[AMWF]Eating a real sandwich in Korea for my British girlfriend(Cafe Sandwich Vlog)

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  2. Gorgeous Beast


  3. Whatsapp STATUS

    ❤❤❤❤ love your vlogs lots of love from pakistan 🇵🇰

  4. Julian13

    Nice video 🙂 have you started the video challenge where you styling your boyfriend hair with hair gel ? Thank you 🙂

  5. Skrull Venom!!!

    Stay safe guys corona is the new point of fear now a days

  6. Jin and Hattie

    Hattie’s Insta

    Jin’s Insta

  7. 권지형

    얄밉다진짜 나였으면 멍들정도로 여기저기꼬집어 줄듯

  8. Mohmmed R

    Do u guys like Arabic ppl?

  9. Chanwoo Kim

    Stay safe guys corona is the new point of fear now a days

  10. Kristina Tabernigg

    you are always so muh fun, thank you for cheering me up!!!

  11. Maneo Nelina


  12. Mohmmed R

    Now I want some eggs 😭😂😂😂

  13. Connor Pearson

    So jealous, nobody is going out to eat here. All sit down places are closed.

  14. Megan Marriott

    Theres a restaurant called The Rose & Crown Ale House it does British food it's in Itaewon-ro

  15. izilife devourer

    How can someone miss english food? (french joke) 😉

  16. intn syqn

    Eggs, eggs, eggs and eggs🥚😂

  17. Liz Abrtmsy

    What!? how is it so normal there? I'm stuck in a total lockdown here hoping for a normal life again. 🥺 Stay safe guys!! ✌

  18. Marissa Ramos

    That’s ok when sometimes you show your tender loving care with a kiss 😘👍❤️

  19. Bri

    Hattie darling! There's a trick to opening a hard-boiled egg just lightly crack it like you would a regular egg and it will be easier to peel!

    Also, I hope you both are happy and healthy with everything that's going on right now. Here in Ohio where I live, we are on lockdown.

  20. Sabrin Tabib

    You too are so extra lool 😂😂❤️

  21. R.C. Sprowl

    목소리가 이병헌 목소리 ㄷㄷ

  22. Laisha Menchaca

    6:14 I'm I the only one that think this looks like a kdramas scene

  23. Byungjik Kang


  24. nik hen

    Well done Jin, it is your duty to keep this lovely girl happy, just appreciate that, she came from thousands miles🛫🤩 of course she missed full English breakfast 🤪🤪!!! Lots of love to you, my favourite YouTube couple!

  25. Byungjik Kang


  26. Butsoftwhatlight

    5:15 You gotta roll the egg on a flat surface before peeling, just saying…

  27. BRUCE J TV

    너무 재밌어서 그런데 1일1영상으로 좀 올려주세요…..기다리느라 목빠지느라 혼났구만

  28. Jonah Zhang

    Jin can you tune down the BGM in your next video… The volume is deafening..

  29. Hugh Ma

    Cute couple …
    남친 목소리 이병헌

  30. Alyssa Boatwright

    Awwww, that's so sweet of you JinJin!!

  31. Tham Ter

    I'm so jealous. how can you meet her(foreigners)?

  32. Lintz2

    Yes! One of my biggest problems when living in Korea, was that it was so hard to find sandwiches that suit my European taste. If you like ciabatta or panini, I would also recommend Fromagi (프로마치). They make really nice sandwiches, and also serve cake and other desserts!

  33. s sh

    에그드랍 핵존맛이죠~^^

  34. Jazmin Bernabe

    omg i have seen this in korean englishman's video and thought hattie would love the place <3 stay safe guys

  35. sybaik

    I totally understand Hattie. Having lived most of my life in the U.S. and Canada where my intestinal microbiota became optimized to wheat-based "Western" style food, now that I'm back in Korea though I've been able to adjust to the Korean cuisine here, there are days when my intestinal microbiota just begs for some "Western" style food. And the McDonalds that wasn't such a big deal has now become a "treat." haha… Cheers!^^

  36. 박힘찬

    북유럽쪽 혼혈 같아보이네요???

  37. 오명환

    영국 음식 자주 사주세요.

  38. yao yao

    more videos please~ I wish I can meet a girl who like Hattie.

  39. BadBoys Tv

    Plzzz react to Famous song by sidhu moosewala

  40. Art soccer

    요즘 너무 잘보고 있습니다😃😃😃

  41. idk

    1:20 10/10 for the editing

  42. 임어당

    이태원에 영국전통집 잇다고 하던데….거기 델꼬 가면 뽀뽀 2번해줄듯….

  43. enervit korea

    wear masks for caution

  44. Bohemian Pilgrim

    There was no pay off. We didn't see her scarf her food down!

  45. 동튜브 dongtube

    한국 빵이 디저트위주로 만든거니깐 솔직히 달아도 키위 소스 이런거 써서 달아도 막 설탕 퍼부운 단건 아니라던데 맞나요 이삭토스트가 키위소스 넣어거라네요

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