Bannon on coronavirus: We have an economic inferno coming at us

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  1. 4akaimalko

    Foolish people want to save the economy with communism. All hope is lost.

  2. Thomas Christian

    Obliterate China with atomic weapons in our arsenal!

  3. Ed G

    O'Bannon. Yep, nobody listening to this guy anymore. Except faux viewers.

  4. WP Randall

    Trump's scientists have found a drug to counteract the effects of COVID19. It will be going away soon.

  5. Tim Currie


  6. William Rice

    Open things back up. Trump's cure works.

  7. It's all good

    makes sense, dilly dallying will just cost money and time in the extended period and possibly more lives.

  8. Frank J. Ferendo

    Excuse me but Trump didn't take action in January. Even in March he kept calling it a hoax. Why do these people lie so much?

  9. E. K. Odentroll

    Lying works great for today but Tomorrow is another day and the piper wants paid…

  10. Buck Johnson

    End the shut down now!!
    Economic collapse will be far worse than this overhyped virus could ever be!

  11. J T

    illegitimate government has NO right to shut the country down over an invisible virus that THEY created

  12. Buck Johnson

    Shut down a $22 trillion economy for 539 deaths? There is an alternative agenda at play here.

  13. Cryptomined

    Bannon is right, just hit it hard now… everyone forced quarantine at home for a month and the virus will drop off the earth… just do it… it has worked in most of china… US citizens have shown they cant be trusted to self isolate… so… force them

  14. Spencer Miles

    huh republicans oversee yet another market collapse…what a shocker

  15. Rafael Garcia

    Germany got it right. Italy got it wrong. Who should we mimic? Sweet donnies and his best student bannon have banana republic mentalities. Patton would not let old ladies die for money.

  16. Mike Lincoln

    Whats up with her lips? Allergies?

  17. C romana

    Won't work because some people won't stay in quarantine. I think they should allow the young to go back to work and have the anti malaria drug mass produced for those who want to try it.

  18. burg856

    China just attacked the west with biological warfare. No one is speaking the truth. The world must pull everything out of China. Starve there economy, there people, and only then can you have regime change. It is time to take on and stamp out communism in this planet. The 1 percent that rules our world will and are using communism to take over and put in the one world governing body. Why communism as that governing body? They will be happy to depopulate. Wake up world!

  19. The Asian Way - An inside look at money making in Asia

    $2 trillion 209 million adults = $9,569 per adult person. Why give it to the companies when the people would completely use this for mortgages, rent and shopping.

  20. Verne Fits

    Steve is the men

  21. Lee jay steele

    An f your NWO

  22. Climbing Without Passion


  23. Evad Sel

    This lab created virus was released just in time to blame the demise of the banks on it instead of the bankers.
    The hundreds of billions in the repo market was the signal that it’s over.

  24. bill smith

    It's proven that stopping viruses short, present the very possibility it will come back even worse. Hydroxychloroquine timely given to victims of the virus that present moderate to severe symptoms will predominantly be cured gaining true immunity. This known cure appears to be being blocked by authorities around the globe.
    It seem agenda 21 is coming in on time.

  25. Kami Rey Vegas

    Yeah, The Amazing Wartime President… Why don't you send everybody back to work tomorrow?

  26. Huko426


  27. robsmusic68

    you're going to bail out all these companies ???????? lol

  28. Elmnopen

    I don't listen to Bandon anymore. He is a sycophant for Trump. He does not think at all anymore.

  29. steve mack

    attention YOUTUBE

    STOP turning off comments in alternative media
    must be afraid of the truth getting out ????

    defiantly noticing happen a lot more with this corona virus bias lead by main stream media

  30. Ray Marsh

    The war has begun.

  31. Bodhi Sattva

    Geez Steve. I guess intellectual honesty aint happening again.

  32. moose Mcgrew

    Bannon Givin in to the natural hair. ………..silver baby.but dark bronze streak of silver. …sheeeeeeeeboy. …

  33. andrewmarkmusic

    It's springtime! Bring in the TUPIL PROTOCOLS NOW:) Let's trade with TULIPS!

  34. Marcel Blazej

    Dig up THE GOLD BRICKS "THEY buried in the ground"!

  35. Bruce Campbell

    Business at hand. Contain the virus!

  36. David Wong

    Bannon is stupid.

  37. Ruoyu Li

    Japan and Korea even Russia all did excellent jobs containing the virus. But bannons boy called it a hoax. And now we are about the lead the world in infection rate. Trump made America terrible again

  38. CF Moto Z8

    Deep state infects the world but make it look like it’s CCP. WESTERN GOVERN,ENTS do nothing till pandemic hits their country, telling us everything is going to be fine. Now they want us to stay home, so they can crash the economy and come as saviours with their “stimulus package’ . Nice one!

  39. judson meraw

    Get the Banksters out of Government.

  40. judson meraw

    Let the big companies sink or swim. Let the small businesses create a sustainable economy that priorities well being. Steve you are in the Banksters hierarchy. Your bias is to pander to them.

  41. judson meraw

    No Steve, it was a bubble economy, headed for global destruction. Reset.

  42. Garfield Farkle

    “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it
    under control. It’s going to be fine.”
    – Donald J. Trump

    “Our view is that, at this point, coronavirus is not something that is going to have ripple effects.”
    – Trump acting budget director Russell Vought

    "We have contained this. I won't say it's airtight, but it's pretty close to airtight"
    – Trump adviser Larry Kudlow

    “Looks like by April, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”
    – Donald J. Trump

    “The corona virus is very much under control in the USA. Stock market starting to
    look very good to me!”
    – Donald J. Trump

    “Anybody that wants a test can get a test.”
    – Donald J. Trump

    “I don’t take responsibility at all”
    – Donald J. Trump

  43. Mike Walters

    This is all corrupt. No such thing as a free lunch. Everybody, don't take the money payouts from government, instead just send all your bills to the government and leave us out of their market manipulations.

  44. Jeffery Monroe

    Here Toady, Toady!!!! She's disgusting to look at….

  45. w alan

    china won for now ………

  46. Marc Duchamp

    New World Order Zionist clansmen party day deep state should be so proud of this handy work planned decades ago. Complete Pan-Demonic

  47. Shake Shack

    Awesome – Bannon gets it. Use the HAMMER and use it NOW!! His word is like a HAMMER that breath the rock in pieces

  48. 900fps 900fps

    so how much are my grandparents lives worth???how many must die to protect the 1% portfolio..????will you give up your grandparents for the elites???? the discussion over lives versa money is sick and depraved ..what the f-ck would jesus say to you, about sacrificing the old for money??? man thats just F -D up ..greedy rat bastards. happy Bastille day.

  49. C.L. Van Horne

    BeauTiFuL StePheN BaNNoN! FRonT of the CLass!! 4U!!…

  50. 987 123

    Trump is the best. Steve Bannon is genius.

  51. C.L. Van Horne

    C.C.P. ViRuS!!, . . .CCP =PRC(not a rePuBLic but a CoMMunisT dicTaTorshiP).

  52. darlay jones

    I think Bannon should've that hammer dropped on his own head. He thinks like a real drunken sailor.

  53. wsdigest

    Steven Bannon should be president, let that moron go.

  54. vincent repins

    Whoa the put this guy through the wringer I'm baffled why they didn't give him a cavity search must've been a federalist for a decade

  55. Gerry McDonnell

    Billy lid Gates is loving this, here comes your chip and one world currency

  56. NorceCodine

    This guy is batshit crazy. Shatter the curve? We get through this in 2 weeks? Germany is predicting 2 years and they are the most successful combating the virus.

  57. Vidas Kulbis

    when the chips are down they go to bannon, he gives strong bold, rational advice, had an expert quote in there, complimented the chief and made him look good, has controlled preparedness about him.

  58. Chris Lee

    Don't fill out the census if you live in a blue state. They're all counting too many people, like you know who…

  59. Nathaniel Smythe

    Corona is starting to sound like a cover for another Great Depression that was going to occur, but is being patched over with more bail outs, more printed money out of thin air. Absolutely insane, what's the next 10 year cycle gonna bring?

  60. Jay Tomson

    Yes, those little unfertilized eggs being spread across the world…requiring a host to activate and replicate. Source and intent unknown.Their lasting effect on the host species, debatable.

  61. edwin Erola


  62. Guide504

    Steve …with respect stick to finance you have no idea how nieve your plan is……this virus is here and will keep coming back. If you blow you load now you are done. You need to get it, i mean really get it……THIS VIRUS HAS MUTATED SO FAST WE MUST LIVE WITH IT, there is not a big enough hammer.

  63. Dermot McGlinchey

    Just like Trump it’s all about the economy, no sympathy for the families of the victims of Coronavirus…Always 💰 with these right wing fascists,keep ballooning the deficit by printing money…Then the money becomes confetti, send Trump to Florida for 2months and leave the experts to run the economy and I don’t mean Manuchin…

  64. Aussie Patriot

    Oh well. Should have made better decisions. A bad economy is a "you" problem.

  65. patricia beauchamp

    It is the INNATE Immune System, STUPID – NOT the Adaptive Immune System –

    composed of ACTIVATED neutrophils & alveolar macrophages, complement (C5a) and NF-kB (Nuclear Factor kappa Beta). The neutrophils and alveolar macrophages have on their surface NADPH Oxidase that is donating an electron to oxygen creating superoxide = oxygen with one unpaired electron in its outer shell. Superoxide (O2 dot minus) and superoxide react to create Oxygen and hydrogen peroxide = HOOH. Superoxide reacts with NO to create peroxynitrite, a vasoconstrictant. Superoxide reduces Fe+++ free iron to Fe++ reduced free iron. Fe++ donates an electron to the O-O bond of HOOH creating H2O and OH dot, the very highly oxidizing hydroxyl radical. OH dot initiates free radical chain reactions creating reactive oxygen species as RO dot. ROOR and ROO dot that create cell membrane damage, mitochondrial damage, vascular lining damage, endothelial dysfunction & vascular dysregulation via oxidative stress & cytokine storm. Fluid extravasation occurs between capillaries and the lung fills up with inflammatory fluid creating ARDS = Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome that can require intubation.

    Peter Ward MD (former Chairman of the Dept of Pathology of the U. of Mich) and I have two 1983 papers in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and Journal of Trauma that support the construction of the above model of ARDS development by the COVID-19 virus

    Counter the above with:

    # downregulation of NF-kB as with Pycnogenol

    # upregulation of Nrf2 as with Suforaphane or PB125. Nrf2 epigenetically decreases C5a & serine peptidase that is required for the crown to fit into the ACE2 receptor. Nrf2 decreases viral replication. Nrf2 decreases oxidative stress and cytokine storms Additional potentially relevant point about Nrf2 is that it decreases with age as does DHEA that when too low potentiates the risk of viral "pneumonia".

    Having a good Innate Immune System:

    # proper balance between NF-kB & Nrf2 meaning there is a reasonable Redox Balance

    # epigenetically blocking of the overactivation of NF-kB as by Pycnogenol

    # epigenetically having a reversibly upregulated Nrf2 when necessary to counteract over-upregulated NF-kB as by a variety of viruses and especially by the 1917-1918 Influenza virus and Ebola virus. Hydroxychloroquin irreversibly upregulates Nrf2, a less desirable situation than reversible upregulation as by sulforaphane and PB125

    # recognizing that a low DHEA level predisposes to recurrent viral pneumonias. Measure DHEA in at risk people. Supplement prn with 15 to 25 .

    # there is an inflammasome system that is activated by NF-kB and diminished by Nrf2, especially sulforaphane
    , thus counteracting the TH1 cytokine storm
    # recognizing that when epigenetically upregulated (as by sulforaphane and PB125) Nrf2 not only decreases the oxidative stress and cytokine storms caused by an upregulated NF-kB, it also downregulates the gene for serine peptidase, the proteolytic enzyme that is essential for the Crown protein of COVID 19 to attach to the ACE2 receptor that is necessary for entry of the virus into the cell.
    # recognizing that there is more of a "storm" than by cytokines stimulated by upregulated NF-kB, namely there is also an oxidative stress storm that is out of sight, out of mind to most all physicians

    # recognizing the pathophysiological role of the hydroxyl radical the most highly oxidizing free radical in the Universe. Postulating that an OTC hydroxyl free radical scavenger, MSM or MethylSulfonylMethane could possibly assist in the prevention of ARDS

    # recognizing the overall importance of oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of ARDS AND the existence of sources of increased oxidative stress outside of the Innate Immune System, namely that Transketolase enzyme activity deficiency due to decreased intracellular thiamine pyrophosphate can lead to increased oxidative stress coming from chaotic metabolism of glucose metabolities producing Reactive Oxygen Species. In my clinical experience with patients have recurrent ARDS episodes one can get them off and keep them off a respirator AND prevent them from needing a respirator with an order derived from a April 2007 Lancet Neurology article and current Up-to-Date:

    thiamine 500 mg in 100 cc NS IV piggyback over 30 minutes Q8hr x 48 to 72 hours ==> repletion of intracellular thiamine in critically ill patients. Thiamine pyrophosphate is a key cofactor of the Transketolase enzyme. Transketolase when fully active shunts glucose metabolites into productive pentose shunt pathways avoiding otherwise chaotic metabolism of glucose metabolities to produce Reactive Oxygen Species – superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radical – and reactive nitrogen species as peroxynitrite.

    Oxidative Stress Biochemistry, out of sight, out of mind to most all physicians but oh so important

    Viruses in general including the SARS virus and presumably the COVID-19 virus activate NF-kB and complement causing an increase in activity of NADPH Oxidase on the surface of neutrophils and macrophages. This initial oxidative stress coupled with oxidative stress from Transketolase enzyme activity deficiency is THE BASIS for the creation of the critical illness portion of COVID-19 illness. It is estimated that about 20% of ICU patients have clinically significant thiamine deficiency. It has been my clinical experience working in ICU settings that outcomes of ICU care are very favorably influenced by awareness of the role of intracellular thiamine deficiency in ICU patients.

    Finally: one can hypothesize not only prevention of ARDS by the above approaches, one could postulate that taking an upregulator of Nrf2 and a downregulator of NF-kB could prevent the initiation of COVID-10 illness. The cost of the latter prevention strategy could be less than 20 cents per day.or even less if there was home growth and processing of broccoli sprouts, the source of sulforaphane. PB125 is available for purchase on the internet and it costs 25 dollars per month's therapy.

    I have no direct financial interests with regard to the above. I have been associated with Joe McCord PhD ever since we were graduate students together in the late 1960's at Duke Biochemistry where we had the same preceptor, irwin Fridovich PhD who co-discovered Superoxide Dismutase with Dr. McCord. My PhD thesis in 1973 ("Studies on Superoxide Dismutase") forcused on a 1970
    JBC paper where Dr. Fridovich and I postulated the generation of the hydroxyl radical by xanthine oxidase and the development of an assay for superoxide dismutase that has become an international standard for assessing the effects of climate stress on plants. Bernie Babior PhD at Harvard used the assay I developed for identifying the hydroxyl radical in viyro to demonstrate in the mid-1970's that stimulated white cells produce the hydroxyl radical from NADPH Oxidase activity activation. Dr. Peter Ward and I have the two 1983 papers giving evidence for in vivo production of the hydroxyl radical causing ARDS in rat burn and cobra venom animal models of ARDS that have analogies to the ARDS caused by SARS. Dr. McCord has a similar article on ARDS generation in 1994. Many if not all of the ideas expressed here were co-generated with Dr. McCord who does have a financial interest in PB125.

    It is my clinical opinion that the lack of recognition of the biochemical pathophysiology of ARDS causes millions of unnecessary deaths per year. Viral "Pneumonia" is not this old man's friend.

    AND a lack of awareness of the above is a direct cause of our COVID-19 clinical and financial conundrum IMO.

    Charles Beauchamp MD, PhD Ahoskie Adult Medicine Clinic, Ahoskie North Carolina

  66. shooter7a

    Why do these Trump bootlickers always talk about Trump shutting down travel from China. Do they not understand that if people traveled to other nations, those nations became infected, and you did not shut down travel with them to, then you DID NOTHING. Trumps big touted travel ban at most saved us a week or so. But what did Trump DO with that week. Nothing except tell lies and spout utter nonsense.

  67. Duke Gholston

    Stop playing games. I’m not a democrat or a republican and it’s obvious that Trump is a bumbling idiot and doesn’t know what he is doing!!!

  68. Denny Wilkinson

    Chinese aggression ! Trump will pull us through this.

  69. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

  70. Barney Rubble

    So the fed share holders only ones making money on the interest, must be nice

  71. Apogee02UK

    This Trump Virus is going to get much worse.

  72. Henry F Wagons

    Nothing but communism.

  73. Ken Rhoades

    No one in America will have Freedom as long as this Targeted Individuals Mind Control torture program runs in America. Its Real. MK Ultra Ken Rhoades This will be used to totally control all Americans. 5G will be the final nail. The Hammer program is being exposed !!. This was used on Trump

  74. amos yong

    Make more masks. Print more money? Two trillion dollars?? Wow!

  75. Jorge Miguel Milano

    "Wartime President". Puh-leez. XD

    "This is a war." This is… 9 minutes of my life wasted. -_-

  76. Noelio Emerald-Isle

    One wonders in the current worldwide geopolitical situation……I mean just before when the virus started in China in December ……..this virus just happened to appear…….not just any virus……a killer on a mass scale……cant get that laboratory in Wuhan out of my head

  77. Javier Bonilla

    Oh Bannon… back at licking Trump’s boots? Last time I saw you you were insulting the guy. Trump is so scared of war he dodged the draft 5 times. “War President”? ha, ha ha..

  78. TheReisetante

    Pls shut down Fox News, this channel is just lying every second they are on air! As well as the people who are interviewed.

  79. Fancy Name

    ABANDON CHINA! Bring ALL manufacturing BACK to AMERICA!!

  80. Mary Carmody

    What good is cash if you cant spend it? It all flows back into the coffers of slave traders, land barons, corporate oligarchs, and political traitors.

  81. gabz groove

    Will this convince you now that what the Bible says about end times is true? Will you still say the Bible is a fairy tale? Turn to Jesus. While people are losing their minds over this, God gives peace and joy in the midst of this chaos. Jesus loves you.

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