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If Undertale was Realistic GRAND FINALE

February 24, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

If Undertale was Realistic GRAND FINALE

How’s it going? – Mate I’ll tell you what Jesus was in proper fit weren’t he? – That’s Jennifer Anniston. – Oh so I guess this isn’t God then, crazy. Hey guys, the grand finale will be right back but first. It’s been a long time since we’ve uploaded right? And that’s because it’s very difficult to do these long length animations without our sponsors So a loud shout out and a thank you to app bounty for making smash bits animations possible Do you want some steam gift cards? Well you’re in luck, because app bounty is all about getting gift cards! It’s really simple and easy and it’s available on the iOS and Android But don’t go to the store or anything use our link in the description below We want to let app bounty know how much we love them (You know what I mean) So use the description the link below! So basically App Bounty gives you daily missions Where you try out like different mobile apps, and then you get credits for trying them out And then you exchange those credits for gift cards. Let me give you let me let me show you So first you select the mission you want send you to the store download the program Open it and then wait wait for it there you go 50 credits for opening boom You got it right, so you can delete the app afterwards. You don’t really need to keep these apps afterwards, but look at all these missions You’ve got but what you really want to do is you got to go check out the play and earn tab That’s where you can earn the most credits And this you actually will sometimes need to open the app and then just sit in there for like two minutes sometimes They give you different missions to complete in the app, badabing badaboom There we go alright so for my experience you’re not gonna. Just like jump into this and play for two hours. It’s more of like a daily You know five minutes here or 10 minutes there type thing, that’s where you’re really gonna get the most amount of credits So you know when you’re on the way to work riding the bus or something this is really where you want to go to get some free gift cards and again make sure you check out that link in the And again make sure you check out that link in the description that’s where you really want to go. Oh, and I almost forgot if you use the invite code Oh, and I almost forgot! If you use the invite code Smash bits you get some free credits alright – Mate if you take one more step forward, I’m sorry, but then you’re gonna down this drink, GLUGEDY GLUGEDY GLUGEDY!!! WASTE SMASH!! but on a serious note I gotta kill you. – What? – I love you mate. I mean that in the most homoerotic way possible, but you’ve killed everything! There’s no one left to serve me at the bar anymore. What are you doing? – Well if that’s how it’s gotta be, try and waste smash me this time – DA, DADADAAAAAA!! No, I am currently stealing your thunder! CHILD! I’m sick of you rejecting me! I’m sick of staying up at night typing up passive-aggressive tweets about you, and deleting them and then doing them again And then *inhale* I can’t handle the anxiety, I would rather you were dead out my life! So gimme those! – Mate, those are my skeleton head things, – EAT THIS. *tie-fighter sound* I’ve Got A BONE To pick with you NYEHEH WAHAHAHAHAHAY YES YES YES YES YES Oh No CUAGHOOOWU Why did the skeleton die? I don’t know, why? – BECAUSE YOU STABBED HIM YOU DOUCHE! uugh. – Good one Papyrus, wait. You just killed me source of endless skeleton joke entertainment, and? Now I’m moderately angry! *Smashing Into Walls Intensifies* – I didn’t go to the gym this week, and I ate a bit of pizza. I’m so out of shape is unreal! ~snoring~ Mate (x6), – You made a great snail, Sans. Now, it’s time to make a great corpse! – WAHAHAHAHAY, Did ya really think you’d be able to- GAAAAAH, GAAAH, ME BOOTY. HOOWAA AGHHHHHHHH I always thought sans were stronger, he was always so calm. Well, I guess that’s because nothing gets under his skin. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA um, I mean I’m definitely dead yes – UHAHAHAHAUUUU – Now now don’t cry, and if you do cry please cry into my glass. So good! – My TV show was doing so well the child kept killing everybody into time. Oh shit here he is! Oh hello there? Ha ha ha You must be that really nice child I heard so much about Yeah, I am a sweetie to be honest now. Give me your wallet Oh shit I-uh Oh! I got a pastry. Will that do? Tasty MHMHA-AHAHA HEY NOW THERE’S NO NEED TO CHOP OFF MY LIMBS oh actually i was gonna carve out a nice, Happy face on your back A-AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR THAT EITHER And if you do, can you make a little kissy face that’s my favorite emoji? Fine do the happy face. Why don’t we just settle this with a nice bit of tea? OH MY GOD, SO MANY KNIVES I’VE NEVER SEEN SO MANY KNIVES. I’m surrounded by marshmallows?
I MUST BE IN HEAVEN. Uh I-I-I Got him for you. You dickhead. You just completely stole my kill m-deh-eh-eh CHILDEH, kill stealing little goon. Stay away from me child. Oh Shieeeeet I’m not strong enough anymore. You’ve only just figured this out… see I was down below I was waiting to attack the the weird goat man You see I didn’t betray you I mean how could I do that to my best friend on my favorite friend by the way on Facebook? I’m just parting out a problem. I like all of your posts. Even the selfies. Oh, yeah, especially your selfies I see I like that selfie. Oh, that’s a really nice selfie. We filtered all the filters all the filthy yes I’m friendly of that cold alley ed-edit Hmm Please don’t unfriend me on Facebook YAA-YAA-YAAAAAAAAA-AHHHHHHHH Yeah, you’re a prick by the way AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EGHAE BLBLBLBBLBLBLBLB Heh HEH HEH HEH HAHAHAHA Greetings You interrupted my evil laugh, I’m Chara, Or Chara, Cheera, C,H,A,R,A OK Hey, thanks for the spelling class, thank you. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Nono say like TENK U TENK U That’s better, you were saying Your Power Awakened Me From DEATH, a break in your soul, your Determination, Your Not Mine But Yours. Y,O,U,R,S What was your name again, was it like Chara or something? LOOK, IM AN EVIL SPIRIT CHILD OR SOMETHING AND EVERY TIME YOU KILL A MONSTER I GET STRONGER It made me a happy body inside even when you killed the tables. Whoop-dee-doo can I kill you. Now. Let’s erase this pointless world And Move on to the next Don’t know about you, but this is the only world I know where are you from Uranus? heh heh Your anus. Uuuuh, do you wanna erase the world or not? No you smell funny, and I don’t mean funny is like haha like funny as in FISH SINCE WHEN WERE YOU THE ONE IN CONTROL Slowly Coming In Control NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN Is your newfound Penguin impression I think you’ll find that you were just a soldier, and I am the commandah i’ve done it I’ve Killed everything Okay now I’ve killed everything am I right lads *loses sanity* Or am I right lads? *goes coocoo for cocoa puffs* You Are Right Lad. Who’s There? Lad Lad? HEUGHUUUGH That’s right Lad, you forgot what you are fighting for lad, it was to save you lad but you’ve become corrupted lad I wouldn’t even class you as a lad anymore. Oh oh God what have I done I’m the same as flowey lad I have the same powers I can revive every lad THEN DO IT LAD the power will only work if I am slain lad Huh? you see I am a god I oversee this underground lad, but I like to live among you I through you lad we became proper lads. Lad I won’t go down without a fight lad, so I’m begging you lad kill me and revive all the proper lads. but but lad COME AT ME LAD I DON’T WANNA KILL YOU LAD ITS EITHER YOU KILL ME OR I KILL YOU LAD It seems you weren’t strong enough lad, I’m sorry lad, I guess so, AM I RIGHT LADS OR AM I RIGHT LADS, YOU ARE RIGHT- Laaaaaad Be free lads Let’s all leave together in lad harmony, but not you *Credits*

The trick that made animation realistic

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This walrus didn’t get these dance moves on
his own. They came from Cab Calloway, a 1930s jazz
singer and band leader. Do you see it now? Cab was a source of endless inspiration for
early animators, who transformed his dancing into that walrus, and a ghost, and a very
moonwalky old man of the mountain. “The old man of the mountain!” The way those moves got from real life to
cartoon was a breakthrough in technology and method. It’s an idea that forever changed animation,
when an inventor took pictures that had just started to move and made them dance. As…“riveting” as that was…early animation
had a problem: the first animated shorts didn’t look right. Don’t focus on the drawing. Look at the motion. See how clunky his arm move is here? And how his shoulder doesn’t move realistically? Max Fleischer saw that problem too. This is him, the inventor, blowing bubbles
in some of the first films that revolutionized animation. And this is the clown that did it. See how naturally Koko the clown moves compared
to the umbrella guy? That’s where the invention called the rotoscope
comes in. You can understand it from the patent application. It was a way to film real movement to create
better animation. First, they filmed live action motion in the
wild — for Koko the clown, they filmed Max’s brother, Dave Fleischer, dancing around in
a clown costume on Max’s roof. He was in front of a white sheet, for contrast. The sheet actually blew around so much that
once Dave almost fell off the roof. So, don’t try this at home. That film gave them individual frames of Koko
moving around, like in the patent. They used a projector, hooked up to a car
headlamp to amp up brightness, and it showed each frame on a screen with tracing paper. Then they just played it back, frame by frame,
tracing what they needed. It had the creativity of animation, but the
precision of live action. The results were astonishingly smooth, and
lots of people noticed. The New York Times said Koko, “The Inkwell
Man,” “leaps as a human being,” and it made sense — he was one. Take Cab Calloway’s performance. Now, animators didn’t have to guess what
subtle movements came in the middle. They had a filmed guide to every frame. Later, it helped out with Superman — using
photos and film to model Lois, like here. Gulliver’s Travels also had hyperreal movement
inspired by real motion. When the patent expired, other animation studios
followed. But Fleischer’s work was more than just
one invention. Now these cartoons and other ones at the time
are filled with tons of cringey stereotypes that wouldn’t pass muster today. But the creativity? That, that is not dated at all. “Here we go!” Fleischer studios invented the bouncing ball
song, where you can follow along with the lyrics. Oh yes, there’s a patent. Max and Dave patented multiplane animation
as well. See how they could film the main character
moving and separately move the background elements, like pictures and models? This created depth and saved animators time. It enabled gorgeous motion like in this scene
from Superman. As it evolved, Fleischer animation mixed all
these technologies with skilled artistry and improvisation. And that’s why rotoscoping is a versatile
tool still, whether it’s inspiring some of the animation in early video games or in
its logical extension in motion capture, where real movements are
given over to animators’ fancy. But even that undersells their achievements
a little. That Cab Calloway Walrus cartoon — Minnie
the Moocher — is a Betty Boop cartoon. But it is a work of art filled with infinite
delights that tantali—… Scratch that. It is straight up weird, in the best way possible. Phones have lips, handkerchiefs talk, ghost
skeletons get drunk, tonsils scream — the list goes on. When Cab Calloway saw himself turned into
a dancing walrus, he fell to the floor laughing. An invention made that work, but it was a
different type of genius that made Cab Calloway fall to the floor. You can patent a device. But you can’t patent that. That’s it for this episode in this series
about big changes to movies that came from outside of Hollywood. If there are any other animation examples
you find striking, let me know in the comments. I do want to take a chance though to underscore
just how far outside of Hollywood the Fleischers were — in addition to their New York Studios,
they had one in Miami, Florida, and that is where Gulliver’s Travels was actually made.

Maroon 5 – Cold (Lyrics) ft. Future

February 24, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 10 Comments

Maroon 5 – Cold (Lyrics)  ft. Future

Cold enough to to my bones Feels like I don’t know you anymore I don’t understand why you’re so cold to meet with every breath you Breathe, I see there’s something going on. I don’t Understand why you’re so cold. Are we taking time out? I can’t eat in between Asking me for space here in my house. You know how to fuck with me. I feel we’re not together Not her everything the weaving through sleeping up under the covers I’m so far away from you Distant when we’re kissing If you’re so different Baby, tell me how did you get so What you’re holdin on holdin on for you need to sleep Why you wanna bite your tongue for silence is killing me nuts. Look, we’re not together If you don’t want this the words they use people up under the covers I’m so far away from you this time When we’re kisses You’re so different Baby tell me how did you get so Never thought that you would like this I took the tag on four major prizes Stan I just spent a half a million on a chandelier that each I’m coming y’all like a light switch Trying staying I leave Saying that you need some time to breathe Thinking that I’m sleeping on the far another word, but the four-letter word don’t sleep we go in two separate way you and me You gotta go where we die is to beat you don’t dig it W-with the side get attacked again Yah Debate I see Go

Technology: it’s in our homes
and in our cars, but why can’t it be in us? Well, now it can.
Ronny Chieng has more in his segment
Today’s Future Now. ♪ ♪ Thanks, Trevor. For years, we’ve mostly
just operated our technology with our hands and our fingers, like a bunch of cavemen or people from Michigan. We love to finger
our technology. We finger it all day long. But now “science” has found a way to get
our whole bodies involved. Exoskeleton vests
are changing the game for the American
manufacturing workforce. Ford Motor Company
recently unveiled its plan to provide workers
with wearable technology. REPORTER: It’s an exoskeleton
that helps maintain good posture, adding up
to 15 pounds of support to each arm
when it’s raised up. Nicholas Gotts spends much
of the day on the Ford Mustang
assembly line reaching up. Really? They call you Rocket Man
and Mr. Incredible? Or are you trying
to give yourself a nickname and make it stick by saying it
on national television? Because it doesn’t work
like that, man. Okay? If you want to give yourself
a nickname, you got to be more subtle. Take some advice
from the Chinese stallion. You got to slip it in, when people
aren’t paying attention. W-Wait, wait, wait.
You’re the Chinese stallion? Yeah, I mean, tha-that’s what
I keep hearing people saying these days,
so I guess it’s official. But, more importantly, I don’t know if I trust
that robot vest, okay? I see what’s happening. First, the robot’s like, “Hey, let me help you
lift that.” Then the robot’s like,
“Hey, you know what? I-I can do that myself.
Why don’t you go take a break?” And, next thing you know,
the robot has your job and is banging your wife, okay? And there’s also downsides. Because not only is technology
taking over our lives, it’s about to make us look
a lot stupider. REPORTER: Swiss drone scientists
are working on a wearable drone controller. It’s basically a fancy jacket
with a lot of sensors on it. You put it on and then you add a little virtual reality
headset and then you raise your arms
like a bird, as free as you can be, and, uh, you’ve got to twist
your torso every which way to pilot the drone. Oh, wow. How convenient. So instead of using
a remote control for my drone that fits in my hand, now I just have to put on
20 pounds of equipment? I can’t lift 20 pounds, okay? Do I look like the Rock? Do I? (shouts of assent, cheering) No! No, I don’t. But thank you. (laughter) So, I shouldn’t need
a whole workout routine just to spy on my neighbors
sunbathing on their roof, okay? My problem with this
is that it’s too small-minded. We’re in the future.
We shouldn’t be flying drones. -We should be flying ourselves.
-MAN: Yes! REPORTER: It’s not a sight
you’d expect to see on the streets of London. But few are more blown away
by the jet suit than the man who invented it,
Richard Browning. It’s almost like that dream
most people seem to have around being able to just think
somewhere and fly there. REPORTER: It can reach speeds
of 32 miles an hour and an altitude of 12,000 feet. Anyone can fly it,
with training and insurance. It’s made up
of five mini jet engines, one on the back and two on each
arm, which control direction. Finally. Now, this is
an awesome way to travel, even though he looks like Tony
Stark got his suit from H&M. And… look
at all those engines. I can finally fulfill
my childhood dream of flying and killing
eight geese at once. But as cool as this suit is,
there is one drawback. REPORTER: For now,
the fuel pack limits the suit to only three
or four minutes of flight. (laughter) So this thing can fly up to 12,000 feet but only has gas
for three minutes. That sounds like a great way
to fall from 12,000 feet. But you know what? The good thing
about all this new technology is that we’ve all been worried
that robots are gonna take over and kill humanity. But it turns out
we’re becoming the robots and we’re gonna kill ourselves
first. So, suck it, robots. That’ll
teach you to bang our wives. The Chinese stallion, everybody!

You Should Never Order Lo Mein At A Chinese Restaurant. Here’s Why

Lo mein may be the perfect Chinese comfort
food, slightly sweet, a little bit sticky, not too spicy, but oh-so-satisfying. If you can’t eat a whole plateful in one sitting,
the leftovers seem to taste even better the next day, even if you eat them straight from
the carton and cold from the fridge. Still, as tempting as lo mein may be, it’s
really not something you should order from a Chinese restaurant. For one thing, lo mein in most American restaurants
isn’t even remotely authentic. Unlike the totally-American General Tso’s
chicken, lo mein can easily be found in China, but the Chinese version is quite different
from the one Americans are familiar with. “Lo mein” actually means “stirred noodles”
and refers to a method of preparation rather than a specific dish. According to My Great Recipes, the Chinese
method involves stirring noodles into a soup broth just before it finishes cooking, so
the noodles become soft and absorb the flavor of the broth and its seasonings. ChowHound further explains the differences
between lo mein as it might be served in Boston versus Beijing. In the U.S., lo mein noodles are tossed in
a hot wok with a thick brown sauce. Chinese lo mein noodles are also stir-fried
in a wok, but the sauce is lighter and thinner, perhaps made with soy and rice vinegar with
just a tiny bit of thickener. Despite these differences, we realize most
people won’t pass on lo mein just because it’s not entirely authentic. “I gotta have a lo mein.” However, most people should pass on lo mein
because it’s so unhealthy. Lo mein is basically a heaping helping of
carbs and a whole lot of oil. If you order it from P.F. Chang’s, even the veggie version has 630 calories,
10 grams of fat, and 114 grams of carbs. By adding pork, your meal will hit 920 calories
and 32 grams of fat. Also, if you’re watching your sodium intake,
you might want to look away from lo mein, soy sauce boosts the sodium content to 3,540
milligrams for the veggie dish, and a whopping 4,170 for the shrimp version. “Mmmm, salty.” The sugar content isn’t looking good, either,
20 grams for each type of lo mein except veggie, which tops out at 23 grams. If you’re wondering how this compares to the
recommended daily values based on 2,000 calories per day, pork lo mein will deliver nearly
half of your daily allowed 78 fat grams, and all the lo mein entrees offered will give
you more than one-third of your 275 grams of carbs. You’ll be nearly halfway to your permitted
50 grams of sugar, but way over the top on sodium, since you should really only be consuming,
at most, 2,300 milligrams a day. Lo mein also isn’t the best choice when it
comes to your budget. CheatSheet lists lo mein as one of the top
Chinese restaurant menu items that are a waste of money. At most places, the dish consists primarily
of noodles, which is one of the cheapest items in a restaurant’s kitchen. What’s more, they can be bulked up with inexpensive
veggies such as cabbage, while you’ll find fewer pieces of more expensive proteins, like
shrimp or beef. It’s a simple way for restaurants to skimp
on serving anything that’s actually going to cost them too much money. Plus, they can get rid of any veggies they
may have overstocked. It’s a nice arrangement for restaurant owners,
but you won’t be getting the best meal for your money. “Well, that place was a rip-off.” If you want to enjoy a healthier version of
lo mein for a lot less cash than it will cost you in a restaurant, it’s actually a really
simple dish to make at home. If you don’t have any Chinese egg noodles,
Epicurious points out that you can easily use any type of round noodle instead. Also, you won’t need any complicated ingredients
for the sauce. You should be able to find everything at your
local grocery store. Then just add veggies and, if you like, some
pork or other meat for the protein. Even the wok is optional, as chef Jet Tila
points out, almost any large pan will do. “A simple pan with high sides that gets hot
is totally fine.” It will take about 15 or 20 minutes from the
time you start boiling the water to cook the noodles to the time dinner is done. Plus, it will be healthier and much cheaper
than if you ordered it in a restaurant. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
dishes are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.

Why Batman’s New Costume Could Be Made From A Gun

Damn, Bruce…that’s metal. Footage from a camera test for The Batman
featuring Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit has officially been unveiled, and fans are
already picking it apart. Among their more fascinating discoveries:
Batman’s chest plate appears to have been made from repurposed materials. Although the footage is bathed in red light,
it does reveal a pretty sweet-looking Batsuit with a solemn Robert Pattinson demonstrating
that, at the very least, he has the right jaw for the part. The chest plate really turned heads, though;
at first glance, it simply appears to be mechanical, possibly made from a pair of Batarangs or
some other gadgets of the type that the Dark Knight is inclined to utilize. At second glance, though, it looks like something
much more hardcore: pieces of a gun. “Bob? Gun.” Now, we know what you may be thinking: Batman
doesn’t use guns. Heck, he hates guns. Why on Earth would he have pieces of one embedded
in his costume? Fans think they know the answer, and if you
haven’t guessed it yet, prepare for a big ol’ explosion inside your cranium. The theory is that it isn’t just any gun that
Batman may have used to construct his chest plate. Fans believe that the possible gun in question
will serve to remind Bruce Wayne, every single time he goes to put on that suit, why he’s
putting himself in danger to protect the citizens of Gotham. The gun that can prod him to think of the
innocent lives that might be lost if he should lose his focus the gun that set him on the
path to becoming the Batman in the first place. That’s right: the idea goes that protecting
Batman’s heart in the new Batsuit could be the gun that was used to kill his parents. Fans weren’t the only ones to jump on this
possibility. Filmmaker and comic book writer Kevin Smith
was among the first to notice that the insignia on the new Batman costume could be made from
a gun because if it’s indeed true, he’s likely the one that gave the film’s team the idea. Smith was among the many writers to participate
in the creation of Detective Comics #1000, a 2019 tome that featured a plethora of intriguing
Batman tales. In Smith’s story, Bruce Wayne melted down
the firearm that was used in his parents’ murder, fashioning it into a plate that was
hidden under the logo on his chest. If this is true, it could be a very savvy
move. The murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne is a
well-known and oft-depicted element of Batman’s story, and it’d be easy to make the case that
The Batman would do well to avoid revisiting that particular plot point. Using their murder weapon as an element of
Batman’s costume could serve as a compelling visual signifier of the Dark Knight’s origin
a way to ensure that even if they’re never even seen onscreen, the Waynes’ presence will
loom large over The Batman’s narrative. The gun that killed Batman’s parents also
appears in an arguably even more significant way in the pages of the wondrously loony Batman:
Year Two. At a tense point in the first issue’s narrative,
Bruce Wayne decides that the proper way to avenge his parents’ deaths is to take the
gun involved in their murder and fire it at someone else. Circling back to the new Batman costume, fans
have pointed out that it seems to be something of an amalgam of a number of Batsuits past. Among its more prominent features is a popped
collar, which calls to mind the design of the cowl in Gotham by Gaslight, the 1989 comic
and later animated film that posited an alternate version of Batman operating in the Victorian
era. “I need your files on the Ripper.” The shoulder pieces and overall aesthetic
of the new Batsuit also seem to owe a lot to Batman’s design in the Arkham video game
series particularly 2015’s Arkham Knight while the mask is reminiscent of nothing so much
as the classic design from Tim Burton’s original 1989 flick Batman. If the Batman team was going for a best-of-all-worlds
kind of feel with the new Batsuit, then so far, it’s looking like they pretty much nailed
it. The Batman is scheduled for release on June
25, 2021. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
DC characters are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.

I Paid My Girlfriend For Every Kiss She Gave Me

February 24, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

I Paid My Girlfriend For Every Kiss She Gave Me

Hi everyone, my name is Terrence and I’m 17
years old. I depended on one girl so much, that I stole
for her. Let me tell you one thing at a time… Six months ago, I met a girl named Elizabeth
on Instagram. Of course, at first I only saw her Instagram
page, but she was incredibly beautiful in her pictures. She’s 17 too, and she lives a couple of blocks
away. I liked these coincidences… and I talked
to her for a week, and realized that we had a lot in common. For example, we both thought I was a great
guy, and most importantly, a good friend… This is my way of telling you guys that she
totally had me friend-zoned… it was a shame, but regardless, I believed that it was necessary
to fight for a girl, so I continued to talk to her, hoping for something more. I wrote to her often, but she ignored most
of my messages. Elizabeth didn’t tell me what had happened
to her parents, but she lived with her grandmother. According to her stories, they never had much
money, and over time, things got even worse. At some point, her grandmother started having
heart problems and most of their money was spent on medicine. Then it wasn’t just new things that Lisa couldn’t
afford, but also food. I wouldn’t say that I was happy about this
situation, but it helped me come up with a cool idea for how to help both Lisa and myself,
and even her grandmother. I asked Lisa to date me for money… (20 bucks per date). I know what you’re thinking, it sounds strange,
but I was tired of just seeing her online. She had doubts, but when I made it clear that
I did not expect for her to have feelings for me, and that I could only hope for them
to appear, she agreed. So we started “Dating…” This was one of those times where a girl is
even more beautiful in real life than in her Instagram pictures. I was glad that I had finally gotten the opportunity
to meet her in person. But unfortunately, our dates were very weird. Elizabeth felt like she was at work. I took her to the movies and cafes, and gave
her little gifts, but it was all in vain. Of course, I was very upset. My money was going to run out at some point. A week passed, and there were still no results. One day, after watching a movie with my parents,
I had another idea. In the movie, a frail man (just like me),
beat up a bad guy who insulted his girlfriend and won her heart – and the whole situation
had been set up by this guy in the movie. I decided to do something similar. One night, when I was walking Elizabeth home,
the “bad boy” – played by my friend Jason – began to harass us. Everything looked very realistic, the harassment,
and the fight. So the plan worked. When Jason “ran away in terror” from my strong
fists, Elizabeth was very impressed and even kissed me on the cheek. And even though I was really happy, that kiss
ended up not really changing anything. I stopped caring about classes and spent all
day trying to figure out how to make Elizabeth fall in love with me. At some point, I decided to ask my father
for some advice. I became interested how he had won my mother’s
heart. It turned out that they had experienced a
similar situation, except for the money aspect, of course. My mother also did not want to be with him
for a long time, but according to him, everything changed after a magic kiss. When she was about to blow him off again,
he just kissed her on the lips, and then it all started to spin… and at that moment
I thought, ” So this is what I’ve been missing.” I thanked my father for his advice, and went
over to Elizabeth’s house a couple of hours later. I want to clarify, at that time the idea “money
=dates” was firmly stuck in my head. So on one of our dates, instead of doing it
unexpectedly or romantically, I just asked how much she would expect for kissing me on
the lips… I am still surprised that I did not get slapped
in the face for asking… but apparently, she was also used to me paying for everything,
so she offered her price. It was 500 dollars… Man, I really wanted to kiss her, and I really
wanted to be with her. But $500 was out of my budget. It was too awkward to ask her for a discount
on this, but I could definitely have used one. Anyway, I assured myself that this kiss, as
my dad said, would change everything, so I started thinking about ways to get the money. I had some savings, of course, which I used
to pay for Elizabeth and I on our dates, but by then, it was almost gone. That’s when I remembered my parents ‘ savings… They kept most of their money in a Bank account,
but I knew for sure that they had some of it in a drawer in their room, and that they
also don’t look in there very often. I decided to steal it for the sake of love. Especially since I was still going to put
that money back after I got a job. So, when my parents were not at home, I looked
in that box and saw that there was much more than I needed, but I obviously only took $500. I closed the drawer and made it look like
I had never been there, and then I ran to Elizabeth. I was so excited about the kiss that I almost
fell as I was running. When I met her, I gave her the money, and
the truth hit me. I had already kissed girls before, but this
time… I’ll remember those 10 seconds for the rest
of my life … unfortunately, as you may have already realized, it was only amazing for
me. Elizabeth’s face showed almost no emotion
after the kiss… But at that moment, I was still fooling myself
that everything would change. After the kiss, we went for a walk. I reached out to kiss her goodbye, but…
but she didn’t want to kiss me again… When I got home, my parents were in some kind
of fight. As far as I could tell, mom suspected that
dad had a mistress. They were screaming, but to be honest, I didn’t
really get into it, because I had had enough of my own drama. Ah… But the worst was yet to come. Elizabeth and I went out much less often,
because, as I said, my savings were gone. Surprisingly, over time, I even began to think
about her less, but unfortunately not enough time had passed for me to forget her completely. One day, when I was walking with Jason (my
friend who played the bad guy in our “fight”), I noticed Elizabeth at a cafe with some guy. I was not about to jump to conclusions, you
never know who it could be. But at the same moment I went inside to say
Hello, she kissed him. I instantly forgot that I was with Jason. I felt dizzy. I thought it was only girls who get sick from
love. But as it turns out, thats not true. Elizabeth saw me and took me aside to talk. Basically, she told me what I was afraid to
admit… I listened, with tears in my eyes, when she
said that the guy she kissed was her real boyfriend. And she only sees me as a friend, a friend
that pays her to hang out with him. Why didn’t I end it after that kiss that didn’t
lead to anything?! It would have been much easier. But there in the cafe, being shocked and extremely
jealous, I did something stupid. I asked her how much money she would need
to leave her boyfriend and finally love me for real, without paying for dates and kisses. I was so naive to think that I could buy love
for money… She said she wanted $3,000, and as far as
I understood, if I could not pay it I was supposed to just leave her alone. But, I was ready to act… I told her to wait for me in that cafe… And she grinned, agreed, and sat back down
with her boyfriend… I ran home to get the money. My parents were at home, but in the kitchen,
so I managed to quietly sneak into their room for the money. I quickly counted out $3,000 and left, but
not before covering my tracks. When I returned to the cafe with the money,
Elizabeth was shocked. She thought I might have done something illegal
to get the money, but she didn’t ask about it. And maybe it was just because of the money,
or maybe it was because she saw what I was willing to do for her, but she broke up with
that guy. After that, we had a great date. She knew that I no longer had any money, so
she paid for me everywhere we went. It surprised me, because she had never done
this before… I was just so happy, that I blindly believed
that everything would change. What a jerk I am. My problems continued and my parents noticed
that the money was gone. When I got home, my mother asked me if I had
taken the money. Of course, I was afraid, so I said no. But my mother believed me. Her main suspect was my dad. Ever since she’d been paranoid about him having
a mistress, she’d been suspicious of him. Well, the disappearance of three and a half
thousand dollars confirmed her version… Dad also wondered where the money had gone
and asked me several times about it, but I just shook my head no. So a week passed and they were fighting all
the time, but I was hoping that I would have enough time to get a job, earn the money,
and put it back as if nothing had happened. To be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking
at the time. I’m a complete idiot… You might have already guessed, but my love
story was over as fast as that $3,000 ran out. We basically dated for a week after that,
but then she broke up with me. The dumbest thing is that I was surprised
by what happened back then. I’ll never get tired of calling myself a naive
fool… but the story with my parents wasn’t over yet. After they could not find the reason for the
disappearance of the money, my mother accused my father of spending it on a mistress, and
they decided to get a divorce. At that moment, my conscience was fully awake,
and I confessed. Of course, my parents were very angry that
I almost drove them to divorce, and that I stole their money… They did not kick me out of the house, but
they said that they would no longer help me financially. And of course, that I should get a job and
pay them back all the money I had taken… That’s my story… Have you ever been as far in the friend zone
as I was? Tell me in the comments how it was for you. And, of course, share this video with your

Call of Duty Mobile Realistic – Indonesia

February 23, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

DUMAMON: hello guys, please mind me DUMAMON : I’m new in here NUKMAN KHAN : hello NUKMAN KHAN : let’s demolize the enemy DUMAMON : okay TOMMY : i’ll be the sniper okay DUMAMON : okay IRFAN : if you meet the enemy, just shoot at them. DUMAMON : OKAY OM MOBI : just don’t be the weight in our team DUMAMON :OK HMM, Sniper or assault rifle? this one maybe ready Charge! why I’m here?? oh, a sniper! watch for me okay! alive again? come on! can you play the game eh!? you’re just screwed our team! you die too much! you can play the game or not huh!? you just add some weight in our team! you play COD or play some toddler toys huh!?? it’s because of you our score get left behind! can’t you really play!? c’mon, don’t let our team get defeated! okay sir! okay… reloading! out of ammo, dammit okay, let’s use the knife nice weapon. what is that? die! this is so cool! whoa! we got a VTOL! C’mon! we have VTOL, move forward!! got you! eat this!! where are you going huh!? winner! whoaa this is so cool! FARDHAN : what is that cool skill?? FADLY : Whoa, there are some class in here too FADLY: I’ll choose defender , so i can protect you all ADHIT : I’ll be the medic then RONI : Okay then, I’ll chose the robot toys image FARDHAN: okay then, I’ll choose the radar image FADLY : you guys, please chill out. I’ll protect you all you guys watch for the back okay FARDHAN : what is that?? i’ts very cool! ADHIT : okay then, I’ll try mine RONI : that’s mad! ADHIT : whoa, if it like this ,then don’t worry if you guys get shot you can get healed RONI : Awesome! Your turn, fardhan FARDHAN: did you see enemy position? ADHIT : nope, I see nothing FARDHAN : so,, you guys not see enemy’s foot trails on the ground too? RONI : ah! it’s only your eyes only! FADLY : That is very usefull for spotting enemy’s location! RONI : Now my turn! whoa a robot! robot, please come out! why is nothing happened FARDHAN : Ah! your class is useless! ADHIT : just change the class ! RONI : change class! Arrggh! hey, where we should land? anywhere, as long we’re all together okay, anywhere then. i’ll follow you guys okay then, we’ll drop over here okay whoa this is so coool! mom, dad, I’m flying!! where we should go now?? okay, let’s split up! I’m with roni will go over there! okay let okay let’s go! a free pistol oopss hey!, who’s the nearest!? come here! enemy’s over here! okay, i’ll come! why charge the enemy?? don’t do reckles thing! do you not listening!? it’s safe, the wound will healed up! dammit! look what i said! I can’t hold it! dammit man! what is this? perhaps.. what a cool item! i think the enemy just walk past here before I think it’s time to try this thing while the enemy is not arround do it have any function? OH MY GOD! why’re they not attacking me? why are’nt you attacking things? what skill is this!?? ron! what are you doing? just revive me already! c’mon quick! where’s the enemy!? I think it’s over there are you joking or not!? i’m serious okay then, let’s chase that guy! why are you looting things right now!! i’ve seen enemy’s footstep c’mon quick! are you sure dhan ? positive! just follow me! the trail’s stopped do you see it? it’s only you who can see it right!? wait a second i’ll do double check it’s only 5 meter from us nobody’s here! above you! Ron! help! now what? c’mon, let’s regroup with other wait a minute I can heal while walking hahaha hey man, you died too eh? you died too? yeah, haha hey dude, you died too ? yeah, i’ve died three times already have you planned landing location yet? i’m still thinking okay, i’m droppin here mee too be carefull dude! hey! where is Adhit!? adit is dead! so, now only three of us don’t worry, he can life again so, people can just life again? I don’t know! I’m a newbie too remember? hey guys! he’s back to life! okay, we cannot be separated anymore yeah yeah, right where’s your weapon? I think when you’re brought back to life, you only got this gun. okay, use mine so, what weapon will you use then? I think i’m using my previous gun, it’s cooler haha so, what now? just stay together! okay heeelp oh my! the zone guys! whoa, right! c’mon, let’s jump the cliff move move move! okay, only one squad is left we should find them we can win this! but still, we need to be prepared! don’t worry, i’ll handle this situation! i think they are not far from here what is he doing ron? it’s still warm, wanna try? I think it’s over there wait, i’ll double check our team is unstoppable! we can win this! where’s the rest? I think, its over there okay, let’s form formation

How To Find Your PASSION In Life In 2020 | Find Your True Purpose ft. Tom Bilyeu

No one is born with a passion,
right? You would
imagine me saying that Steve Jobs was born with a passion for technology,
what if he’d been born 7000 years ago? 50 000 years ago?
Would he still have that, would he be dreaming of the iPhone?
No, of course not. So,
where you grow up is going to influence your outcomes
far more than who you are. Like,
this is terrifying, the greatest predictor of your future success
is the ZIP code in which you grow up, it’s not your IQ.
It’s all about like, what are you going to build?
Like at what point do you look inside the brain
and go: “Ohhh,
this is how it works”. And so,
I’m going to build desire.
So, building desire is one of the most misunderstood
things in the world.
It’s like when people say, “Oh my god I’m in love with this woman”
and they think it’s gonna be like that forever and when that wains
and they break up and they keep chasing that initial high
without recognizing, that’s just not the truth of human
neurochemistry. It’s never gonna be like that.
So, it starts with that just all-consuming drug-like
quality and then it smooths out into something
that’s long term pair-bonding and you have to know how to ride those waves.
So, desire is very much the same, you have to learn how to fan those flames,
to take an ember of interest and turn it into a raging inferno.
So, when I was at Quest, my raging inferno,
my reason for existing, was to end metabolic disease.
Well, now I’m doing Impact Theory and I’m not thinking about metabolic disease
anymore, I’m thinking
about the poor mindset
and I’m trying to save people from their ZIP code
is an easy way to think of it. And so, I
fan those flames,
which is something I wasn’t even thinking about when I was at quest ,
so it’s like, you can very much pivot,
you can decide. But it has to be something real,
like these are real things, I really did care
about ending metabolic disease because of my family,
I really do care about the ZIP code being a predictor
because of people I’ve loved in my life who have succumb to that,
my inability to help them up to this point. So it’s like,
you take that initial spark and then you cultivate it like you would a
fire. So,
“techne” is an ancient Greek word that is a set of skills,
that matter to you, that you work extraordinarily hard to build
so they are unique to you, that allow you to serve not only yourself,
but other people. So, we are a social creature.
So, I always want people to understand,
there are certain things in you, hardwired into you,
that if you ignore, you ignore at your peril,
and if you leverage, can really propel you forward.
Such as helping other people. It feels good.
It’s so immediate, when you do something nice for somebody,
you feel that right then man,
it feels awesome, and like when you see people,
like really, like fighting
and just like, think of
hurricane Katrina to use an American
disaster where people flew from all over to come and
help and save people,
and it’s like, dude,
people working more than 24 hours without stopping,
working until they collapse, it’s crazy!
But, when you feel like you can help another human
being alleviate suffering,
people go all in man. That is innate to us,
we want to do that! We’re gonna get this neuro-feedback loop
of, “This feels awesome”,
“I feel good”, “I feel urgency”,
“I can not stop myself, I have to help”.
And that’s so powerful. And if you can make your business about that,
now all the sudden like, the thing for me I hate:
working with my hands. I hate it.
I hate grease on my hands, all that.
And I was having to repair equipment
which is something I absolutely hate. So, when I was under equipment,
and I’m talking about, you’re working,
it’s 2AM on a Friday and your knuckles are bleeding from like
trying to fix something, and you’re thinking,
“What am I doing?” I kept saying,
“I’m here to save my mom and my sister” because they were morbidly obese.
And I knew if I couldn’t give them food they could choose
based on taste that happened to be good for them,
that I would literally lose them too soon. And so, I was like,
“That’s what this is about, that’s why I’m here,
I’m not here to get rich, I am here to save my mom and my sister”.
When people say, if you just want it
and you’re going after it, it’s gonna happen.
I will tell a very different story. So the struggle is guaranteed,
the success is not. The money may never come.
So, every great success story
has a certain element of timing, there’s certain amount of luck that goes
into it, now you have to prepared to be able to capitalize
on that, like the inhuman amount of work
that we did to launch Quest, to launch Impact Theory,
most people just are definitely not going to work that hard,
that tenaciously for that long, or get that good and face their inadequacies
day after day, but at the same time,
for it to be the kind of success that it was there was timing involved.
So, it became readily apparent to me
that I may never get rich,
but I could definitely do something that I loved every day.
And so, what I know is,
even if I lost my money, that
through simple things like being grateful, being willing to build from the ground up
again, putting in the work,
doing something that’s meaningful, serving not just myself,
but other people, I can live a life that’s fulfilling
and since that’s the only thing that really affects your neurochemistry,
cause I’m always telling people, look,
the punchline of life is not wealth, it’s not fame,
it’s not admiration, it’s how you feel about yourself
when you’re by yourself. That doesn’t require wealth,
in fact wealth can’t touch that. So,
now becoming a badass, like that will make you feel good about yourself,
and that’s something that nobody can take away.
We all have the ability to change. And if people really knew who I was before,
because they have a hard time believing it, when they see me now,
but I’m like, go ask my mum,
who was surprised that I succeeded.
Ask my father-in-law who did not want me to marry his daughter.
Ask my best friend. All the people who knew me the most,
were like, “We did not expect you to be successful”.
My mom recently told me that when I told her I was going to get rich
that, her and my aunts and uncles used to laugh
at me behind my back,
cause they were like, “Bless this kid, he’s, you know, just
a.. a dreamer, but he’s never actually going to get rich”.
So, when you realise,
there is a process to go from hopelessly average to accomplishing something
really extraordinary and that any human who meets what I call minimum
requirements, so if you do that and you put in the work,
you can get the result. And I’ll say that the result is fulfillment,
you’re not necessarily ever going to achieve wealth,
but you can achieve deep fulfillment, do amazing,
serve yourself, serve other people,
like you can do some really really incredible stuff.
I think that’s far more open to people than they think,
going back to my original… what I was talking about is,
I don’t want people focused on the money, cause the money’s not gonna change how you
feel, but if you focus on the fulfillment,
of “techne”, building up this rad skillset
that’s letting you serve yourself and other people
and then marry it to business savvy, your odds of becoming financially successful
skyrocket! That’s, where I hope people get their heads
around, that fulfillment really is the punchline,
but if you wanna express that in a way that generates wealth for yourself,
it is very
very real!
That is a very real possibility.