☠☣ The real truth about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak😷☣ 📈

☠☣ The real truth about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak😷☣ 📈

Ladies and gentlemen we gonna talk now about the Coronavrirus (COVID-19) the thing what we have to known, we have received a lot of fake news about the coronavirus! our politics don’t want to make people scared the first outbreak was on 17 December 2019 its here written 31 December 2019 it was the doctor and than we gonna start here about something that is really shocking us! sir we need to be careful and make America prepare for it! This is really dangerous we need the truth We need transparency we need to stop people from dying To stop this from going to America and Europe to kill more people! This is the number on thing transparency! We need to take down the cyber firewall give America all the truths!! The date is fake! the total number under quarantine in China are more than 250 million people there! the truth is that 1.5 million people are not just under observation but confirmed cases!! And number of people who died as burned bodies shown are more than 50 000 Not 30 000 but 50 000!!! Million and Million Chinese people are dying 250 Million people are quarantined they`re very powerful and they said This was not from animal to person This was from people that Today we have 15 cases confirmed in America !!! Are some people controlling the truth? The date is fake ! all are 2.1% every day, 2.1% of people died !! Those sick people who got locked up in small rooms can not open the doors! no food, no phone calls, and no water !! They can not go to bathroom!

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    The first outbreak was in 2012 in Saudi Arabia then again I believe in 2015.

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    Wow look at the picture scary though where they quarantine people who infected stay in bed next to each other!! To proven from the infection washing your hand wearing mask etc. But you have no way of telling who got it and even the person who got it they don’t even know till 2weeks past!

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