguising yourself
to commit a serious crime spree, and just want a freaky Halloween costume, maybe just
pay a little more and buy it from a party store. Baby Formula
Picture this: You’ve got your life together. You’ve bought an excellent credit score
online. Your illegal kidney transplant was a complete
success. Your clothes are clean, thanks to your stolen
laundry detergent. You’ve got a law degree, kinda. You’re watching someone else’s Netflix
account, while wearing a flight attendant’s uniform and your scarily realistic silicone
mask. Your illegal IVF baby is playing in the stolen
sandbox outside. That’s when it occurs to you – with all
the money you’ve spent on these black market products, how are you going to afford baby
formula? Baby formula is a commodity so valuable it’s
often referred to by black marketeers as “liquid gold.” It often costs mothers up to $150 a month,
despite costing significantly less to produce. With an extremely high demand from almost
all new mothers, and the fact that the product is bought at a huge bulk discount by retailers,
makes it perfect to steal and redistribute. They’re stolen in pretty much the same way
as the laundry detergent: Efficient, well-organized teams of career shoplifters steal baby formula
in bulk. The price is then ludicrously marked down,
and sold to mothers who don’t feel like playing supermarket prices. Feeding your new-born with black market products
doesn’t seem ideal, but it’s rarely a matter of choice. For many working mothers, particularly single
mothers, a $150-a-month outlay is impossible. The same can be said for most of the products
on the black market – crime meets the demand that legal supplies can’t. While drugs and guns are a black market mainstay
for career criminals, when it comes to laundry detergent, baby formula, and sperm, the root
cause is desperation. Until legal supply can fill the gap, it’s
likely these crazy black market products won’t be going away any time soon. Here at The Infographics Show, we wouldn’t
recommend you buy anything on the black market. Instead, we recommend you check out “What
Horrific Things Can be Found on the Dark Web?” Thanks for watching. If you need us, we’ll be over here improving
our credit scores…

I Hooked Up With My Celebrity Crush. It Was A Nightmare

Hi, everyone, my name is Jasmine. I want to tell you how I was able to reach
a star. Not a real star, of course. It was my favorite music group of all time. But in pursuit of my dream, I lost my boyfriend
and my family. I was 18 years old, and I was dating a wonderful
guy named Steve, for a few months. Everything was just fine, and we had a lot
in common. We liked the same food, we liked the same
movies, and we were both huge fans of the same band. I don’t want you to overwhelm me in the comments,
so I’ll change the name of the band. Let’s just call them “”Goats in the Garden.”” We listened to them literally 24/7 and knew
all their songs by heart. And there was something else. I really liked the band’s drummer, Chris. No, I loved my boyfriend very much, but this
guy was so attractive! You know, couples sometimes make jokes, and
they make a list of people who, if they were to spend the night with them, it would not
be considered cheating. It would be a sin to not flirt with Scarlett
Johansson, right!? Anyway, Chris was totally on my list. And imagine my joy when my boyfriend gave
me tickets to their concert in our city! I was over the moon, and I didn’t expect this
concert to be a turning point in my life. We arrived 4 hours early for the concert to
get in line for the entrance, and to have time to take the first row in the fan zone. We were very tired of waiting, but my strength
returned as soon as I saw the “”Goats”” on the stage. I mean the group. The next hour and a half passed like a dream. I even lost my voice because I was singing
along so loudly. The concert was over, and we were about to
leave, but my friend called me and said that she had something interesting to tell me. She was also at the concert, and she had backstage
passes to hang out with the artists, and she wanted to take me with her. I agreed without hesitation. However, my boyfriend didn’t share my enthusiasm. In the morning, we were supposed to go to
meet his parents in another city, we had a long trip ahead of us, and he wanted to go
rest. I said I’d only go back for 15 minutes, and
then we’d go home. Then I immediately ran to see my friend. The guard let us backstage, and we saw them! Chris was there with the whole band! They gave us autographs and we took pictures
with them. I was literally speechless with joy, and the
guys were amused with that. And then I almost went crazy. I’m serious. The thing was, the guys invited us to a party
with them. Oh my God, it was literally the best day of
my life! All I had to do was talk Steve into letting
me go there. But when I went outside, he was already very
angry. I didn’t even notice how quickly the time
had passed, and it turned out that he had been waiting for me on the street for half
an hour. So as soon as I told him I wanted to go to
the party, he started yelling at me. I yelled back at him, because I wanted to
hang out with my idols, and he wanted to take that away from me. We had a fight, and he said that if I didn’t
come to see him tomorrow morning, I could stay with my favorite group forever. Heck. It was very unpleasant because Steve was so
dear to me. But this happens once in a lifetime, and it
would be so stupid of me to miss the chance. So I went back to the “Goats.” Oh, the party was just great. It was at a huge house with a pool and a huge
crowd of people. Music was playing, and everyone was enjoying
the party. I didn’t want to be one step behind Chris,
and I felt like a queen when he started flirting with me. An hour later, we were kissing on the couch,
and I couldn’t believe that, at that moment, I was making out with my idol. Then he took me by the hand and led me to
the room upstairs. We closed the door… And you don’t need to know what happened next. But my main surprise was yet to come. Chris said that they had 5 more shows on this
tour, and he asked me to go with him. This meant that I could hang out with my favorite
band for another week! So I immediately said yes. I had a lot of things to do that morning. I went to see Steve first, and we had a difficult
conversation. When I told him I was going on tour, he got
mad at me and called me crazy. But then he asked what was on my neck. I didn’t even notice it, but Chris left a
hickey on my neck. In an instant, Steve understood everything. He yelled at me and insulted me. After everything, he said that we were breaking
up, and that he hoped to never see me again. Then he just slammed the door in my face. I stood there, tears welling up in my eyes. I was sorry for what I did, but Chris was
my idol! There was no time to stand around and cry,
so I ran home to get my things. My mom and dad asked me where I was going. I was emotional, so I quickly told them that
I had been invited to go on tour. However, they did not share my enthusiasm
and told me to stay home. Damn it, everyone was against me! I started yelling at them, and we had a big
fight. I said that I was already 18 years old, and
that I could make my own decisions. My parents insisted that I was still their
daughter, and that I had to listen to them. I didn’t want to offend them, but I was on
edge, and I said some unpleasant things. This really upset my mom and dad, and all
they said was that I shouldn’t call them or ask them for help when these musicians leave
me on the road in the middle of the desert alone. But I just slammed the door and ran away. Phew, I was finally free. Of course, parting with my boyfriend and quarreling
with my parents was very difficult for me. But I will survive the breakup, and I can
apologize to my parents later. The best week of my life was supposed to be
ahead of me and I was going to party and have fun, so I put all the bad thoughts aside. I got there just in time. Everyone was already loaded onto the bus,
and I was happy to join Chris. I was exhausted after everything I had just
endured. So I fell into his arms and slept on him most
of the way. Then the fun began. A party in the artists ‘ dressing room, a
concert, and then again a huge party in another house. I met a lot of people, danced, and had fun,
and of course, spent time alone with Chris. I saw this world of artists and musicians. And it was just paradise. They were doing exactly what they loved and
having fun. I was lucky to be in this world. However, after four days, my luck ran out. There was another concert, and we were hanging
out backstage. Suddenly, a couple of girls came back for
autographs and photos, and the guys invited them to a party. I have to say, I was a little jealous when
Chris was talking with them. But at the end of the day, he was a star,
and that was part of his job. Later, when the party was in full swing, I
couldn’t find Chris anywhere. He didn’t answer his phone, so I started going
around the house looking for him. And when I opened the door of one of the bedrooms,
I saw a terrible scene. He was in bed with these girls! I was just in shock! Chris yelled at me to get out, but I started
shouting and fighting with him. I thought we had something more than just
a one night stand! However, he got really angry that I had started
fighting with him and became very cold toward me. He just kicked me out of the house and told
me to not come anywhere near him again. I wanted to go back in the house, but I was
not even allowed to go in there because I was now blocked by security, and I was left
all alone on the street at night. Worst of all, all my stuff was still on the
bus, and I didn’t know where it was. All I had in my pocket was a phone and a pack
of gum. As you can now understand, I did not call
the group “Goats in the Garden” for nothing. They turned out to be real animals. It was two o’clock in the morning, and I was
just walking around the city, sobbing. I needed help, and I didn’t know who to turn
to. I couldn’t call my parents, because they were
right, and if my mom and dad found out what happened to me, they would just destroy me. Then I decided to call Steve. Maybe if I asked him to forgive me, he could
help me. But he didn’t answer the phone. I could totally understand him. In the end, I broke his heart with my reckless
actions. I found a park and sat down on a bench. My phone was running low, so I could only
send Steve a few messages and my geolocation. Then I just cried, and when I lost all my
strength, I just fell asleep there. I didn’t know how long I had slept. I had a headache from a hangover and I was
terribly hungry. A pack of gum didn’t help much. But suddenly I heard someone shouting my name. It was Steve! It turned out that he was with his parents
in a nearby town, and he drove all night to see me. I apologized to him the whole way back and
I told him that I was very ashamed of everything I had done. It was late when he brought me home. I was very grateful to him for everything
he did for me, and I decided to kiss him. Fortunately, he reciprocated. I thought that maybe we would be okay when
the dust settled and I invited him to my place. So we spent the night together. But in the morning, I realized that it was
not what it seemed. I was woken up by my parents ‘ screams as
they broke into my room. It turned out that Steve had woken up before
me, and told my parents about my adventures in full detail. He told them everything about my relationship
with Chris, and my night on the park bench. Oh, I had to go through a lot of criticism
from them after that. I was even grounded, like a little girl. But that was fair. I never saw Steve again after that. It was his revenge for me betraying him. But I’m not mad at him, and I’m grateful that
no matter what, he still came to help me back then.

Pencil Drawing Do’s and dont’s // how to draw realistic lips and teeth // step by step (narrated)

do you also have trouble in drawing
perfect lips and teeth do your drawing of teeth and lips look like
this then this video is perfect for you hello friends I am pawan nath and welcome
back to my channel so today I am going to tell you how to draw perfectly teeth
and lips so let’s get started friends so I am starting with a basic shape kind of
D and I am dividing it into two equal sections with one vertical line now I am
drawing basic outline of lips for outline of teeth remember to draw
front two teeth of same size and bigger than all other and as you move away
from Center teeth draw other teeth smaller in size after completing basic outline I’m erasing
the guidelines now for shading I’m using hb mechanical
pencil for base layer I’m blending it nicely with brush now
with the help of 2b pencil I am shading the lower area of lips and darkening it. now with the help of 4B pencil I’m
again darkening it to get perfect shadows. and blending it with brush. remember never draw dark outline of lips
and dark outline of teeth too. now I am lightly shading gums with the
help of a mechanical pencil for shading teeth I’m using blending
stump only as I don’t want darker teeth now I am darkening corners directly
with 8B pencil for highlighting I’m using Mono
Zero eraser I am repeating same process on other
side too for lower lips first i am lightly
shading it with 2b pencil and blending it with brush remember more highlights and shades you
draw more realistic your work will look at last giving final details with
mono zero eraser and the hyper-realistic drawing of lips and teeth is done.☺ so I hope this tutorial is going to help
you and if you like this video then please give it a like and write down
your suggestions on comment section and for more drawing related videos like
this please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon thank you so much
friends for watching

Hyper-Realistic Shadows That Trick The Eye (Illustrator Tutorial)

in today’s a graphic design illustrator
tutorial I’m gonna show you guys how to make some realistic shadows within adobe illustrator. now for today’s tutorial I found it really neat PNG of an iPhone
on Google and you can find this file link down below for you to download if
you want to use it for yourself to practice the techniques that we’re going
to go through right now so in today’s video is gonna be really really helpful
to use and utilize the layers window and you will see just why as we get on with
the video but yeah next we’re going to make a
background and you’ve seen me do this many many times on my channel so just
press M for the rectangle tool and cover the entire artboard with a rectangle it
might be a good idea to make the background color a sample from the image
itself so in this case the iPhone and just use the eyedropper tool to navigate
around the iPhone picking off different colors and seeing what’s gonna work best
for your background design so once you finally land on the color that you want
to use we can lock the background layer in the layers window by just clicking
next to the eye icon I’m gonna bring down a guide from the rulers that’s
gonna act as a kind of fictitious or a imaginary ground level and this will
help me build up the shadow as I move along the design this isn’t necessary
but I just find it helps quite a lot we’re making shadows you can also
right-click or control-click the background to lock the guides down in
place if you don’t want them moving around or being in the way so now it’s
finally time to make the first shadow so press M for the rectangle tool and then
generate a rectangle like so and add a gradient fill now in the gradient window
apply black to both sides of the gradient but then lower the opacity down to 0% on
one of the ends of the gradient and this will help blend in the shadow to the
background as you will soon see in the layers window make sure to bring the
iPhone to the front of all layers and actually we can lock this down as well
which will be very handy when building up the shadows in our design so going
back to the rectangle here and we can use the live corners in illustrator CC –
rounded off like so but if you don’t have illustrator CC just head up to
effect and then round corners another really useful tip here is to press the G
which will access the gradient tool and here we can actually dictate the
direction of the gradient and also the slider which will help blend in the
shadow to the background as far as you can see this is already looking pretty
needs but I’ve got some more techniques that are really gonna help build up your
realistic shadows for your graphic designs in Illustrator Sonax come up to effect and then blur
and Gaussian blur we’re going to apply a Gaussian blur to the shadow now how much
you apply is completely up to you and also your design but after you’ve
applied it I do suggest that you come up to the document or raster effect
settings and increase this value here as it’s going to help all of the blends and
the blurs look that much more smooth so that’s looking pretty neat already I’m
imagining a light source coming from the kind of top left direction coming down
so the rest of the shadow is going to be behind the iPhone itself kind of and I
would suggest that my light source is kind of more vertically speaking than
far out to the left so my shadows not going to be too long
and elongated so when you’re ready press a P for the pen tool and still with the
same gradient selected in the color palette we’re going to draw a shape that
will dictate the shadow I remember this doesn’t have to be too
perfect right now because we can adjust it later and also the Gaussian blur
effect means that we didn’t have to be neat with our pencil paths if you’ve
been drawing the path of just a stroke only press shift annex to flick the
stroke over to a field or gradient and then move the iPhone layer back up to
the top of the layers and this is why we use the layers panel because even though
the iPhone is locked we can still move around the positioning of the layers now
again press G for the gradient tool and adjust the gradient until you’re happy
with the final outcome of this part of the shadow now again go ahead and add a
Gaussian blur effect to the shadow and I really do love this gradient because it
blends so well into the background and that is one of the most you know crucial
techniques for this kind of design but yeah I suggest that you add a few more
shadows closer to the bottom of the iPhone to make it darker in that area
and this will add more emphasis and again some more realism to the shadows
on your graphic design but I was today’s video on making shadows in Adobe
Illustrator that adds some realism to your graphic designs I hope you learned
something today and if you want to keep learning essential skills as a graphic
designer subscribe to my channel for weekly
graphic design content and of course until next time design your future today
peace you

1986 Masters Official Film

April 9, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 13 Comments

1986 Masters Official Film

Bob Jones came to believe that before the first shot is struck
in a golf tournament. Fate has already decreed who
will win. This is the story of the 1986 Masters. It’s one of the great
championships of the world. That’s how much it means to.
And spectators all over the world one of probably the
most prize ticket that you can possibly get is if you show the Masters tournament. It’s a very, very big thing. The whole thing here is
something you kind of dream about, and when you’re able to
come here and play and win this golf tournament, then it
becomes a part of your life and you look forward to it each year
. And of course, the years here have been very good to me. Well, when I think of Augusta,
I think of great beauty. I don’t know of a golf course if
you have such tremendous beauty anywhere in the world.
And I’ve always said that if they have a golf course like
this in heaven, I hope I’m hit pro there one day. It may seem easy to say in
retrospect, but you did know from the start that this masters
the fiftieth would be golden in more ways than one.
You know it from the moment Gary Player teed off on the seventh
hole of the par three course. Gary Koch won the contest,
Gary Player the crowd. And everyone had a
thought about who would do well in the four days to follow. I like Ballesteros.
I like Jack Andy being Augusta National Golf Club. Thursday, it was windy all day
and cold in the morning. Not the best time to play golf.
If you’re 84 years old. So Jean Saracen was given some
help warming up on the first tee and then he and Sam Snead led
the field onto the course. And if you’re wanted the first
sign of who was at ease and who wasn’t.
Who might win and who might not . This is where you gather. This is where you watch the
names go up and the first shots take off. And just in case a player hadn’t
seen worse. That’s a beauty. Oh that’s a beauty. uh oh, look out Hit a tree and come back out On the course you found a girl caddie and her
kid brother in the lead. Ken Green made seven long birdie
putts, including this at 18 for a 68. In the first place, Todd and Shirley Green couldn’t have
been happier. I’m just out there, so you have
someone to talk to. I mean, you know, we get along
good out there and he was just chattering away.
I mean, it was just it was very exciting and I was very proud of
them. Late in the day, scores rose,
but T.C. Chen birdied 11 through 14. And shot 69 Two-time champion Seve
Ballesteros almost spun his third shot into the pond at 15 He made bogie from there and shot 71 while five time champion Jack
Nicklaus found this to be the story of his day. I actually played very well
today. My. The thing that hasn’t been
bothered me all year has been my putting and I I couldn’t get
anything in the hole today. And I played very well.
I drove the ball well. I hit one one bad shot all day,
bad tee shot at three. And I made bogey outside of that
. Any bad shots, you go ahead and cause my. If I can get it.
You know, it sounds silly when I when I’ve been putting pretty
well but if I get a couple of putts.
On the whole, I think the way I’m playing I you some good
scores. On the leaderboard after day one
for surprises in the 60s, but for champions within striking
distance. For a time on Friday, it was
1964 all over again. And Arnold Palmer was attacking
Amen Corner. But this particular dream was
not to be an answer to it. Though he did wind up with a birdie putt That left us with a last hoorah And a reminder of something he
said about this Masters a few weeks earlier. Well, I’m going to be there
trying to win. I remember when Jack Nicklaus
said to me in. Oh, in about uh I think Jack’s what, forty six
now ? Remember about 15 years ago.
And he said to me, he said, well, he said, I’ll tell you
what he says, I will never be playing golf out here when I’m 35 to 40, I will be through.
And I said, well, Jack, I said, you can come and watch me
because I’m going to still be playing.
And. And. And I read an article the other
day where Jack said at 46 and still playing that he felt like a man at 46 ought
to be able to win a golf tournament.
There’s no reason why. And I don’t disagree with him.
It’s a matter of fact, I think he’s right.
I think he can still win a golf tournament.
But if you can win at 46, I’m not sure you can’t win at 56.
You just have to get it all together one time if there’s ever been a place for
Jack Nicklaus to get it together . It’s the 16th hole he birdied here for his first
win in 1963. His last win in 1975.
And now in his latest masters. where he finally makes a putt, shoots 71 and
is one over after two days. That afternoon, in a round of golf worthy of a Sunday finish, seven men will fight for and
fall from the lead all on the second nine. One of them is Seve Ballesteros,
a cool leader until his drive lands behind the tree.
At 13. “…aquí es peligroso. Por aquí es muy peligroso…” That conversation with his caddy,
his brother, results in a three wood shot. But the ball rolls to the creek And Seve falls from the lead. As does Tom Watson, who’s
second at eleven lands not in the pond.
The guards agree. But in Ray’s Creek behind it.
And then he does the same thing at 12 and he’s lost four
shots. Watson is at green zero through
12. At 13 another champion is moving up.
Ben Crenshaw for Eagle. Now three under par, and when Japan’s Tommy
Nakajima does the same thing. Just moments later, there is a
five way tie at the top of the Masters, which again include Ballesteros
now playing his second shot at 15 on this par five he’ll get different results. And in media headquarters, the
lead on the hourly stories is changing.
Five minutes. Crenshaw I certainly come on
strong this afternoon. he just had a 2 on number 13 and Ballesteros putts for eagle. And stands alone at the top. And as the wind blows late in
the day, he lines up a birdie at 18. To get to five under par for a
firm hold on the lead and a one stroke change in the cut.
Well, that miss means one forty nine is in for sure. I think you can pretty well get. For some, it’s time to go home. For others, it’s time to get
close. And Greg Norman, who plays 16
as well as Nicklaus, finishes three shots back.
It’s in the lead after a round of 68, but there are still four
other champions within sight of the top. Played good.
I’m very happy with my score was 68 today in this weather condition was
fantastic, I’m very happy Really exciting up and down, back and forth.
A lot of things happened in your round didn’t they?
That’s what makes these games so interesting. One final note on round two.
Ken Green first round co later made 78.
It would have been worse except for this shot at 18, which
Green never saw. On Saturday.
Expectations run high for the third round as the galleries on
the course and audiences around the world wait for someone to
take control of this Masters. But with one notable exception,
nothing happens. That exception is South Africa’s
Nick Price, who goes out at 32 and then birdies the first four
holes in the second nine. He hits a wedge close at 15. Has that left to go eight under
for the day or under for the tournament ? At 16 now on course record pace
, he hits a tee shot. Take full advantage of where the
hole has been cut. Enough has this for nine under
par. In the history of the Masters, six men have shot 64 as he walked up 18, Nick Price
was putting for 62. The lowest score in Masters
history 63. Two days ago did you think you’d be in a position
to go into Sunday and win the Masters ? No.
No, I didn’t think so. I think.
I was just trying to get into the top 20 so that I could get exempt for next year, get invited back.
Can you do it ? I think so.
I think so. But no one’s ready to concede Langer Likers include Bernhard’s wife,
Vicky on the right. Shannon Pavin is the one woman
cheering section for her husband, Corey, and a
famous father and son combination begins to make a
move on the course. Jack Nicklaus, his son Jackie
caddying shoot 69, but still can’t get a long putt to drop. And it’s two under.
After three rounds and a good chance with a good
round. For others, it’s a day of
missed opportunities. Tom Kite sets up a brilliant
birdie at 17. But then misses a two foot putt
to bogey 18. Corey Pavin eagles 15 and
immediately gives both strokes back when his tee shot, finds the
water at sixteen and Seve Ballesteros goes
virtually the entire day without making a putt, closing with bogeys on the last
two holes for a 72. And that hands the lead to
Australia’s Greg Norman, who birdied 17 for a 68 and a three
day total, six under par. The golf course is very benign
today, and it’s obviously showing, but
still when the heat’s on, the guys really does shoot.
A lot of the leaders aren’t shooting a lot of birdies like
Nickie Price did. So you still get to respect the
old girl she’s uh pressure’s on.
You still got to be careful. Among the contenders, the
defending champion Bernard Langer after a sixty nine. I can go any other place in the world that I don’t get the same
feeling that I get right here at the Masters. On a warm, nearly windless
Sunday, four men arrive for one of golf’s great finishes.
Hey, you look good with the PGA . Yes, you’re right.
You’re right. How are you doing today ? Pretty
good. Thanks.
Hey, you guys. Yeah.
Beautiful, huh ? And one of them made history is even he had
never made it before it. Thank you. Jack Nicklaus played the first
eight holes, even par birdie nine and had this for a birdie
at 10. He was three shots behind the
leaders. I had it in about 25 feet, and
oddly enough, I felt very comfortable over the button,
made the putt. And now as long as putt he made
the whole week right there, he rolled in about a 30 foot birdie
putt on 10. And I think when he made that,
he really got pumped. He putted for another birdie at
eleven. I hit that putt and I said “whew that’s going go in” And now he’s two behind co-leaders
Greg Norman and Seve Ballesteros, I think that was the first time that
I jumped and I started getting really excited. But the charge stalled at 12:00
after a tee shot over the green and I had a pretty darn good
chip at the ball. Got a bad bounce and bounce left
about six feet, some to some feet, left a hole and had a
spike mark right in front of me And the darn spike mark got the ball,
started off wrong and the ball went down and didn’t win.
Then that may have been the one that really helped because it
really made me determined to play the next few holes a little
harder at the same time.
One of the leaders fell back. Greg Norman double bogey the
tenth hole for the second time that week and seemed to fall out
of contention. Nicklaus second shot at 13. If you check the records right
now, you’d notice no one plays the final round of the Masters
better. He’s broken seventy eleven times. But he was still three behind by
Ballesteros, putting for a birdie at 12. Yes.
Yeah. Jack for Eagle at thirteen Get in the hole! He got his fourth birdie in five holes. almost
made that, but had a really Almost made that putt, had a really good putt. And again, was two strokes back. Ballesteros at 13. His shot took the slope of the green to the hole. This time he and his brother had
played it perfectly. From there, an eagle putt to go
nine under. Four better than Nicklaus, two up on fellow competitor Tom Kite, who
birdied the hole. And so Nicklaus came to 15 with eagle three on his mind.
I had a big drive at 15 and I turned to Jackie and I said,
how far do you think a three will go here ? He is all pumped
up yet. I mean, 214 yards and which is
a real big 4 and he told me before he hit the shot he says three would go a long way right now. He hadn’t won a tournament in
nearly two years, a major championship in six. But across the curse, word was
spreading that this afternoon that might change. I hit the putt and hit it fairly
firm, and the ball went into the hole as whoops.
Here we go. And that was a tough putt he had there
It was about a 10 footer left to right breaker.
It broke about eight inches. He knocked that thing in there
and I say, Oh my gosh, look out. The roar for the eagle sent a
shockwave across the Augusta National and Nicklaus two back now was
hardly finished. He was at the 16th hole. And yet another roar split the fairways. I could tell it was close to
hole because ofthe crowd and how they were reacting.
And I didn’t know how close it finished, but it
finished about three feet and had sort of a tricky little left to
right putt before he could hit it.
He had to walk through a 170 yard standing ovation. It is now one behind Seve Ballesteros
who stood in the 15th fairway waiting to play his second shot
and knowing that a man he could hear but not see was gaining on
him. The shot that cost Seve the
Masters sent up a roar that backed Nicklaus off the 17th tee.
There was a tremendous noise went up and I didn’t know
whether there was a cheer or a roar or what it was.
I said, well, he either hit it in the water or holed it. Back at 14, Greg Norman quietly
made Birdie to go six under par. At 15.
Ballesteros tried to save par. At 17, Nicklaus hit his
approach to the green, and as he did, Tom Kite birdied 15 and Jacks ball landed near the
flagstick. At this moment, there was a
three way tie at eight under par . It didn’t last long. For the first time in eleven years,
Jack Nicklaus was alone at the top in the final round of the
Masters. Greg Norman made his second
birdie in a row and was two strokes back. But center stage belonged to
just one man. The ovation is unbelievable.
Between holes it was… The sound was deafening I
couldn’t hear a thing. And coming up, the 18th hole,
of course it’s got one of the great to me in the game of golf is to come up the 18th hole at Augusta and I kept getting
tears in my eyes and kept saying , you know, hey, let’s hold
that back. I said, you’ve got some golf to play. His approach at 18 had caught a
light breeze and landed 45 feet below the hole. He needed to get
down in two. Greg Norman was now at 16. Spin, spin! Jack Nichols shot 65 on Sunday,
30 on the second nine. He had the lead to himself, but
there were three men left with a chance to catch him. Ballesteros’ last chance came at
17, where he missed a long putt for par and then the were two. Greg Norman tapped for birdie at
16, his third in a row and he was one back. As Seve waved a final thank you to
the patrons at 18, Tom Kite needed a birdie to tie Nicklaus. And now there was one. Norman in trouble off the tee
at 17 played a miraculous shot under the trees. He was putting a share of the
lead. Four straight birdies as Jack Nicklaus and his son
watched in the Bob Jones cabin. That was the hardest part.
My stomach was in knots and my dad and I were sitting there and
he got up walking around and and that was the toughest part. Par to tie, birdie to win. Norman’s approach to 18. I was basically trying to go for
the three as and while I was playing for the four so there was a shot I was trying to
play for, but I just didn’t make a good swing in it. He had this putt for par and a
playoff. On Sunday, Jack Nicklaus won
his sixth Masters. It was was such a thrill.
I mean, I remember walking up each green and I
was really getting choked up inside of me.
You know, I just I was so proud of him. That was something that Jack did I don’t know how he does it. He doesn’t have any nerves Or not at 46 years old anyway. You all have been just so
fantastic. Coming down the stretch today was experience I’ll never forget
. I’ve had it a couple other times
in my life. And when a fella gets that, I was
fortunate to have it in 78 at St. Andrews and 80 at Baltusrol. Coming down the stretch and
having the people react like they did. I kept saying to myself, as I’m
walking down the fairways, just come on, Jack, I said, I
start to get tears in my eyes. And I said, you’ve got more
golf to play. And I want to thank you from the
bottom of my heart. You were terrific.
Thank you. He wore his first green jacket
23 years ago. He was the youngest champion then And we’ve watched him grow
through the years. There’s never been a golfer like
him at the Masters. Maybe there’s never been a
golfer like him, period. A friend of mine this week had
an article was written in Atlanta last Sunday.
Put it on the refrigerator, made me read it.
This article says, Nicklaus, gone done.
Clubs are too rusty. I keep thinking that all week is
like clubs are not rusty and I’m not done.