Being Human (Edit V4) – Steven Universe Future

Being Human (Edit V4) – Steven Universe Future

♪ Just a little time ♪ ♪ Just a little something else instead ♪ ♪ Just a little time ♪ ♪ Just a little something up ahead ♪ ♪ I’m dreaming of ♪ ♪ Being… ♪ ♪ Being… ♪ ♪ Being… ♪ ♪ Being Human ♪ ♪ Just a little time ♪ ♪ Just a little something that I need ♪ ♪ Just a little time ♪ ♪ Just a little feeling gaining speed ♪ ♪ I’m dreaming of ♪ ♪ Going… ♪ ♪ Going… ♪ ♪ Going… ♪ ♪ Going somewhere else ♪

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  1. Henrique Menani

    What's the genre/style of this music?

  2. may kenyagin

    I wonder if at the end of the song the car is gonna get somewhere like little homeworld or beach sity or something

  3. Xubuntu47

    THANK YOU PHIZZY FOR ALL YOU DO. Our hearts are breaking as we approach the end of an era with the finale of Steven Universe Future, while facing an uncertain future on the real planet Earth. Music is one thing that brings comfort and connection to our fellow humans. I have dusted off my guitar and have been learning the guitar part using your audio, slowing it down with an Android app called Maple JB. Stay safe everybody.

  4. Peridot Bitch


  5. Sairot247


  6. Devin Irwin

    This song is really good but the longer you drive you are stuck in beach city

  7. SoRyen GAMING

    Just a little hehe so iddo big to go to rjt it tjfottht be r hehe hey ty ty ty ty ty for do do an osnwjsbdod do Rd ribrrbrrorirh red Robin be jr begun to to go to fitjt he ru

  8. 蒙娜麗莎

    I'm going to cry

  9. jasper-kun


  10. Hatter301

    We already knew at the start of Future that this show is no longer fully understandable for kids, but at this point I wouldn't even show this to children.

  11. JP3 Exp

    A lot of people hate the direction this show has gone but I really like it

  12. Jo The Myth, The LGBTQ Legand

    Y'all smell dat?
    Smells like…


  13. Addison Zwick

    Sigh. Big imprint on me. Thanks for this, to all my friends who wouldn’t shut up about Steven Universe.

  14. Noni Akishi [Noni12345]

    I love you

  15. Anuri and monierre san

    ah Rest in peace, Steven

  16. Cangrejo Perclórico

    So, here we are
    After all these years, it's going to be over
    God, I wish I had gotten into SU when it was being aired. I started watching the show about six months before Future aired to get ready, and I loved it way more than I ever loved any other show. I'll miss these characters, the setting, voice actors, and everything that the show gave me when I was at my lowest. But I'm so happy I was a part of this community and that I got to appreciate this masterpiece to begin with.
    I'll see you in 4 days people. Stay safe.

  17. Dearminder

    I hope they will release this song immediately after these 4 episodes so You wont have to do anything more 😉

  18. ღ Kawaii Yami ღ

    0:12 Nick DEMAYO!!!???


    I love this song 😭

  20. kingvultre

    Tan hermoso uwu

  21. Øni Master

    The Lyric: "Going somewhere else" Backs up the Steven leaving Beach City in the end theory. I love this song so far.

  22. Aghostbyanyothername

    Who sings this is it one of that va s

  23. Slit Bodmod

    Is this Emily King singing?

  24. Igor Coutinho

    Thank you so much 😍🙏🏻

  25. Emili Renner


  26. Andy Mendez

    Could the series end with Steven willingly giving up his gem and being 100% all human?

  27. Ultimate Fandom


  28. เɳтเ

    imma cry so much when this ends

  29. NovaNishing

    Hear me out! I think steven is gonna try to become permanently human. Within the past few episodes, we've seen him want to be a real person, and all of his trauma is from being half gem. I forget, but in the past, there was an analogy about somebody losing their powers. I think it was in the Familiar Familiars book, how the bird guy (Steven) gave up being a familiar to be with the main girl (Connie). Anyways- If it happens here's proof of me calling it

  30. Euan plush studios

    anyone else sitting here quite upset because the end of steven universe is this Friday

  31. Glabe

    It looks like he drives farther from beach city each time.

  32. FloatingCookie

    what if steven gets rid of his gem safely? and he begins his life “being human”

  33. Noob 64

    En todo esto que paso con León?

  34. Merewif Plum

    Can someone help me with the chords? :c

  35. Sun Shine

    Can u do my little reason why? 🙂

  36. Juckle

    Final update before the full version comes out most likely. Kind of crazy that this show is ending but I’m glad it’s ending strong

  37. Saturday Night12

    I’m losing faith of lapis and peridot ever fusing

  38. Ja-Len

    Just a little time….To rewatch all of SU, before it all goes down….

  39. Beta Universe TV Plus

    Hola Amigo Podrias hacer Both Of You de steven universe pero en cover instrumental te lo agradeceria mucho

  40. Yamato Irie

    This is like the Steven Universe version of "fly me to the moon" in Evangelion.

  41. Joejosy XD

    I think Steven is gonna split

  42. 구독계

    I really love this song but maybe this will be a hint of ending story of steven universe future. I hope steven is happy..

  43. Luna Boi

    Elevator music 🎶

  44. saitamablackgoku28

    Damn Steven is really gonna leave beach city I’m gonna be sad when this show is over I’m really hoping Connie and Steven becomes a actual couple

  45. taltigolt

    steven universe future

    bojack horseman for kids and adults

  46. Hanan Maongco

    I'm not ready for the finale

  47. Doppio’s Frog Phone

    My theory.
    I am my monster episode is gonna be the case of too many birthdays but instead of growing older he grows into that worm monster. I don’t believe he will be corrupted.

  48. Forlorn Memory

    Can't wait for the whole thing to be released. I like this song so much.

  49. Abigail Shalom

    what if this song is foreshadowing Steven's wish to be human again after transforming into a monster

  50. Paul Jones

    We're not seeing Steven Universe driving away from Beach City to find his destiny. We're seeing Steven <b>De Mayo</b> driving away to find his destiny.

  51. Lily Rubin

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up crying…a lot.

  52. Blue Diamond


  53. FudgeYT

    this song is so catchy

  54. ContinuousBruh

    watch the ending be him leaving his family behind, driving to Gurgens off of Route 109

  55. Garl Vinland

    In b4 Steven is just Pink pretending to be a human after all

  56. Confused Ruby

    Love Like You was meant to be ambiguous about who it was about, but Being Human really sounds like it's specifically about Steven feeling like he needs time to figure out himself, and that he needs to leave Beach City to do that. The title refers most likely to his desire for normalcy, and his acknowledgement of his human half (which he's neglected due to spending all his life trying to be a Crystal Gem and solve his mom's problems).

  57. Kona And Other Things

    Im getting anime vibes

    But still

    Im legit sad

    3 more episodes…

  58. Hello There

    i can’t believe there will only be three episodes left of steven universe and then that’s it, i will admit it has its faults, but was a great show all around

  59. Some1ne 3110

    Steven: Tries to commit murder for the 2nd time and suffering from PTSD. The ED: 💃🎤🚐🪕

  60. forever dumb ムーンライト

    Just like my marriage, I wish I could go somewhere else

  61. Grace C

    i feel like he's going to shatter his own gem so he can become fully human

  62. Dreworks

    Man this whole song is just, Stevens future. He’s going to leave to figure stuff out because all of his support just reminds him of everything he’s been though.

  63. Sauske Uchiha And Ultra Instinct Goku

    I think Steven might move in with Connie I think this does not make sense

  64. the pych00

    and i remember seeing the first episode now were at the end who would know

  65. Queijo De Ouro

    This looks like a Katamari song, I dunno why

  66. S-H Gaming Royale

    I hate Steven universe but this is amazing

  67. Haz _d

    Steven universe isn’t like any show I’ve seen before and when I see the last minute I think I’m gonna cry 😫 because it has been with me through the hardest times with loosing my mum… and then me and my dad used to sing the theme song before he passed as well I just don’t want to see this end so soon but this show means something to everyone because it’s such a heart to heart show about love and acceptance 🥺💓

  68. megido c:

    blue pearls been warning us the entire time for su ending.

    blue pearl be like "Everyone, prepare yourself emotionally"

  69. Haiden N

    I vote blue zircon 2020

  70. Aristica

    I really hope that the ending doesn't end up too rushed like cym ':))

  71. ashton mccormack

    He’s getting so far away

  72. N. J. Saroff

    Is this the only full version

  73. Catz 2

    Anyone else getting K.K Bossa vibes from this song?

  74. Matheus Novaes

    Quem é que canta?

  75. The SonicHybrid13

    Him leaving beach city is almost a guarantee at this point

  76. baby clau

    this song has a samba rhythm from Brazil, it's beautiful!

  77. Evelyn Monis

    Sorry for my english
    I think that Steven it's gonna be tired of the work to be a gem so he wanna break his gem and convert a true human before he wanna escape from Beach City with Connie
    Thats my theory

  78. Ben

    Phizzy when there’s a new episode: * FURIOUS KEYBOARD TYPING *

  79. Twixy Sniker

    I really feel like Stevens gonna leave beach city in the end, and in the end of homeworld bound, he warped away from the only other people who could help him (the diamonds). He's already pushing the gems, Connie, Greg, and the diamonds away.. So does that mean lapis, bismuth, and peridot the last resort?

  80. Spinel

    i cant even express myself in the comments on how scared i am for steven and its just beause of this song-

  81. MicahGD

    Steven… just wants to be human. Is he gonna get his gem removed forever? I think I would be ok with it as long as he’s happy.

  82. David Andres Tanchez Jacinto

    Soy yo esta melodía tiene sierta similitud con la canción final de Sakura Card Captor llamada Honey, digo la tonada es un poco similar.

  83. Choco Cookie

    I remember back I think around either 2014 or 2015 I’m not sure, I got tomodachi life for three kings day, and named my island “Beach City island”

    It is still there.

  84. Yaya panda & Baby Cakey

    Theory (original by toon ruins)

    Steven removes his gem and learns to be human and discovers himself outside of beachcity

  85. LaTiara Stewart

    This is absolutely beautiful

  86. farceAsian

    If you think about it the title “Being Human” is all Steven wants to be in this series, before all he wanted was to be a Crystal Gem.

    But now in Future he is bringing up all this gem era things in his mind or the PTSD and from Homeworld Bound, now he doesn’t want a gem and doesn’t want to have trouble of being a gem anymore. We also see that he is pushing people away from him, Greg, Connie, The Gems, The Diamonds, and most importantly him

    (sorry if grammar mistakes are in it, kinda rushed it)

  87. breanna dawn

    the song reminds me of animal crossing (not the lyrics, the actual music)

  88. I Sobek

    Just 2 days left and the Steven Universe franchise, which lasted a total of 7 years, 5 seasons of the original series, a movie, two games and a miniseries..will end. Hard to believe it.

    So many shows have ended,

    Wander over Yonder

    Gravity Falls

    Regular Show

    Adventure Time

    The Amazing World of Gumball

    OK K.O.: Let's Be Heroes

    Steven Universe

    End of an era, end of a freaking era.

  89. BenVSA

    Whoever keeps saying "it can't get any darker", can you just stop?! I can only hold so many of Rebecca Sugar's drinks!

  90. Pearl the rebel

    Such a peaceful song

  91. Ev.

    last he was driving, he couldnt escape beach city. guess rose's room is working well now.

  92. Zinganeat Sr

    This has an 80’s feel to it for some reason

  93. NeeNee

    I want to cry right now, just the knowing I have 2 more days until my favourite show ends, REBECCAAAAA WHYYY

  94. Nick - Roblox Gaming

    Steven dont leave Beach City!!
    And your family!
    And the gems..!
    And Greg..!
    And Connie…
    And the Diamonds…
    And your life…

  95. SethyPants !

    is thats blues voice?

  96. Dannydotme

    The car is leaving beach city with Steven the inside and everything is slowly moving off of the screen

  97. Madi

    After the finale airs, we have to all come to this video and cry together.

  98. Connie should marry Steven

    This song sounds like something that would be in animal crossing

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