Hello👋🏼 I have been waiting for you Our Theme is Valentines Giant Stake Cake Dinner and Red Roses🌹 Everything you see here is all edible and I made them all myself for us to enjoy Happy Valentine’s Day to you My Roya👑 I feel so Blessed to spend this day with you. Let me walk you through our meal. Giant T-Bone Stake cake Broccoli Carrots Gravey Mash Potatote This is our main and our dessert is some lovely red roes with some hearts 🌹❤️ and of course, a special crown for you My Royal👑 Lets Tuck In! Let’s start with some broccoli. The first taste is yours😋 I love you and I am so happy you are here eating with me 🤗 I love chocolate broccoli Carrots for you😋 Excuse my bad hair 💁🏼‍♀️ Do you remember these mashed potatoes? Oh yeah edible spoon. I made them from dark chocolate Our creamy mashed potatoes. I am trying to get a good one for you that’s yours. That tastes so nice and creamy. and our grevy I had to repaint our steak last minute for it was not looking as realistic as I would like for you Only the best for you my Royal👑 Now that we have sampled our sides It is time to try our steak cake. I was so excited to make this steak cake for you. I hope you like it. My Royal👑 I made this cake for you promise me you will share it with your friends and family🤗 If this steak looks real to you prank your friends and family by sharing this video. Let’s see what it looks like. Your T- bone Steak Cake😋 That is one amazing cake I made two different velvet cake for you. The dark part is a chocolate velvet cake The lighter part is the red velvet cake. I need some more broccoli Have you seen my ramen noddle cake, I made for you? I think we should cut into our edible bowl. I made lavender cake pop for you😋 That was so tasty. Have you had a lavender cake before? Which should we eat next the carrots or the mash? I hear you saying mash ok I love you Royal 👑 I can eat this mash all day. should we eat the butter?…yes lets have some butter The butter gets stuck in your teeth. I need some more stake. do you? Let’s move this out of the way this is a huge stake some more steak cake for you more carrots Let’s see what is inside our carrot bowl My Bowl is coming apart. that was a very tasty blueberry cake pop but it was al lot more dense than the lavender I need some more gravy I love this mash so messy Dark chocolate is very refreshing with all the sweets. do you like dark chocolate? This is my heart for you❤️ and I gave you a rose as well🌹 now, how am I going to eat this🤣? I filled our heart with cherry chocolate❤️ this is so nice Your rose🌹 I love that sound I am missing our cake. this is a big piece I am going to put some gravy on it. This is so messy what was I thinking let’s go for it👍🏽 😂🤣 I am going to try that again. That was so much fun Let’s eat our gravy pot It’s a little messy Here we go again with me dropping things😂🤣 I was doing so well I wanted this meal to be special no dropping for you. I want to try our stake board also some board for you I enjoyed that board My Royal👑 Your well deserved crown👑 I love you dearly❤️ I feel bad eating our crown👑 I will make you another one I’ve got some little chocolate surprise for you I hope you enjoyed our Valentine meal I know I did Thank you for giving me your best currency which is your time. I will see you soon👋🏼 👋🏼 👋🏼

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    Happy Valentine’s Day to you My Royal👑, There is no one else I would rather spend today with than you. I love you so much and appreciate your friendship. I hope you enjoy our Cake Steak Dinner with edible gold grown. This theme took me 4 days to make. I did record short clips of the making process. It will be uploaded to my Instagram soon. Next video Tuesday 18th. Release time GMT 11pm, EST 6pm & PST 3pm. I look forward to reading your comments 🥩🌹❤️😀👑

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