2020 Nissan Altima AWD // Is it a REAL THREAT to Accord & Camry??

2020 Nissan Altima AWD // Is it a REAL THREAT to Accord & Camry??

What’s going on YouTube? so while it’s definitely true that crossovers have somewhat taken over the market from mid-sized sedans the Fact of the matter is that mid-size sedans are still one of the number one products that Americans want for their families Now with much of the competition pulling out of the market, there are now only three main rivals So let’s go ahead and see how this twenty twenty Nissan Altima stacks up against the Accord and the Camry Now just like always the first thing we want to discuss with this car is going to be the exterior now this was fully redesigned last year with all the latest Nissan characteristics including a really Enlarged vmotion grille you also notice on this. Sr specifically we all have the dark finish instead of the full chrome look Now off to the side of that you will also find full LED headlights on all but the base trim So it’s definitely a nice touch and unlike the camry and the Accord. It’s both the led low beam and high beam However, you won’t find fog lights until you go to the SV trim or up Now one of the most alluring things about this SR trim is the fact that you get these 19-inch alloys which are shared with the top-end Platinum model So that gives you the fully-loaded look even down here on the SR Which is just the second from base trim level now as far as the other trim levels SL and SV you’re gonna have 17-inch alloys and then the S is going to have a 16 inch steel wheel with a hubcap And then heading up here to the mirrors, you will notice that they are finished in black for this SR However, they’re not heated that’s only available If you go for the SR Premium Package, but we do still have the blind spot monitoring system Which is located on the inside of this pillar So before we get to the rear design, and I do want to talk about one of the Ultima signature design cues And that’s this floating roof design. It’s kind of similar to what you see on the Murano except It’s kind of size down for this sedan And then heading around to the rear design that aggressive theme Continues since you do have a very handsome look back here And as far as the actual feature set is concerned you do have taillights These are unfortunately not LED like the Camry and Accord but down below you do have two dual integrated exhaust pipes which really give it a sporty look and As far as the safety systems are concerned for this Altima You are going to find a little bit of a sacrifice over the Camry and Accord since Ford emergency braking with pedestrian Detection is the only safety system standard across the board Now Nissan does offer the higher in SE t-systems So on the SR and up you’ll get auto high beam headlights As well as rear auto braking and then if you go for the SV and hop you get Nissan Semi-autonomous pro pilot assist package, which gives you steering assist and full speed adaptive cruise control? Well that sums up the exterior of this Altima so now let’s go ahead and hop inside and see what Nissan has put in there Now one of the nice things about this new Altima is that you actually have both the intelligent entry system as well as the remote start systems standard on even the base trim level and To get inside the vehicle itself. There’s not a sensor behind the handle, but you just press this little button All right now taking a look inside the cabin Of course, you’re going to have the newest nissan design language since this was just fully redesigned last year And as far as your interior Material and color options what you’ll be looking at on the s and SV is a cloth seat in charcoal or gray color schemes When you choose the s are like we have here that’s where you’ll get a leather Rhett trimmed seat In charcoal only and then if you go for the SLE or the platinum, you’ll get real leather seating in charcoal or gray color options And Terry over here to your door trim, it is very nicely appointed especially for a more affordable vehicle You have a nice leather armrest here with color contrast stitching as well as leather above it and the top part is nice and padded As far as your window only the driver’s window is auto up and down And then checking out the seat here every single model is going to come with an eight-way power adjusting seat However, you’re gonna have to go for the SV and up to get the lumbar support or option a tan on via the premium package on this SR and then like I already mentioned this is the SRS leatherette trim seat so you have leather out on the outside a nice cloth in the inside with a cool color contrast design Now since this vehicle was just redesigned last year it’s not surprising that the materials are very nice for this class of vehicle So across your upper dash here, you actually have a leather red and color contrast stitched area Which looks really really nice and then across the upper dash here This is all a soft touch plastic with some more of that color contrast stitching even Down here your lower areas. You have a leather red trim with color contrast stitching and like I said, this is the SR So this is the second to base trim. So I’m overall quite impressed by the material selection of this Altima Now to start off the ultimate every single model will come with push-button start And once it fires up here you will notice these standard Nissan gauges It’s very typical of their designs where you have analog gauges on both sides as well as a large 7-inch Multifunction display in the middle, which is standard on every single trim And as you can see, you can scroll through all the typical kinds of information including the settings for your different safety systems Then coming back to the steering wheel itself as you can see it is nicely leather wrapped We also have the really cool flat bottom design which I like as well as some paddle shifters for this SR trim And as far as the wheel itself, it is manual tilt and telescoping and then heating comes on the upper trim levels All right, so let’s go ahead and move on to your interior storage So open up this center console here and you’ll see it is actually surprisingly big you have this little band here You can remove and then you have a nice felt laying down at the foot of it Now that you have two large cupholders and then in the front We have another large storage area with a USB type-c a USB type-a aux jack and a 12-volt outlet And then checking out the shifter here this is just a traditional shifter unlike some of the rivals which have gone to electronic ones So you can pull back for Drive I like I already mentioned you can also shift through some manual simulated gears with those paddle shifters And then when we go into reverse you will find a standard backup camera, of course as you can see though It does have active trajectory, which is nice And then a 360 degree camera will come standard on the Platinum only Back behind the shifter you also have an electronic parking brake. Now. This is standard on all the all-wheel-drive models Or the upper level trim levels with the front-wheel drive setup Alright, so let’s go ahead and move on up here to our climate controls as the next thing as you can tell this is just A manual setup. This is what comes standard on your s through SR and then dual zone automatic on your SB and up Obviously it is very simple to use just two large knobs to make the adjustments and physical controls here Additionally on this specific SR if we chose to have the Premium Package we would also have three-stage heated seats right here Okay, so now we are up here at our audio systems now, of course, sr is the it’s the volume leader But it’s also on the lower end of the trim spectrum. So it does just come standard with a six speaker sound system Versus the optional nine speaker Bose sound system on SL and platinum. So let’s go ahead and see how good these standard sound system is I Have to say I’m quite impressed by the way this base sound system sounds Definitely, I would put it ahead of both the base sound system in the Accord and the base sound system in the Camry Alright, so let’s go ahead and take a look around this nissanconnect system now first of all What you’ll probably be mostly interested in knowing is that we do have a standard 8 inch display Across every single trim level even the base model, which is certainly a nice touch That does also mean that even the base model comes with both the Android auto and apple carplay Now if you would like to have integrated navigation that’s going to require at least the SL trim level So as you can see this as our will not have it But like I said Android auto and apple carplay takes care of navigating for most of you guys I’m moving on up here. You would find an auto dimming mirror if you chose to go for the Platinum trim level and Then checking out the roof here, obviously we do not have a moonroof This is something that would be available on the SR if you choose to get the Premium Package And then as far as your other trim levels every model with the 2-liter engine will have it and the 2.5 SB and higher will also have it standard All right, so hopping in this rear seat of this Altima obviously This is a very important part of any midsize sedan since it is for the family I mean, I’m pretty impressed so far now as far as the feature set is concerned we are going to be missing out on rear vents on this 2.5 s are you will get that on the 2 liter SR or if you go for the SV trims and higher and then down below that you Will have a regular smart charging USB port as was a USB type C However, Nissan does not offer any heated rear seats on any of the trim levels Now here in the center. We do have a fold-down armrest with cupholders inside and as far as the actual space is concerned you’re going to be looking at 35 inches of air legroom and 37 inches of her head room Which does place it quite a bit smaller than the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord and you are going to notice that behind her seating position since I only have probably I would say at least About 4 to 6 inches of rear legroom and my feet can slide up underneath the seat So it’s really not too bad. Overall. You are just gonna notice that’s it’s a little bit less spacious than the camry in accord Now walking up to the trunk. There is a button under the lid. So that’s all you have to do to open it and Once inside you’re gonna find fifteen point four cubic feet of space in this Altima strunk Which actually puts it a little bit above the camry, but it’s still behind the honda accord So in terms of space you are gonna have a pretty good amount of space compared to its rivals And as far as how they finished it You do have carpeting along the floor and you do even have the ability to fold the seat 60/40 split Now the passenger seat on this lower end model is manually adjusting However, it is four-way power on SLE and platinum trims and in front of the passenger We do have a a good sized glove box. It goes back up pretty good ways, and it is also dampened and Up top, we do have a Sun Visor with a mirror and light and it does also detach as well as extend All right, so we’re first taking off here in this 2020 Nissan Altima Now what we have here is the two and a half liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with 188 horsepower 180 pound feet of torque This is what the vast majority of people go for As a matter of fact, I don’t even know if our dealer is even had a VC turbo on sale you know most people want to choose this and one of the reasons is because this Can be equipped with all-wheel-drive Whereas the top-end turbo that’s gonna be front wheel drive openly and I know the all-wheel-drive system has definitely been a very popular Choice in this part of the country and I’m sure most parts of the country, you know having that available This one here is specifically equipped with that as well now If you do happen to find one that has the vc turbo it’s a 2 liter turbo for producing 248 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. So that’s definitely very healthy numbers. It is still a little bit less than like a Camry v6 But still very healthy numbers for that turbo engine and that is going to be optional on the SR and platinum trim And power definitely feels plenty adequate in this standard engine So you don’t really need to feel like you have to get the BC turbo it feels Just about equal I’d say to the 1.5 accord and the standard Camry. They all have roughly the same amount of power You know and honestly more important than the power is really just going to be you know the comfort for the whole family You know this Altimas is meant to be a family hauler for people who don’t want a crossover and You know quite frankly one of the first things that we’ve noticed when we got in first of all I just want to say these seats are Incredibly soft here. Great I I don’t even know this is probably one of the most comfortable seats I’ve ever sat in like it is incredibly plush But other than that, you know as we’re driving along here, you know I’m just noticing how good of a ride quality it has, you know, even with these giant 19-inch wheels, you know this Sr. Really rides really well and definitely is Comfort focused as opposed to like the sport have focus and maybe some of the rivals It’s also quite quiet in here as well I notice the engine is is pretty hushed. Even when you you know floor it, which is definitely nice Now usually when it comes to Nissan’s one of the big things that people always talking about is CVT cbt CVT and it hasn’t come up yet in this review Which I think is kind of a testament to how good Nissan has done with this Altima CVT Like I said last year, I’m very impressed by the ship simulation. This is the best Simulated shift I’ve ever felt on a continuous variable transmission Peering any brand any Nissan? It actually seems realistic. I Do also want to talk about the handling even though it’s not like a big focus of this vehicle But it’s actually pretty good, you know, mid-size sedans in general. They’ve been improving they’ve been getting sporty-er in Ultimate just like the Accord and a Camry in that respect As you can see the steering is very responsive very quick you can definitely have feel where the Wheels are place and stuff like that Although I will say the steering is a little bit lighter than what you’ll find on the Accord But like I said, this will have a good feel and it also has good body control Then as far as the fuel economy is concerned I’d say for the vast majority of you guys You will be getting over 30 miles a gallon since the 2.5 liter Four-cylinder with front-wheel drive is going to be rated at 28 City 39 highway 32 combined. So a really good fuel economy And then the 2.5 liter all wheel drive that’s going to be rated at 26 City 36 highway 30 combined so a 2 mpg reduction for that all wheel drive system and Then if you go for the VC turbo that’s going to be rated at 25 City 34 highway 29 combined Which honestly that’s not much of a reduction at all for a pretty substantial increase in power So if you are interested in looking at that VC turbo, you’re not going to be penalized too much in the fuel economy department But overall to conclude there really is a lot to like about this ultimate Like I said last year, it’s really a great and well-rounded Midsize sedan. It does a lot of things really well You know, it doesn’t go too far extreme on comfort on the comfort side or on you know like being aggressive and sporty it has this really good balance that I think is going to be comfortable and really appeal to that target family All righty, so now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing for this Altima Now the very base s is gonna start at twenty four thousand one hundred and keep in mind that is for the front-wheel drive two Point five models the prices that I’m about to mention Then the SR is twenty five seven. The SV is twenty seven eight Eighty SL as 30,000 – 40 and then finally you have the top-end platinum trim for thirty two thousand one eighty if you want all-wheel drive that’s going to be a thirteen hundred and fifty dollar additional charge and that’s about a 300 to 600 dollar price increase over the 2019 model Now we do have that optional all-wheel drive system as well as a few different options So we have splash guards for 205 premium paint for 395 and a set of floor mats for 310 And then finally when you add the destination charge of 895 You’re going to come in at twenty eight thousand eight hundred and fifty five bucks, which you know I have to say especially here in this SR trim, you know there is a lot of value for that twenty eight thousand dollar price point especially if you throw in the Thousand dollar premium package in this SR trim and it is also worth noting that this car is pretty heavily discounted So you might be able to get a higher end model for the same price as a lower end camry record So it’s definitely something to check out at your dealership Well guys, we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2020 Nissan Altima SR We really appreciate you watching and if you’ve made it this far, hopefully that means you enjoyed our video So be sure to hit that subscribe button down below and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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